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Car insurance e-cards debut in New York state

24 Nov 2015

GEICO will be the first insurance company in NY allowed to provide customers with electronic identification cards for their smartphones and electronic devices

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Read here why Car Insurance In Detroit So Damn High!

22 Oct 2015

One of the barriers of people moving into (and a catalyst to move out) of the City of Detroit is auto insurance. The rates are much higher than in almost any other state. Here's the explaination:

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Telematics benefits Reliance Worldwide’s car fleet

22 Jul 2015

Reliance Worldwide Corporation is one of the biggest providers of water control systems and plumbing solutions. Lately the company has improved mileage logging and cut administration after implementing a telematics system from Masternaut.

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NY Times reported: Airbag Flaw Investigated at ARC Automotive

17 Jul 2015

Federal safety regulators are investigating airbag inflaters made by ARC Automotive, a supplier from Tennessee that uses the same explosive compound that has plagued inflaters made by Takata.

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Top 10 states with the most expensive car insurance rates in 2015

22 Apr 2015 recently released a detailed analysis claiming that US drivers paid an average $1,311 a year to insure one of the 20 best-selling vehicles in the states with the cheapest available plan.

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Josh Waldrum's Rideshare Challenge Shows Drivers Lack Insurance knowledge

07 Apr 2015

Josh Waldrum lately reported in his blog, that most of rideshare services users are not well informed about the insurance issues that insurance professionals see as problematic such as coverage gaps, and the amounts and types of coverage needed. This applies in particular ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, he said.

Read Article helps to analyze online auto insurance plans

24 Mar 2015 has released a new article explaining how to analyze online auto insurance plans that offer colission coverage.

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Henrico-based shortens name to

24 Mar 2015, is one of the most popular insurance price comparison website based in Henrico County. Now it has changed ans simplified its name to

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Google is launching a new auto insurance site

09 Mar 2015

In recent months, there have been increasing rumours about a possible entering by Google in the insurance game. Now the rumours get more and more concrete.

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The five cheapest cars for teens to insure

23 Feb 2015 lately published a list of the cheapest cars for 17-25 year olds to insure in the UK.

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NissanConnect Mobile Apps updates its global connected platform

22 Jan 2015

Nissan offers with Mobile Apps a global connected services platform including including Facebook, Google and iHeartRadio. With Twitter®, TripAdvisor® and Pandora® three well known services attend the established list.

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Do Cyclists need insurance too?

05 Nov 2014

Friday's ACT Supreme Court judgment, by which a cyclist injured as a result of negligence by another cyclist was awarded nearly $1.7 million, raises one question: "Should all cyclists, as a matter of prudence, insure themselves against liability for injury caused by negligence as a cyclist?"

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What Insurance Do You Need When Using A Car-Sharing-Program

13 Oct 2014

A lot Car-sharing companies offer insurance: In many cases the offered insurance coverage is secondary to the personal insurance policy the driver already has on the car. Some ride-sharing programs do have their own commercial coverage. But what do ride sharing and car sharing mean for your personal auto insurance?

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‘Crash’ course: What are supposed to do after an accident.

29 Sep 2014

Car crashes happen often at the least expected moments and can cause health problems and entail financial problems as well. Read here what to do after a car accident.

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Which effect do Self-Driving Cars have on Auto Insurers?

12 Sep 2014

The self-driving car turns out to be a terrible driver's dream: no worries about driving or parking by letting a computer achieve the goal . But the removal of fallible human drivers might create devastating consequences for auto insurers.

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Cheap Auto Insurance Database Helps Users To Save Cash on Policy Purchases Online

19 Aug 2014

Consumers can now use the Auto Pros website for research and Save extra money on purchasing of a vehicle insurance policy.
The newly installed cheap auto insurance database is now setup to help motorists review discounts from agencies at

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Car Insurance Companies Discounts Now Revealed in National Search System at Auto Website

29 Jul 2014

Customers can now review and compare car insurance companies discounts at the Internet portal

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4 Ways You Can Lower You Car Insurance

24 Jul 2014

Here are some tips for you helping you to lower your car insurance.

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ICDC 2014: 18th edition of the Insurance Congress for Developing Countries

17 Jul 2014

18th edition of the Insurance Congress for Developing Countries (ICDC) 2014 takes Place in Zimbabwe.

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Are you covered? A look at insurance needs over your lifetime:

10 Jul 2014

Underwriter Website "" shows you some of the types of insurance you should consider along your life.

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New Telematics Structure

10 Jan 2014

Insurance telematics data has recently become popular as the information is utilized to determine the patterns of drivers.

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How Insurance Telematics Has Evolved

26 Nov 2013

Insurance telematics and UBI has evolved over the years as it mitigates losses and fights crime.

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Usage Based Insurance To Become Mainstream

08 Nov 2013

The UBI auto policy is expected to become a standard offering to various insurers.

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Usage Based Insurance Has Doubled Since 2012

08 Nov 2013

A recent study shows that usage based insurance is expected to generate approximately $80 billion dollars by 2020.

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Consulting Firm Ptolemus releases a UBI abstract

18 Oct 2013

The 100 page UBI analysis is considered to be a global abstract.

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Long road ahead for insurance telematics

15 Oct 2013

Insurance telematics is seen as the future but a number of challenges need to be addressed before overcoming and conquering the mainstream.

