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Big data main theme for the FCA in 2016

02 Mar 2016

Technology and big data are the key focuses for the FCA, Financial Conduct Authority, in 2016.

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Telematics will “uber-ize” the auto insurance industry, says PTOLEMUS’ new UBI study

16 Dec 2015

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group released the 2016 edition of its usage-based insurance global study by offering a free, 125-page abstract. Available to download today, the document reveals the key findings of the 1,000-page telematics insurance market analysis.

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Startup Lemonade wants to squeeze the insurance industry

09 Dec 2015

More and more popular startups in the finance sector successfully attack the insurance sector.

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Uber-Taxi Battle Over Fares Costs the MTA

02 Dec 2015

Latest news report that a the declining business for cabs means fewer 50-cent-per-ride surcharges that subsidize subways, buses and commuter train

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Cars Are Still Vulnerable To Hacking

25 Nov 2015

Yael Grauer, Contributor at, talks about security of car technologies, the vulnerability to hacking and the yet made progress.

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Bradesco’s Insurance Chief Dies in Plane Crash, Valor Reports

16 Nov 2015

Marco Antonio Rossi, the chief executive officer of Banco Bradesco SA's insurance unit, was among four killed when a small plane crashed in Brazil, Valor Economico newspaper reported on its website.

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Does your Car Insurance cover these 3 things?

29 Oct 2015

Are you feeling safe, driving around in your car? Do you have a good vehicle insurance? Here are 3 important things to be covered by your insurance, do you think they already are?

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Can the insurance sector stand up to all of the new requirements?

21 Oct 2015

Amy Radin from Huffingtonpost asks herself the big question: can a the insurance sector move at the speed of change?

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6 Vehicle security advices you should keep in mind

14 Oct 2015 lately has published a blog post giving some Vehicle security tips every driver should keep in mind to keep his vehicle safe this winter. Here are the main points:

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Why family vehicles are cheaper to insure than sports cars

12 Oct 2015

This article will explain why family vehicles are cheaper to insure than sports cars. We summarize the most important points.

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You wont believe this bizarre animal-based insurance claims

07 Oct 2015

Animals are blamed for almost £1m worth of damage to cars, a breakdown of insurance claims has revealed. But these bizarre animal-based insurance claims take it on a whole new level - including 12 horses licking paint off a car, a rampaging cow and a cat under the bonnet causing mayhem.

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Insurer Bingle's Flying Monkey Campaign Totally Nailed It!

19 Aug 2015

Ever wondered how your advertising can stand out and grab attention? Well, maybe you should follow bingle's example

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How driverless cars will affect the car insurance industry

07 Aug 2015

The car insurance industry is undergoing its Napster moment; insurers are facing innovations that could put a huge dent in their revenue, if not kill it altogether.

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Financal Clima Drives Insurance Sector into Growth Mode

03 Aug 2015

Jim Wylie, Associate Director at Investigo, gives an interesting take here on the financial climate driving Insurers into growth mode. He speaks about the exctiting times ahead for the insurance sector as the Rises of M&A activity, including recent mergers, their akquisitions and the impact of those achievements.

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CRM in the Insurance Sector: How does it work?

29 Jul 2015

Doyle Ray Oakey, Professional in Global Sales and Marketing, lately published an essay on the use and need for CRM in the Insurance Sector.

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Foreign direct investment in indian insurance sector: industry still awaiting clarity

28 Jul 2015


The Indian insurance regulatory regime has experienced sweeping changes in 2015. In particular, the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act 2015 introduced much-anticipated reforms, including:

  • increasing the foreign investment cap in the insurance sector to 49%;
  • permitting overseas reinsurers (which are not admitted in India) to open branch offices in India; and
  • facilitating the entry of Lloyd's of London under regulations yet to be finalised.

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General insurance industry posts a 12.5% growth in Quarter 1

24 Jul 2015

Riding high on motor and fire premia and government-run social security schemes, the general insurance industry grew 12.5 percent in the April-June quarter mobilising Rs 23,418 crore in premium income.

