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Melbourne’s Intelematics' ventures into European market

13 Jan 2016

Melbourne-founded connected automotive technologies company Intelematics has entered into a joint venture with European motoring clubs, AA in the UK, ANWB, the Dutch roadside assistance club and ÖAMTC, the Austrian club, to establish its European presence.

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Progressive® Insurance redefines the meaning of classic cars for insurance

23 May 2015

Progressive Advantage℠ Classic Car Insurance powered by Hagerty® offers specialized coverage for classic cars by expanding the definition of a classic car, when it comes to auto insurance.

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Is Nissan going to "heal" conduct disorders?

06 May 2015

To the untrained eye, the new Murano looks pretty much like others of its ilk but behind this appearance is hidden the "most social car" you have ever seen.

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Top 7 Car Names You've Probably Been Saying Wrong

05 Mar 2015 lately released an article that shows the common mispronunciations of some brand names like stalla or adidas. It's time to analyze car names you've probably been pronouncing wrong your whole life.

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Insurance for ondtimers and classic vehicles - available online?

25 Feb 2015

Read here how to find auto insurance for classic cars and oldtimers by comparing online quotes.

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All Clips of Car manufacturers super bowl ads

30 Jan 2015

The Super Bowl is America's most watched event of the year, and the commercial breaks are attracting some of the world's biggest car manufacturers, including BMW, LEXUS, MERCEDES, and KIA.

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10 Most & Least Expensive ZIP Codes For Car Insurance

28 Jan 2015 pulled quotes from ZIP codes across the U.S.

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Car telematics subscribers to reach 158.9m by 2020

22 Sep 2014

Berg Insight just carried out a market about shipments of OEM embedded telematics systems. According to the study telematics systems worldwide are forecast to grow from 8.4 million units in 2013 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.6 percent to reach 54.5 million units in 2020.

Furthermore, the number of cars sold worldwide equipped with head-units featuring handset-based telematics capabilities will grow from 7.0 million in 2013 to 68.5 million in 2020.

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Good2Go Auto Insurance to Introduce Cell Phone Safety Discount in Oregon

08 Jul 2014

Good2Go Auto Insurance announced that its Cell Phone Safety Discount is now available in Oregon.

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CO2 reduction in europe: Carmakers on track to hit fuel efficiency targets

27 May 2014

More than 70% percent of European car manufacturers will reach the EU's carbon emissions objectives by the 2021 deadline if they progress at the same rate since the law was introduced in 2008.

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Co-Operators UBI plan will cut rates

17 Mar 2014

The UBI insurance plan is expected to be released in the month of April in the region of Ontario.

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Pay As You Drive Insurance MetroMile Launches Off In Washington

26 Nov 2013

After months of testing the Pay As You Drive insurance, Metromile is now relocating to Washington.

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Pay As You Drive to be used by TATA Insurance

18 Oct 2013

TATA-AIG Insurance plans on using the Pay As You Drive system to reduce the amount of premiums for motorists.

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IntelliTrac Technology partners with Insurance Box

14 Oct 2013

The partnership is considered to be the first insurance telematics system in Australia.

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Insurance telematics expected to make an Impact in China within 3 to 5 years

29 Sep 2013

A Celent report revealed that insurance telematics is expected to impact the country of China within 3 to 5 years.

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Insurance Telematics Company Called Marmalade Rewards Safest Drivers

26 Jun 2013

Marmalade is known for its black box insurance telematics.

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State of Nevada Gets Introduced To Usage Based Insurance

21 Jun 2013

The insurance giant called Allstate introduced UBI to the state of Nevada.

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Leasing Company Zenith To Implement Pay As You Drive System

19 Jun 2013

Pay As You Drive System to be based upon the usage amount.

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Progressive Receives CIO Award

11 Jun 2013

The award was handed out to Progressive for its advancements in Information Technology.

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Telematics: The Wave of The Future

31 May 2013

The general interest in telematics has skyrocketed as technology has evolved.

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Study Shows That A Job Could Save & Cost Thousands On Car Insurance

27 May 2013

Research that is published by shows insurance premiums can vary by thousands of dollars depending on the profession.

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ZipCar Adds Cars For Pay As You Drive Service

22 May 2013

ZipCar will allow companies to utilize the Pay As You Drive Service with its new Golf MK7 cars.