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Privacy of UBI questioned by researchers

06 Oct 2013

University professors in the state of Colorado pinpoint that UBI programs can collect data without drivers being aware.

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Brand new 10,000 mile product offered by

02 Oct 2013

The car insurance partner insurethebox aligns with and offers a brand new product.

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Telematics officially launches in the country of Ireland

23 Sep 2013

The first insurance telematics brand called Boxymo has officially launched in the country of Ireland.

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The GSMA recently approved and supported the eCall regulation

03 Sep 2013

The EU (European Commission) has recently supported the eCall regulation.

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DriveFactor To Assist Admiral Group With UBI Program

27 Jul 2013

The UBI market in the U.S. is considered to be slightly ahead of the UK.

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Lawmakers to impose road charging for fuel efficient vehicles

13 Jul 2013

The road charging program will be voluntary for fuel efficient vehicles.

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Bank known as Tesco Will Enter The Usage Based Insurance Sector

27 Jun 2013

The United Kingdom known as Tesco will adopt usage based insurance for many young drivers.

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Brand New Fuel Economy Standard To Be Implemented

19 Jun 2013

Consumer Reports came out with the report which focuses on saving drivers money.

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India Plans On Utilizing Telematics In The Near Future

17 Jun 2013

The new telematic device will be fitted in every car in the country of India.

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Pay As You Drive Proposed By Think Tank

15 Jun 2013

The construction of new private lanes would allow for congestion to be eased.

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Pay As You Drive Might Get Implemented In Washington

11 Jun 2013

Drivers can save money and carbon emissions can be cut with the pay as you drive service.

Read Article Includes Insurance Telematics Company Called Drive Like a Girl

09 Jun 2013

The brand new Company will allow more reasonable prices for young drivers.

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Global Insurance Telematics Subscriptions Expected To Reach 100 Million

07 Jun 2013

The subscriptions for Global Insurance Telematics Will reach 100 million by the year 2018.

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Telematics Launched For Fleet UK

04 Jun 2013

The fleet telematics will be available for the mid sized fleet market.

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Many Brokers Unsure About Telematics And Its Future

04 Jun 2013

A joint venture was initiated between Wunelli and SSP which ultimately launched a telematic product for smartphones.

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Debating Telematic Standards

02 Jun 2013

Association for Cooperative Operations Research & Development brings together group of insurance telematics carriers to well define the standard of data analytics.

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New Telematics Application Could Save Drivers Money

25 May 2013

The brand new telematics application has the potential to lower the insurance premiums for drivers.

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Usage Based Insurance Gaining Traction

17 May 2013

Many insurance giants are beginning to construct insurance plans based on the new technology.

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Baseline Telematics partners with Exigen Services

08 May 2013

A manage how you drive application will be created by the partnership to monitor insurance telematics.

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State Farm to utilize application for insurance telematics

07 May 2013

The application Right Lane will collect information about a driver on an Android phone.

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Croatia awarded E call service award

29 Apr 2013

The country of Croatia was recently awarded the E Call service award.

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Pay As You Drive System Will Curb Congestion

25 Apr 2013

Transport academics agree that heftier fees and the pay as you drive system will curb traffic and restrain car usage.

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eCall service rising but Political Barrier Remains

23 Apr 2013

eCall service on the rise in European Union but political barriers exist.

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I&T: Could Brokers Encourage Telematics Adoption?

26 Mar 2013

Basil Enan, CEO of online independent agency CoverHound, expressed interest in being the point person for telematics devices in an recently published Interview by Insurance & Technology. To date his agency offers UBI products from Progressive and The Hartford, but he believes that they can take an even more hands-on role in encouraging adoption of the product.

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Telematics Users to Quadruple in 5 Years

19 Mar 2013

Automakers are contributing to the dramatic rise in popularity by rolling our safety telematics globally and partnerships between wireless carriers and insurers.

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MarketsandMarkets: Connected Car Market Worth $98.42 Billion by 2018

16 Mar 2013

According to a new market research report "Connected Car Market (2013-2018): By Connectivity Technology (LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G, HSPA); Form Factor (Tethered, Embedded, Integrated); Product and Service (OEM and Aftermarket), Application (Navigation, Telematics, Infotainment) and Geography" published by MarketsandMarkets the total market is expected to reach total shipments of 59.86 million units by 2018, growing at an estimated CAGR of 41.2% from 2013 to 2018.

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Online Business Florida Car Insurance Rate Makes Sure Floridians Save on Auto Insurance This Year

27 Feb 2013 ensures that all residents of Florida get the best deal possible on their auto insurance. A comprehensive website that compares policies and prices, Florida Car Insurance Rate will ensure all Floridians save money without compromising quality when it comes to auto insurance in 2013.

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Mitchell Releases 2013 Insurance Industry Predictions

26 Feb 2013

Mitchell, a leading provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Property & Casualty claims and Collision Repair industries, released predictions for trends related to cloud computing and big data analytics that could affect the insurance industry throughout 2013. Focusing on trends expected to impact an ecosystem that includes repair and body shops, insurance companies, claims adjusters and payers, Mitchell is forecasting experiences workers' compensation, auto casualty and auto physical damage professionals could undergo this year.