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Big Data: Big Chances for the insurance industry

08 Jul 2015

Advanced analytics can transform how insurers do business, but realizing its potential requires complex, large-scale organizational changes. Mckinsey itemized the value of advanced analytics in the insurance sector:

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Best Ways to Find the Suitable Auto Insurance Rates After Divorce

25 Jun 2015

Getting divorced is always connected with a nest of financial entanglements and consequences. Nerwallet just has summarized what you need to know to find the best auto insurance rates after a divorce.

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Blue Insurance prce war: experts predict 20% hike in car insurance costs

15 Jun 2015

Blue Insurance has launched the country's first ever two-year home and motor insurance products, as experts predict a 20pc hike in car insurance costs.

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Insurance broking and advising industry shake-up looms, as govt looks to ban commissions

03 Jun 2015

New Zealand: The government could soon be following the Brits in banning brokers and advisers from receiving commissions.

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What is insurance telematics - this article sums it up!

03 Jun 2015

Insurance telematics is increasing in popularity. More and more drivers draw on the potential offered by the little black boxes in order to reduce their insurance premiums.

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Australias biggest insurer, AMP, says adviser payments need a whole changeover

08 May 2015

Australias biggest insurer, AMP, says, that changing the way financial advisers are paid for selling life insurance is critical to ensuring the sustainability of Australia's profit-pressured life sector.

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Insurance Sector will improve Nigerian job market

06 May 2015

President of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB), Mr Ayodapo Shoderu, declared that the insurance sector could confidently play a catalytic role to Nigeria's national development.

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Telematics Insurance Data Management & Product Design 2015

03 May 2015

Purposefully designed to allow insurers to exchange the very latest in cutting edge technology, tried and tested pilots and case studies and, and best practices for managing and integrating huge streams of complex data into driver score and pricing.

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msg global releases Telematics Analyzer

15 Apr 2015

Swiss-based insurance software provider, msg global, releases a software solution that may substantially facilitate the collection, analysis and scoring calculation of telematics-based driving data, called Telematics Analyzer.

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Uber insurance requirements - Senate raised his concerns

13 Apr 2015

Technology-based rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are causing a lot of discussions considering their auto-insurance requirements.

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MiX Telematics Announces Strategic Partnership with Sygic

08 Apr 2015

MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions. Now it was leaked that the company has started a partnership with Sygic, a leader in GPS navigation software.

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Nigeria: Mansard Reaches Top Place in Insurance Sector

07 Apr 2015

Mansard Insurance plc operates in the financial services sector in Nigeria. It provides motor insurance, travel insurance and home insurance. Over the years the comapny became renowned for it's outstanding performance as it was selected as one of the top quartile (first place in Insurance Category) of publicly listed Growth Strategy Leaders in Nigeria for the year 2015 awards season.

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Police in Michigan using new technology to check broken vehicles

30 Mar 2015

It is thus less a scientific technology than an smart and easy way the Police in Michigan are using to check whether a motor vehicle is properly insured.

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Indian Insurance sector hopes for $9.5 billion in five years

18 Mar 2015

The Indian parliament has enhaced an insurance law pending since 2008 that will raise the foreign investment cap from 26% to 49%.

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Insurance sector veteran Sergei Korol joins ACR Capital

02 Mar 2015

ACR Capital Holdings has appointed Sergei Korol as group chief financial officer. The insurance sector veteran is taking office at 2nd of March.

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Compulsory insurance for All vehicles including LAWNMOWERS and GOLF BUGGIES

27 Feb 2015

New European Union Law prescribes, that ALL motor-driven vehicles must be insured even LAWNMOWERS and GOLF BUGGIES.

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Insurance Institute For Highway Safety announced safest Cars For 2015

05 Jan 2015

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety announced its list of 2015 safety awards last week. Overall 71 models earned the institute's two top awards - Top Safety Pick+ or Top Safety Pick - up from 39 this time last year, giving consumers more choices for vehicles with excellent crash protection despite tougher requirements for safety, according to the group, a nonprofit financed by the insurance industry.

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Management Buyout at Telematics Specialist Dolphin Technologies

19 Dec 2014

The two founders and managing directors, Harald Trautsch and Thomas Pöschl, decided to buy back the majority of shares of the Vienna-based technology developer Dolphin Technologies.