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New Survey Shows Texters Should Have Higher Insurance Premiums

14 May 2013

Insurance survey was conducted by

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ABI publishes new guidance for insurance companies

05 May 2013

Association of British Insurers wants insurance companies to procure opt in consent from drivers.

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Usage Based Auto Insurance Introduced by Allstate in Maryland

24 Apr 2013

UBI products have been introduced to the state of Maryland.

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AAA Study Says Ownership Costs Have Increased This Year

09 Apr 2010

AAA's "Your Driving Costs" study for 2010 reveals that average ownership and upkeep costs have once again gone up.

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Volvo Construction Equipment adds on CareTrack

16 Dec 2009

Announcing plans to build more than 500 charging stations in California for their 2011 Chevy Volt, an electric vehicle, General Motors will partner with four California utility companies.

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Mazda takes part in Environmental Style Test Project

09 Dec 2009

According to an announcement of Mazda Motor Corporation, the company will provide vehicles for the Tsukuba Environmental Style Test Project in Japan, slated to begin in March 2010.

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A8 gets internet connectivity

01 Dec 2009

German car manufacturerer AUDI launches telematics services within its A8 series.

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GM’s electric cars to get sound alert system to warn blind pedestrians

30 Nov 2009

In cooperation with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Chevrolet and General Motors are working to identify a safe level of sound alerting the blind and other pedestrians to the presence of near silent-running electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Intelligent vehicles tested across European roads

21 Oct 2009

In cooperation with various universities, research centres and other stakeholders the automotive industry tests eight different high-tech intelligent in-vehicle technologies on real roads, with real drivers.

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Ford tests vehicle-to-grid communications system

20 Aug 2009

One of the industry's first vehicle-to-electric grid communications and control systems, is currently being tested by Ford and its utility partners.

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Driver Distraction Related to Truck Crashes

23 Jun 2009

According to a recent study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, driver distraction, from cell phone use to dispatching devices, was involved in 100 percent of commercial vehicles crashes.

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Volkswagen Routan to feature Wifi from Autonet Mobile

12 Jun 2009

Autonet Mobile and Volkswagen have teamed up to improve the minivan's image. According to Autonet's agreement, the company will equip the VW Routan with its in-car internet service uconnect web, already available to Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep owners.

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WirelessCar awarded BMW European telematics contract

28 May 2009

BMW has selected WirelessCar to be its Telematics Service Provider. Connecting all newly produced vehicles on these markets from June 2010 an forward, this prestigious contract will also include a migration path for all legacy vehicles currently operating in the marketplace. Services will be available on all models for a period of up to four years.

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Toyota joins public ITS tests in Tokyo

20 Feb 2009

To demonstrate its vehicle-infrastructure co-operative systems, Toyota will partake in a joint intelligent transport systems (ITS) verification effort from February 25th to 28th sponsored by Japan's private-public ITS Promotion Council.

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DTM to adopt hybrid technology from 2010

30 Jul 2008

The DTM touring car racing championship will adopt hybrid power train technology as a part of new regulations to be introduced in 2010, according to German media. Since the withdrawal of Opel in the end of 2005, DTM has been contested only by Audi and Mercedes Benz. This move is seen as an attempt to attract new manufacturers to enter the company.

First ever Green Awards presented by What Car

18 Jul 2008

In association with Warranty Direct What Cat? Will be revealing the winners of the first ever What Car? Green Awards at The British International Motor Show.

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OCTO Telematics - Traffic Info Italy

Italy offers Live Traffic Information for Tourists

12 Jun 2008

Italy get's prepared to avoiding traffic jams during the summer holidays. With real time traffic information for locals and tourists, Octo Telematics supplies a powerful tool.

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Sweden invests in hybrid vehicle development

30 Apr 2008

According to the Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA) Sedish delegates from the automotive sector will be present at the Booth 61 at the Advanced Automotive Battery and Ultracapacitor Conference and Symposia in Tampa, Florida on May 12-16 to meet international representatives from the vehicle battery industry. The intention is to strengthen the Swedish vehicle battery cluster containing Volvo, SAAB, energy company Vattenfall and ETC Battery & FuelCells Sweden with further investments.

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Britains still texting while driving

03 Mar 2008

A year after introducing tougher penalties for using mobile phones while driving, the RAC Foundation has revealed that almost 50% of the UK drivers still override the law.

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