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ABI Research: Safety and Security Telematics Installed in One Out of Every 7 Cars Shipping Globally in 2013

25 Jan 2013

Traditional safety and security telematics is expected to make a comeback in 2013 in the connected car market due to growing awareness about its importance from consumers and governments alike. Penetration of factory-installed safety and security telematics shipping globally in new cars will reach 15.7% in 2013.

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Insurance Telematics Report 2013

10 Jan 2013

The Insurance Telematics Report 2013 edition by TelematicsUpdate is a crucial up-to-date, independent and strategic insight into the insurance telematics marketplace.

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Agero offers new cloud-based telematics delivery platform

07 Jan 2013

Agero Connected Services has announced the launch of AgeroView, a cloud delivered dynamic infotainment display system aimed at the global market.

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EC eCall legislation set to emerge with confirmed 2015 target

21 Dec 2012

The European Commission has released a statement confirming it will release legislation that will require eCall emergency assistance devices to be fitted to newly Type Approved cars and vans from 2015.

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30% of all insured cars will be using telematics devices by 2019

21 Dec 2012

In light of the heightened interest from insurance companies to telematics technologies, Telematics Update have teamed up with large players in the insurance industry such as Direct Line, and Zurich to organise Insurance Telematics Europe (7-8 May 2013, London UK), the most prominent European insurance telematics learning and networking platform.

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Sprint uses Airbiquity as aonther technology provider for Velocity

21 Dec 2012

Sprint has released more details of its Velocity connected vehicle telematics programme. In addition to cooperating with WirelessCar and supplying the Chrysler UConnect Access service, it is using the Airbiquity Choreo service delivery platform within the Sprint Velocity solution for vehicle manufacturers.

Read Article launches car apps platform and seeks Indiegogo crowd-funding

18 Dec 2012

Telematics company,, has launched an aftermarket open platform for car apps. The formal launch of its consumer and developer-based platform technology on the crowd-funding website,, also announced the appointment of Bill Weihl (a Facebook executive and former Google director) to the team of advisors.

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US: Auto Alliance promotes benefits of Driver Assist technologies

17 Dec 2012

To highlight the growing popularity of active safety systems the US carmaker trade group Auto Alliance has launched a new YouTube channel to highlight the benefits of Driver Assist technologies.

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Collision avoidance put on 2013 NTSB Most Wanted List

14 Dec 2012

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has included collision avoidance technologies and the elimination of distraction in its annual Most Wanted List that represents the agency's priorities of 2013.

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New Audi Computing Center to host Audi connect telematics services

13 Dec 2012

After a three-year construction phase, the new Audi Computing Center is now online. It hosts Audi connect services, which Audi drivers can use to call up current traffic information and access social networks on the Internet, on the Audi IT servers. In addition, the TÜV Rheinland inspection authority has just given special recognition to the computing center for its energy efficiency.

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Australian government starts review of regulations affecting ADAS and V2X

12 Dec 2012

The regulatory implications of new technology which allows vehicles and other parts of the road network to "talk" to each other must be considered, according to a discussion paper released by the Australian National Transport Commission (NTC).

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GCF and ERTICO collaborate for certification testing of eCall systems

28 Nov 2012

Global Certification Forum (GCF) and ERTICO ITS-Europe have entered into a liaision agreement to study testing and certification requirements for In-Vehicle System (IVS) for eCall. Collaboration between the two organisations will help ensure that any future eCall certification scheme can provide sufficient guarantees that mobile devices and modules incorporated in IVS are compliant with relevant eCall standards.

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Mobile Life Guard app targets distracted drivers with safety alerts

26 Nov 2012

You are driving along the interstate when your foot depresses the gas pedal. Almost immediately, a disembodied female voice from the smart phone on the center console beside you warns:" Sudden accelerate. Sudden accelerate. Sudden accelerate."

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INRIX Traffic app helps save time, fuel and frustration....and it's free!

26 Nov 2012

INRIX has launched a free INRIX Traffic app available on Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system for tablets, PCs and Windows Phone.

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Mobileye expects to sell 2 million driver assistance systems in 2013

23 Nov 2012

Mobileye expects sales to more than double every year for the next few years as car manufacturers look to offer more safety features and self-driving cars gain in popularity.

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EXCLUSIVE: V2X and eCall dominate ITS World Congress

23 Nov 2012

Live demonstrations of active safety systems based on V2X communications dominated the intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congres in Vienna. Delegates could take rides in vehicles equipped with cooperative technology using vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside data exchange.

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Telenor Connexion announces telematics security solution - eSec

17 Oct 2012

As more products become connected they are also exposed to potential "hacking" attacks, fraud or misusage. Hence improving privacy, integrity and security becomes a critical part of a M2M service deployment program. Telenor Connexion's new end-to-end security service, eSEC, helps customers with a positive security business case by reducing complexity, increasing security and simplifying M2M.

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Ertico confirms EC plan for eCall legislation

16 Oct 2012

Ertico has announced that the European Commission has published its Recommendation on support for an "EU wide eCall service" in electronic communication networks for the transmission of in-vehicle emergency calls based on the European standards developed by the European Standardisation Organisations (including E112 and TPS) and an Impact Assessment on the implementation of a harmonised "EU wide eCall service".

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EU: TomTom launches HD Traffic 6.0

28 Sep 2012

TomTom has released the latest version of its real-time traffic information service, TomTom HD Traffic at the IFA consumer electronics show. TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 offers more precise information about road works, road closures and jam locations, helping drivers to get to their destination faster.