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Montana ties with South Carolina for "worst drivers"

15 Dec 2014

South Carolina and Montana range on top of the list in Car Insurance Comparison's "Worst Drivers By State" rankings.

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Largest deal in UK insurance sector: Aviva to buy Friends Life

24 Nov 2014

Aviva is in advanced talks to close the deal with it's rival insurer Friends Life. The deal is one of the largest deals in UK insurance sector and worth more than £5 billion.

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Dolphin Technologies launches worldwide available event-Based-Interaction (EBITM)

19 Nov 2014

The new telematic platform "EBI", developed by the Austrian telematics specialist Dolphin Technologies is now marketed to insurance companies worldwide and is meant to completely change the game, making the insurer a daily companion and partner.

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Industry's Best Players honored at World Finance Insurance Awards 2014

10 Nov 2014

The World Finance Insurance Awards 2014 gives an insight into actual controversies and responses of an industry in transition and it's best permorming companies. The World Finance Insurance Awards show the achievments of each company in 2014 and how they've contributed to, and even spearheaded, major industry developments.

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Ridesharing represents new challenges and opportunities for insurers

23 Oct 2014

Ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft and similar transportation network companies (TNCs) rely on smartphone apps to connect passengers with independent drivers. TNCs entered the marketplace several years ago are are enjoying growing popularity. For insurers this trend presents both - risks and chances. Insurance and other regulators now prove TNCs to ensure that TNCs and their drivers are adequately insured.

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Australia Seeks to Raise Up to A$5.5 Billion in Medibank IPO

20 Oct 2014

Australia is looking for as much as A$5.5 billion ($4.8 billion) selling shares in Medibank Private Ltd., the country's biggest government divestment through a stock sale since 2006.

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Confused About Insurance Facts? Don't Worry - You Are Not Alone!

02 Oct 2014

If you feel confudes about insurance facts you're definitely not alone. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) carried out a study and found out that many Americans are confused about insurance facts and stats. Here are some of the things most Americans don't know:

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U.S. insurance sector shows resilience in consequence of financial crisis: FIO

26 Sep 2014

According to a report issued Wednesday by the Federal Insurance Office (FIO) the U.S. insurance market has shown "resilience" in consequence of the financial crisis.

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Statistics reveal: 5 Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance

22 Sep 2014

Owning a car is expensive. In addition to your vehicle payment there a lot running charges. Such as gasoline, maintenance, and of course, auto insurance. carried out a study where it compared auto insurance premiums across the twenty-five largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

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Leading global insurer expands partnership with innovative telematics technology provider

28 Aug 2014

Global insurer Discovery Limited, announced a few days ago the strategic partnership deal with U.S.-based Cambridge Mobile Telematics. CMT is a leading telematics technology provider. This deal sould be a strong booster for the current productive relationship between its auto-term insurance arm, Discovery Insure, and CMT.

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Automotive Telematics Market 2014-2019: Vehicle Type, Services and Global Trends Analysis

26 Aug 2014 adds August 2014 research report "Automotive Telematics Market by Services (Safety & Security, Information & Navigation, Entertainment and Remote Diagnostics), by Type (Embedded, Tethered & Integrated), Vehicle Type (Passenger Car, HCV and LCV), and Region - Global Trends and Forecast to 2019".

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Metromile Pitches Pay-as-You-Drive Auto Insurance

23 Aug 2014

Metromile has raised $14 million in venture capital and offers you a Pay-as-You-Drive Auto Insurance. It is based on exactly how much you drive. The more miles you put on your car, the more you pay, because the odds are higher you'll have a claim.

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How Do You Insure a Driverless Car?

19 Aug 2014

Some weeks ago uk's government unveiled plans to actively encourage the development of driverless cars on UK roads by announcing a multi-million pound research fund as well as a review of current road safety laws.

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P2P car insurance pools claimants’ cash to reduce premiums

14 Jul 2014

Guevara is an british insurance startup that lets customers take advantage of peer-to-peer group payments only with people they trust.

