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Automobile Clubs

13 Jan 2016

Melbourne’s Intelematics' ventures into European market

Melbourne-founded connected automotive technologies company Intelematics has entered into a joint venture with European motoring clubs, AA in the UK, ANWB, the Dutch roadside assistance club and ÖAMTC, the Austrian club, to establish its European presence.

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11 Jan 2016

Does GM want us to stop buying cars?

GM gave Lyft $500 million. Lyft is a startup that wants people to stop buying cars. Ergo, GM wants us to stop buying cars. Correct? No!

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Digital Mapping

11 Dec 2015

"Here" is there!

Automakers Audi, BMW and Daimler presented their vision for a new communal acquisition, map-making company Here.

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07 Jan 2016

GM CEO Mary Barra was handed the full set of the keys to the company - but is it a good idea?

CEO Mary Barra this week was handed the full set of the keys to the company, and named chairman. Forbes Magazine just postet an article explaining, why this could be a terrible idea.

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Insurance Sector

16 Dec 2015

Telematics will “uber-ize” the auto insurance industry, says PTOLEMUS’ new UBI study

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group released the 2016 edition of its usage-based insurance global study by offering a free, 125-page abstract. Available to download today, the document reveals the key findings of the 1,000-page telematics insurance market analysis.

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Recent Topics


05 Jan 2016

Driverless Cars will become reality soon

Don't be surprised, when you'll see a driverless car soon. Driverless cars are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality, but what are the effects on the insurance companies?

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Insurance Sector

09 Dec 2015

Startup Lemonade wants to squeeze the insurance industry

More and more popular startups in the finance sector successfully attack the insurance sector.

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