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Brazil: NAVTEQ announces real-time traffic information

27 Sep 2012

Nokia has announced its Location & Commerce business has launched NAVTEQ Traffic incidents, the first solution in Brazil to monitor traffic incidents in real time. In a country with over 60 million registered vehicles, causing over 1 million accidents and 45,000 traffic related deaths per year, the availability of accurate, robust traffic data is of increasing importance to consumers.

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US: Sprint is "strategic partner" for Chrysler's UConnect telematics

24 Sep 2012

Chrysler Group and Sprint have developed a new wireless in-vehicle connectivity experience for the Ram 1500 pickup and SRT Viper. The companies are evolving Uconnect to include a variety of new, easy-to-use connected features and services that are designed to help keep drivers focused on the primary driving task.

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112 ready Ford vehicles roll-out; Ford signs agreement with Romanian PSAP

18 Sep 2012

Special Telecommunication Service (STS), the Romanian institution that manages and operates the Single National Emergency Call System (112) and all its related infrastructure, has signed an agreement with Ford on the transmission of emergency calls between Ford vehicles and STS.

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Octo Telematics Launches Crash Management Services for the U.S.

14 Sep 2012

New services yield immediate help and prompt settlements for claims departments and policyholders alike in the U.S. insurance telematics marketplace.

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Gemalto's comms module for cars first to receive highest ISO certification

31 Aug 2012

Gemalto (which bought Cinterion) has announced that its new automotive-grade Machine Identification Module (MIM) is the first to achieve highest level ISO/TS 16949 certification for state-of-the-art production processes plus a suite of assurances for superior quality products.

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Singapore: NXP enables next-gen urban mobility solution

19 Jul 2012

NXP Semiconductors has announced it has begun testing a next-generation congestion management system in Singapore. Cars equipped with NXP's 3.5G telematics solution ATOP (automotive telematics on-board unit platform) are currently piloting this urban modern mobility solution.

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Russia: Hughes Telematics partners with NIS GLONASS for pilot project

18 Jul 2012

Federal operator in the field of navigation and telematics, "NIS GLONASS" and Hughes Telematics have announced a joint pilot project to provide telematics services on the market.

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Ford working on system to monitor driver workload and distraction

09 Jul 2012

With today's ever-increasing concern about driver distraction, engineers in the Ford Research and Innovation labs are developing ways to help the driver stay focused in busy situations by intelligently managing incoming communications.

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"Non-binding" resolution on eCall passed; Data protection within scope

06 Jul 2012

All new cars must be fitted by 2015 with eCall devices to alert the rescue services automatically to road crashes through the public 112 emergency call system, say MEPs in a resolution adopted jointly by the Internal Market and Transport Committees. This system would speed up the arrival of the emergency services, saving lives and reducing injuries, adds the non-binding resolution.

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Europe to Lead Insurance Telematics According to ABI Research

14 Jun 2012

According to a new report by ABI Research the number of insurance telematics users in Europe will grow from 1.5 million in 2010 to 44 million in 2017, initially driven by the UK and Italy.

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New steering wheel vibration concept for navigation HMI by AT&T Labs

25 Apr 2012

Distracted driving kills an estimated 3,000 people yearly in the United States, triggering calls for bans on one of the causes, mobile phone use in vehicles. In response, the wireless industry is ramping up its anti-distraction efforts. Now, AT&T Labs is contributing with a vibrating steering wheel that promises to deliver navigation information to drivers more safely than on-screen instructions or turn-by-turn GPS commands.

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Continental supplies new head-up displays to BMW & Audi

20 Apr 2012

Continental has provided the second generation head-up display for the new BMW 3 Series. The head-up display shows relevant information such as speed, navigation and infotainment data, as well as warnings in the driver's direct field of vision.

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Mercedes Benz to launch emergency call service in Europe

28 Mar 2012

In June 2012, three years prior to the proposed mandatory implementation of eCall in Europe, Mercedes-Benz will launch its emergency call service. In the event of a serious accident, emergency services are notified automatically and within minutes receive information on the exact location of the accident and the vehicle model.

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US: Verizon launches practice focused on telematics solutions

26 Mar 2012

As part of its strategy to offer platform-based solutions tailored to key industries, Verizon has launched a new practice focused on developing telematics solutions.

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EU: Ford launches B-Max featuring SYNC with 112 Emergency Assistance

16 Mar 2012

The B-Max will be the first vehicle in Europe to feature SYNC, Ford's voice-activated in-car connectivity system, the company has revealed after unveiling the all-new-car at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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EU: NAVTEQ data powers Scania active prediction system

15 Mar 2012

NAVTEQ has been selected by Scania to provide map data featuring the accurate, reliable and detailed road attributes essential to its innovative new Active Prediction System. Scania has developed a topography based cruise control using NAVTEQ map data which is transferred by a map engine developed by Continental.

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eCall in German privacy debate

13 Feb 2012

On the occasion of the 50th German Traffic Court Day in Goslar, experts from the Automotive Industry discussed many issues related to eCall system.

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Nissan Unveils Trio of High-Tech Safety Systems

07 Feb 2012

Nissan has unveiled a trio of new high-tech safety systems that are designed to help prevent collisions or, where that's not possible, reduce the chance of injuries and fatalities.