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Insurance players warn new tax could dampen business

01 Jul 2014

Insurance players now also join the bandwagon of disgruntled business communities over the recent tax proposals for the financial year 2014/2015.

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Tom Tom telematics chosen for Allianz France insurance

26 Jun 2014

Allianz France cooperates with GPS provider Tom Tom's growing and developing telematics industry. French insurance company has given Tom Tom a boost by naming it as the provider of choice for its new vehicle insurance package: Allianz Conduite Connectée (Alliance Drive Connected).

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Michelin plans big bets on Brazilian fleet management

16 Jun 2014

Michelin is planning $600 million bid for Brazilian fleet management firm Sascar.

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IIHS: Old Drivers a Shrinking Risk

16 Jun 2014

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently took stock of the “silver tsunami” in a report about older drivers who — despite their increasingly larger share of the U.S. driving population — aren’t endangering the nation’s roadways Read Article

Teen driving app for parents by Allstate

08 Jun 2014

Star Driver is a new smartphone app launched by Allstate Corp. that will allow parents to monitor the driving bevaviors of their teen drivers. After parents and teen have agreed on limits about driving, parents can be alerted via text message in case of violation.

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Octo Telematics North America Wins Telematics Update Award 2014 for "Best Insurance Telematics Product Or Service Launch"

05 Jun 2014

North America's leader in insurance telematics, Octo Telematics, was awarded the „Best Insurance Telematics Product or Service Launch" at the 2014 Telematics Update Awards Event on June 3rd at the Hyatt Place Detroit in Novi, MI.

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Insurance telematics is very much in line with the trend.

30 May 2014

Technology companies are beginning to make an entry into the usage based insurance industry, focusing heavily on telematics.

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Insurance Telematics Explained

19 May 2014

Dolphin Technololgies recently published a one-pager to describe insurance telematics. It describes the customer journey and the respective benefits for insurance companies and their clients.

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Wunelli helps create telematics application

18 Mar 2014

The new insurance telematics application offers full policy options.

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Device Cloud Network and Modus Unite to adopt Insurance Telematics

17 Mar 2014

Modus aims at uniting with a device cloud network and offering insurance telematics to a myriad of customers across the United Kingdom.

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Insurers are unsure about mobile applications

13 Mar 2014

Consumers do not want to adopt insurance telematics applications.

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Octo Insurance Telematics launches In Canada

10 Mar 2014

Customers are beginning to accept insurance telematics as it is gaining popularity.

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Renova Procures Octo Telematics

14 Feb 2014

100 percent of Octo Telematics has been acquired by the Renova Group.

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Telematics discoiunt offered by Insurance Firm "More Th>N"

04 Feb 2014

The insurance telematics firm called "More Th>N" is offering discounts for drivers that utilize a telematics system.

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Telematic Insurance Has Gained Popularity

24 Jan 2014

Insurance telematics has risen almost 60 percent from the year 2012 to 2013.

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State of New York Announces Its Support of Insurance Telematics

19 Jan 2014

The Deputy Superintendent named Robert Easton pronounced his support for Insurance Telematics.

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Verizon Telematics, Danlaw, Octo and MetaSystem amongst companies honoured in the Insurance Telematics Supplier Ranking 2013

11 Dec 2013

14 companies have been awarded top marks in the 2013 Insurance Telematics Supplier Ranking, broken down by geographic area, technology and business segment.

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Telematics Boundaries being stretched by Direct Insurance & MetroMile

09 Dec 2013

Various usage, reward approaches and data collection techniques are being implemented by MetroMile & Direct Insurance.

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UBI Can Meet Private and Commercial Consumer Demand

10 Nov 2013

A usage based conference will be held in which the implementation of UBI will be discussed.

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KPN & Masternaut Unite to Provide Insurance Telematics

08 Nov 2013

The partnership will allow the marketing for the fleet management of insurance telematics.

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Progressive’s Snapshot increases uptake by 40% to 1.4 million customers, single-handedly bringing the US UBI market ahead of Europe

22 Oct 2013

PTOLEMUS has now published the main findings of its 2013 Study on Insurance Telematics. The study reveals that while the US is now the biggest growth market, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is a global phenomenon predicted to reach 100 million vehicles by 2020.