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US: Mobileye intros smartphone connected driver assistance (ADAS) technology

18 Jan 2012

Mobileye has launched its next gen driver assistance aftermarket systems, Mobileye 5 Series, that can connect to the driver's smartphone to provide real time warnings. The Mobileye 5-Series is available for shipments to US customers.

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CES: Kia debuts UVO e-Services telematics & smartphone integration

17 Jan 2012

Kia Motors America (KMA) has unveiled UVO eServices, the next iteration of the company's innovative voice-activated infotainment system, during the 2012 International Costumer Electronics Show (CES).

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CES: TeleNav announces new solutions with Ford and Sony

12 Jan 2012

At CES (International Costumer Electronics Show), Telenav has launched Scout, a daily personal navigator that will be seamlessly accessible across the web, smartphones, and in-car systems - offering users an easy and consistent discovery and navigation experience no matter where they are. Scout is available immediately on iPhones via the Apple App Store and at Scout will also be available in cars later this year.

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GM's OnStar is looking a lot like a stand-alone business

06 Dec 2011

General Motors' automotive concierge service is opening up to other auto makers' cars and is becoming more useful with new apps. That could mean a lucrative spin-off is in its future.

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Cross Country Automotive Services & ATX Group Form Agero

06 Dec 2011

Cross Country Automotive Services, a leader for nearly four decades in driver assistance programs, and its subsidiary ATX Group, a pioneer in connected vehicle (telematics) services, today announced its new corporate brand name, Agero. The new name, brand reflects the creation of a leader in roadside assistance, claims management and connected vehicle services. Focus will remain on safety, security and innovation that enhances vehicle ownership.

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Dragon's Den's Peter Jones sells Wireless Logic to ECI and management

19 Aug 2011

Dragonsʼ Den star and serial entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE has sold Wireless Logic to ECI Partners ("ECI"), the UK mid-market private equity firm, and management for £38m. Wireless Logic is the UKʼs leading independent Machine to Machine ("M2M") communications specialist, with 3,600 customers and nearly 600,000 SIMS under management in the UK and continental Europe. ECI is one of the longest established private equity groups in the UK and has total committed capital of over £1.1billion.

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EC announces consultation on the future of telematics

25 Jul 2011

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and TNO in the Netherlands have been contracted by the European Commission to gain views from different types of organisations on new services for vehicles, based on internet technology, that could be available by 2025.

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EU: Ford SYNC to get "Emergency Assistance" service

19 May 2011

Emergency Assistance is a new feature developed as part of the SYNC system for Europe that will automatically inform the emergency services in the event of an accident.

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Octo Telematics Enters U.S. Insurance Telematics Marketplace, Names Chief Executive Officer

04 May 2011

Vista, CA - 4 May 2011 - Octo Telematics, the fastest growing provider of advanced telematics systems and services to the auto and insurance industries worldwide, today announced its entry into the United States insurance telematics marketplace through a joint venture with Directed Electronics, and the appointment of Nino Tarantino to chief executive officer.

Octo Telematics will provide auto insurance-telematics services to Seattle-based Safeco Insurance, a member of Liberty Mutual Group, and Octo's first U.S. insurance customer.

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"BMW i" sub-brand launched - Telematics integral component

21 Apr 2011

BMW has announced the "BMW i" sub-brand, focused on sustainable mobility solutions, centered around electric cars.

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Hyundai and Vodafone sign telematics partnership

19 Apr 2011

Hyundai Motor Group signed an agreement with Vodafone Global Enterprise to explore business opportunities in telematics services in Europe.

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MapQuest launches free Android navigation app

15 Apr 2011

MapQuest has launched its free MapQuest for Android App for the 18.2 million domestic Android phone users.

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NAVTEQ launches real-time traffic for U.A.E.; Cites high costumer need

16 Mar 2011

NAVTEQ has announced the launch of NAVTEQ Traffic in the United Arab Emirates, the first traffic launch for NAVTEQ in the Middle East.

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Altech Netstar in Africa Deal with Octo Telematics

01 Mar 2011

Vehicle tracking and recovery group Altech Netstar has been appointed as the exclusive service provider for the African continent for Octo Telematics.

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BMW responds to Audi: Announces traffic info via telematics (cellular comms)

14 Feb 2011

From autumn 2011, all new BMW cars can be equipped with an upgraded traffic information service that will be delivered to the car via the built-in SIM card, which is used for ConnectedDrive services.

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EU: HeERO project launched; 9 countries to lay foundation for eCall

08 Feb 2011

HeERO, the pan European project for eCall deployment pilots, held its kick-off meeting at ERTICO - ITS Europe on 18 January. During (the next) three years, the nine European countries forming the HeERO consortium will carry out the start-up on an interoperable and harmonised 112 based in-vehicle emergency call system.

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Blaupunkt creates new telematics division

03 Feb 2011

Under "Blaupunkt Telematics" the Blaupunkt Group is now advancing into a new business field. Following a successful restructuring process carried out by its shareholder, the AURELIUS Group, Blaupunkt is now back on a course headed for growth. Addressing a new, dynamically growing market segment, this devision will offer professional telematics solutions.

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US: Hyundai launches BlueLink telematics platform

25 Jan 2011

Hyundai has announced BlueLink in the US and this new telematics platform is set to offer more than 30 unique connectivity features on future models. Drivers will not have to wait long for the arrival of BlueLink as it will debut on the Sonata sedan, later this year.

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CES: Garmin launches StreetPilot navigation app for iPhone

22 Jan 2011

Garmin has announced its first turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone, StreetPilot, as well as its full lineup of new smartphone applications for both iPhone and Android.

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Mercedes to launch new telematics platform with internet access

14 Jan 2011

Details of the new (facelift) C-Class have been released online and Mercedes is set to launch a new telematics platform "Comand Online" on this model. This system will be rolled out to other models in the future.

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US: Allstate launches "free-to-join, pay-per-use" roadside assistance

30 Dec 2010

Allstate has recently announced the launch of Good Hands Roadside Assistance, the first free-to-join, pay-per-use, roadside assistance service that is available to all drivers, not just Allstate customers.

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EU: INRIX to provide traffic info for Sygic navigation apps

29 Dec 2010

Sygic and INRIX have announced the launch of Real-Time Traffic service for Sygic's turn-by-turn voice guided navigation applications Mobile Maps and Aura in Europe.

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Survey Shows More than 75 Percent of Policyholders Would Welcome Telematics-Based Insurance Program

16 Nov 2010

According to the LexisNexis (News - Alert)® Risk Solutions Telematics Survey, more than 75 percent of auto insurance policyholders in the United States would welcome a telematics-based insurance program if sharing their driving data had the potential to reduce their premium.

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Brazil: Volvo to launch OnCall on the 1st of December

16 Nov 2010

Volvo Cars becomes the first automotive manufacturer in Brazil to launch an embedded telematics program, Volvo OnCall, with WirelessCar as the Service Provider. The announcement was made at the Sao Paulo Auto Show.

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NXP & others start pan-EU eCall field trial; to show eCall not dependent on present standards

15 Nov 2010

At the electronica 2010 conference in Munich, NXP Semiconductors and its partners will launch a pan-European field trial of the eCall emergency system, which automatically calls emergency operators in the event of a road accident.

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BMW announces NGTP 2.0: Next Generation Telematics Pattern

09 Nov 2010

With the second generation of the telematics architecture NGTP, BMW is introducing a technology-neutral interface architecture which enables faster and more flexible implementation of new services in cars.

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BMW Innovation Day: Infotainment and Telematics

09 Oct 2010

The car key of the future A weekend trip with just your BMW key on you? Not a problem, as you can use it to book tickets, make cashless payments and access your hotel room.

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US: Chrysler's Mopar launches Stolen Vehicle Tracking service

05 Oct 2010

Chrysler's Mopar parts division has announced the launch of a new Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS), available through authorized Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealers.

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Progressive launches new insurance telematics program as Strategy Analytics predicts connected telematics revenues to triple

01 Oct 2010

Auto insurance provider Progressive launched a new telematics program, Progressive Snapshot Discount.

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Wrap up from the Insurance Telematics USA conference

29 Sep 2010

ISO, Mobile Devices, Harman, Aha Mobile, DriveGain,, Telmap, Telogis, and Tastests Systems

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Bosch developing Linux-based telematics platform with app support

27 Sep 2010

With its new telematics platform, Bosch is now closing the gap between the long product lifecycles in the automotive industry and the rapid evolution of mobile applications in entertainment and information technology by making it possible to regularly update and upgrade the systems as required.

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u-blox releases new Dead Reckoning chip for telematics systems

22 Sep 2010

u-blox has released a new Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) solution. The solution has been recently implemented in in-dash navigation and eCall systems at Tier-1 automotive car electronics suppliers to top German auto makers.

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NAVTEQ introduces "Natural Guidance": landmark-based navigation

14 Sep 2010

Launched at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, NAVTEQ Natural Guidance leapfrogs today's linear navigation instructions - e.g. "turn right in 50 meters on Kurfuerstendamm - by guiding the way humans instruct each other, through descriptions of orientation points such as distinctive points of interest and landmarks - e.g. "turn right after the yellow shop" or "turn right at the traffic signal."

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Brazil: NAVTEQ launches traffic information service

13 Sep 2010

NAVTEQ recently announced the launch of NAVTEQ Traffic in Brazil, delivering comprehensive, real-time traffic information to nearly 48 million people in six major cities, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

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Citroën DS4 to get eTouch telematics and blind spot monitoring

13 Sep 2010

Citroën has released first details for the new DS4, which is the second model in Citroën's distinctively-styled DS line.


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Google tracks traffic in Russia

25 Aug 2010

The Russian version of Google recently launched a test version of its new service allowing drivers to monitor traffic conditions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Smartphone App Tracks How Drivers Use Their Cars. Startup company's program helps drivers determine what kind of vehicle works for them.

04 Aug 2010

With all of the advanced hybrid, plug-in hybrid, extended-range electric and electric vehicles, there should be something to help buyers decide which vehicle is right for them. Now there is.


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Build your own Corvette Engine Option added. Unique program lets customers create the heart of their "Vette".

21 Jul 2010

In what is likely the world's most hands-on super car program, customers who order a 2011 Corvette ZO6 or ZR1 can choose an option to help assemble their cars' LS7 or LS9 engine at the General Motor's Performance Build Center (PBC) in Wixom, Michigan.

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BSQUARE and Ford establish Telematics Competency Center

09 Jul 2010

BSQUARE and Ford have established a Telematics Compentency Center under an agreement signed on June 29, 2010. The Competency Center will be staffed by BSQUARE and will focus on development and deployment of the next generation Sync in-dashboard information and infotainment system developed with BSQUARE under an existing agreement.