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PTOLEMUS Releases Usage-Based Insurance Global Study 100-page Abstract

16 Oct 2013

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group has announced the release of the Usage-Based Insurance Global Study 2013 edition. A 100-page abstract from the 800-page reference document can be downloaded from today.

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Telogis raises nearly $93 Million in Series A funding

03 Oct 2013

Orange County-based location intelligence platform Telogis has raised $93 million in Series A funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

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Countries of Italy and Spain most interested in Insurance Telematics

26 Sep 2013

Towers Watson conducted research and determined that the majority of motorists are interested in insurance telematics in the countries of Spain and Italy.

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DriveWay Software Announces SmartUBI Platform

07 Sep 2013

The SmartUBI Platform includes portals, cloud based analytics and UBI application.

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Nearly 36 Percent of Consumers Would Switch to Insurance Telematics

24 Aug 2013

Consumers would not mind switching to insurance telematics if it involves receiving a discount.

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DriveAdvisor Program Introduced By MAPFRE Insurance

07 Aug 2013

The DriveAdvisor Program is now available in the state of Oregon.

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Brand New Telematics Insurance Launched

04 Aug 2013

The new telematics solution is called CMS SupaTrak and has been approved by Towergate Insurance.

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Progressive Establishes First UBI Licensee

29 Jun 2013

USAA is considered to be Progressives very first Usage Based Insurance Licensee.

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Many Vehicle Makers Will Get Involved With Insurance Telematics

21 Jun 2013

Insurance telematics is increasingly gaining traction within the vehicle industry.

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Insurance Telematics To Focus Upon Driving Behavior Tool

20 Jun 2013

The behavior analysis key tool will ultimately attract customer groups.

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Many Agents Worried About The Impact of UBI & Telematics

14 Jun 2013

Worries about a declining commission/market share arose with many agents.

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Pay As You Drive Sits Well With Drivers That Are Financially Sound

13 Jun 2013

Auto insurance premiums are a big worry for many motorists and Pay As You Drive insurance helps to solve the problem.

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Insurance Agencies Being Left Behind As Telematics Revolution Occurs

13 Jun 2013

Research conducted by SSP revealed that many insurers can not handle the big data that is generated.

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Towers Watson & Vodafone Launch Usage Based Insurance Service

05 Jun 2013

Towers Watson & Vodafone are considered to be professional service companies which developed an alliance in order to offer quality usage based insurance.

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Road Safety is a result of telematic insurance

30 May 2013

Road safety benefits are currently being examined by

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Insurance Telematics expected to boost loyalty within the car insurance industry

16 May 2013

Survey conducted by O2 and YouGov shows that insurance companies will build up loyalty with the customer base.

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Benefits of Usage Based Insurance

14 May 2013

Insurance companies utilize UBI to track the driving habits.

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Wunelli and SSP create the very first private telematic policies

10 May 2013

Private insurance telematics have been created by the partnership between Wunelli and SSP.

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Insurance Telematics Sales Grow for

25 Apr 2013

The number of drivers that are looking for cheaper insurance has increased for

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Insurance Companies to rely on Telematics and Pay As You Drive

23 Apr 2013

The insurance industry is turning its focus onto UBI and Pay As You Drive (PAYD).

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Insurance Telematics 2013 To Host 350 Insurance Industry Leaders

22 Apr 2013

The upcoming Insurance Telematics 2013 Conference is expected to host approximately 350 leaders in the insurance industry.

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New innovator Autoline Insurance

20 Apr 2013

Northern Ireland-based Autoline Insurance Group is now addressing the issue of high cost of car insurance for young drivers and presented its new, telematics-based Road Safety Reward App, intended to ultimately make insurance more affordable for younger drivers.

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Allstate Insurance Telematics Program Available in 16 U.S. States

15 Apr 2013

Drivewise, U.S. Insurer Allstate's usage-based insurance program has been enhanced by six more states. Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota, Maryland, Utah, and Washington State have joined 10 others.