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Hughes Telematics selects Force10 connectivity solution

05 Jul 2010

Force10 Networks has announced that Hughes Telematics (HTI) has selected Force10's C-Series resilient switches and S-Series Ethernet access switches to provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) core and top-of-rack network services for its next-generation telematics architecture.

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Plug in, Turn on? Which solution will meet tomorrow's clean energy needs?

22 Jun 2010

Within the next two years, several automakers will introduce new vehicles aimed at helping to solve the problem of reducing, if not eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels - but it seems that every maker is taking a different path to achieve that goal.

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Highlights from Telematics Detroit

18 Jun 2010

More than 750 industry experts, entrepreneurs, and executives arrived in Michigan for the 10th annual Telematics Detroit Conference (8. - 9. June. 2010, The Rock Financial Showplace), which includes telematics talks, critical planning sessions, a buzzing exhibition floor, and an awards ceremony. Everyone from Nokia to NAVTEQ to BMW, Google, and Hughes Telematics are on hand.

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Private Equity Partners Sponsor Octo Telematics Spinout

10 Jun 2010

Montezemolo & Partners has sponsored a spinout of European telematics service provider Octo Telematics from Italian conglomerate MetaSystem. No financial terms were disclosed. MetaSystem will continue to supply components to Octo, while Montezemolo was joined on the deal by Amadeus Capital Partners and Rothschild Growth Capital.

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Costa Rica Gets PND with RDS-TMC Traffic

31 May 2010

Costa Rican LBS provider NAVSAT has launched a PND called NAVIGATOR which receives real-time traffic information through RDS-TMC.

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Garmin goes for real-time traffic service in Germany

27 May 2010

Garmin (the producer of the Global Positioning System) unveiled a comprehensive, real-time traffic service in Germany, the first of its in Europe. The service is provided through NAVTEQ Traffic and channels detailed information on road construction, traffic speeds, and accidents to Garmin devices.

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China, Japan And South Korea Pledge To Work Closely On Environmental Matters Including Climate Change

26 May 2010

Environmental ministers from Japan, South Korea and China met Sunday in Tomakomai City of Hokkaido, Japan to further cooperation in dealing with environmental challenges including climate change and cross-border pollution.

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200 experts gather in San Diego this June to discuss how to increase grid intelligence

20 May 2010

Telematics Update recently announced the launch of its sister brand Smart Grid Update to support the challenges of the M2M industry within the growing energy space.

The leading utility San Diego Gas & Electric organizes the first ever annual Smart Grid Technology Conference & Expo (2-3 June 2010) in San Diego. Over 50 of the top utility executieves want to discuss there winning strategies to increase penetration of smart grid technologies on the grid.

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Octo Telematics a Finalist for Two Telematics Awards

03 May 2010

An independent panel of industry experts from the digital automotive, mobile and web industries has selected Octo Telematics as a finalist in two categories for the 2010 Telematics Awards. According to Telematics Update, Octo was selected from among hundreds of companies who nominated themselves or their partners and clients through the Telematics Awards website.

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Steve Millstein

Pioneer in Vehicle Telematics, ATX's Steve Millstein, to Retire

04 Mar 2010

DALLAS, MARCH 4, 2010 --- Steve Millstein, president of ATX Group, Inc., a leading provider of connected vehicle (or telematics) services for the global automotive industry, today announced his decision to retire as president, effective March 31, 2010. He will actively continue with the company as senior advisor, providing ongoing advice and counsel on industry trends and strategic growth. Michael Saxton, the president and CEO of Cross Country Automotive Services, the parent company of ATX, will assume Millstein's duties upon his retirement.

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Intelligent Cargo Study

08 Nov 2009

The Intelligent Cargo Study ("Impact assessment on the introduction of intelligent cargo systems in transport logistics industry") analyses the potential of ICT to increase the efficiency, security and safety of freight transport. The study considers different scenarios for the paradigm shift from centralized to decentralized ICT services and identifies a migration path towards the most promising scenario.

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Berg Insight says 3.5 million cars in Europe have a telematics device

14 Oct 2009

According to Berg Insights new research report, 3.5 million passenger cars in Europe will have an on-board telematics device at the end of 2009.

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Cut-price telematics lose credibility, warns vehicle tracking expert

17 Aug 2009

The low-cost pricing structures being increasingly adopted in the telematics industry undermine the customers' perception of the true value of the service, said David Isom, managing director of V-SOL vehicle tracking.

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Telefónica chooses ALTEA’s Evolution for telematics infrastructure in Venezuela

07 Aug 2009

Based on the flexibility, scalability and reliability of its Evolution - the Open Telematics Platform (OTP), which is adaptable to virtually any on-board device, works with numerous protocols and mapping systems and is accessible in different languages, Telefónica Venezuela has chosen ALTEA as the unique provider of telematics infrastructure for an increasingly sophisticated and fast growing market.

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Mapfre and Octo Telematics launch e-Bike10

28 Jul 2009

Designed and developed by Octo Telematics, e-Bike10 is a new generation solution offering motorcyclists insured with Mapfre the guarantee of the best and most complete safety service available for the vehicle and the driver.

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Pointer's Israeli subsidiary acquires 51% in CAR2GO

22 May 2009

Israel-based Pointer Telocation subsidiary Shagrir has entered into an agreement to invest in CAR2GO, an urban car-sharing company.

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Real-time asset data critical for fleet management, says GE

15 May 2009

The recent survey by GE Gapital Fleet Services has unveiled that real-time asset data is viewed as the most critical information in effectively managing fleet operations.

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Acacia subsidiary settles legal dispute with SageQuest

05 May 2009

Generally relating to systems and methods for displaying mobile vehicle information on a map, the Telematics technology can be used in navigation and fleet management systems that combine wireless communication with GPS tracking and map displays.

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Toyota extending 'G-Book' telematics service in China

28 Apr 2009

Tech-On News reported the announcement of Toyota Motor Corp planning to introduce its "G-Book" telematics service in China.

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Eco-driving – Harnessing the green potential of ITS

15 Apr 2009

The industry's buzzword of the moment is eco-driving. Fuelled by consumer desire and political pressure, OEMs and suppliers must compete fiercely to develop the most eco-friendly solutions or risk being left behind.

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The impact of the recession on the navigation market

24 Mar 2009

SBD has published a new report providing up-to-date analysis of how the navigation industry is going to be affected by the recession.

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Research and Markets: Connecting Usage-Based Insurance with OE Telematics

24 Feb 2009

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Connecting Usage-Based Insurance with OE Telematics" report to their offering.

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LiMo Foundation selects Wind River as systems integrator

09 Feb 2009

LiMo Foundation has chosen Wind River as the systems integrator to deliver the common infrastructure, tools, testing and integration services for the LiMo platform.

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HUGHES Telematics first to implement next-gen telematics architecture

16 Jan 2009

HUGHES Telematics presents the implementation of the world's first technology-neutral telematics framework that allows virtually any supplier's technology to be integrated into the system.

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“Industria 2015” – Sustainable Mobility Tender: Octo Telematics’ “Pegasus” has been selected among the 22 most innovative research projects

07 Jan 2009

Within the "Industria 2015" Sustainable Mobility Tender, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the public-private consortium guided by Octo Telematics has obtained acknowledgement of funds for carrying out "Pegasus", an innovation and research project aimed at the management of urban mobility through info-telematics systems, able to provide for protection of passengers, vehicles and goods.

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Acacia Subsidiary Enters into License Agreement with Cemtek Com, Inc.

30 Dec 2008

Telematics Corporation, an Acacia Research Corp. subsidiary, has entered into a patent license agreement with Cemtek Com, Inc.

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Location-based advertising potentially profitable, says ABI

11 Dec 2008

According to ABI Research, Location-based advertising is gaining momentum as a new advertising medium.

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Location-based mobile social networking revenue to hit $3.3bn by 2013

07 Aug 2008

Providers such as GyPSii, Pelago and Loopt are revolutionizing social networking with their location-based mobile social networking services. Users are facing loads of new interacting opportunities like sharing real-life experiences via geo-tagged user-generated multimedia content, exchanging recommendations about places, identifying nearby friends and setting up ad hoc face-to-face meetings.

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Personal navigation most popular LBS application

29 Jul 2008

According to ABI Research, personal navigation will remain the most important LBS category due to many innovative LBS applications such as friend finders and location-based search will be launched in the next few years.

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OnStar opens Crisis Assist emergency services to people concerned by Dolly

28 Jul 2008

General Motors' communication provider OnStar offers its Crisis Assist to all subscribers affected by hurricane Dolly, regardless of their subscription plan.

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Sat nav's positive effect on driving safety

30 Jun 2008

TomTom has unveiled the results of a study conducted in the US and Europe, which prove the positive influence of satellite navigation devices on driving and traffic safety.

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Pet tracking to get mainstream

22 May 2008

The GPS-enabled dog locator Zoombak is now available in 900 Petsmart stores across the United States. Petsmart, the largest national pet retailer, is the first to carry GPS locator technology for dogs.

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ENSC News Report: First Edition

23 Apr 2008

Herbrecht Verlag has published today the first issue of its ENSC News Report giving an account of current applications, projects and events from the European Satellite Navigation Competition network.

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Beating Traffic By Joining the Network

25 Mar 2008

SUNNYVALE, California - New System Takes and Shares Data From Cars.

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A1 Navi: ASFINAG’s Traffic Information Immediately on Mobile Devices

18 Mar 2008

VIENNA, Austria - A1 customers get current and comprehensive traffic information via HEROLD Wisepilot from A1, which includes valuable data about the situation on Austria’s highways and A-Roads.

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German Aerospace Centre (DLR): Traffic Data Will Be Provided Via Radar Satellite

10 Mar 2008

The German radar satellite TerraSAR-X soon sends high quality images from selected sections of motorways in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and California.

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OCTO Telematics: 500.000 Customers In Three Years

28 Feb 2008

ROME, Italy – By using position tracking systems to calculate use-optimised motor vehicle insurance premiums, the Italian company OCTO Telematics has won 500,000 customers in only three years. At the CeBIT in Hanover, the follow-up products, such as personal CO2 meter for drivers and the use of traffic data for navigation systems will be displayed.

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SNAPlab Wants To Make INS Navigation Avaiable For Everybody

27 Feb 2008

Dr. Yong Li and his colleagues are working on a new INS (Inertial Navigation System) navigation that everybody can buy and use it.

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