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Telematics-Based ISO Rule Gaining Regulatory Approval

02 Apr 2013

With the GeoMetric rule insurers are able to adjust premium based on where a vehicle is driven most often, not just where it is garaged.

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Italy's Octo Telematics looks for a buyer

30 Mar 2013

(Reuters) - Octo Telematics, an Italy-based company that makes vehicle recording devices for the auto insurance market, is looking for a buyer and will send information to potential bidders in the second part of April, a person close to the matter said.

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AAA NCNU Adds Commercial Policies to Line of Insurance Products

14 Mar 2013

AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah (AAA NCNU) is expanding from its lineup of personal products with the introduction of commercial insurance. Members can insure their business through the same agent with whom they currently insure their home and car. To provide insurance for small- and medium-sized businesses, AAA NCNU has partnered with Lighthouse Risk & Insurance Solutions, a majority owned subsidiary.

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Vodafone and Towers Watson launch telematics usage-based insurance service

05 Mar 2013

Vodafone and Towers Watson, the global professional services company, are moving forward with a strategic alliance to fast-track the development and introduction of telematics usage-based insurance offerings for motor insurance companies operating outside of North America. Also on board is UK insurance company AIG Europe Limited, part of the international group AIG, who has signed up to run a pilot.

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Generali & Telefónica Launched Telematics-based Car Insurance Policy in Spain

10 Feb 2013

Car Insurance provider Generali Seguros and wireless operator Telefónica launched a Pay-How-You-Drive insurance policy ("Pago como conduzco") in Spain offering the potential for customers to benefit from a discount of up to 40% compared to a conventional policy.

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USI Insurance Services Acquires Wick Pilcher Insurance

03 Jan 2013

USI Insurance Services announced the closing of the acquisition of Wick Pilcher Insurance, Inc. based in Phoenix, Ariz. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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Digital Insurance Finalizes Successful Acquisition by Fidelity National Financial Inc.

02 Jan 2013

Digital Insurance Inc., a leader in Advisory Services and Health Care Reform Education in Small and Medium-sized Businesses, announced the completion of its acquisition by Fidelity National Financial (NYSE:FNF), which will allow Digital to accelerate and broaden its market position in the employee benefits arena. As the industry struggles to adapt to new health care reform legislation, Digital has proven to be a front-runner in advisory services and health care reform education for businesses, as well as individuals and families around the nation.

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GEICO offering lowered rates for commercial auto insurance plans in Georgia

01 Dec 2012

GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) offers a new plan for business owners in Georgia: By purchasing coverage directly from the company, clients could save money on commercial auto insurance.

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"Self-installed" insurance telematics launched by Allianz in Italy

22 Nov 2012

Allianz has started to offer telematics services in Italy based on an OBDII dongle fitted by the customer or installed professionally through Carglass service centres. The dongle contains a GPS receiver, movement sensor and GPRS modem.

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Allianz Italy: Self-Installed Consumer Telematics Service Allie

18 Oct 2012

Allianz Italy's new conusmer telematics service Allie offers a number of emergency and security services related to accident assistance, auto theft and car speeding. The dongle, simply to plug into the vehivle's OBDII port, includes a GPRS modem, a GPS and an inertial sensor.

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Allstate tries crowdsourcing to expand "Drive Wise" insurance telematics

21 Sep 2012

Allstate's usage-based insurance product, Drive Wise, will be put to the test by interested employees and Allstate agency owners. The crowdsourcing technique will put the device in the hands of employees and agency owners around the country to identify opportunities to continue enhancing the device as the company looks to expand its telematics footprint.

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Ford and State Farm use SYNC to help cut car insurance costs

20 Jun 2012

Ford and State Farm have joined forces to offer lower insurance premiums for drivers. Using Ford SYNC technology, State Farm insurance is expanding its Drive Safe & Save program.

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Insurance telematics: US state regulators tackle UBI

03 Jun 2012

How insurance telematics vendors can align themselves with various US state regulators to give their solutions the best growth potential, explains Susan Kuchinskas from TU.

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Ford & State Farm Partner on Telematics-based PAYD Insurance

02 Jun 2012

A partnership between Ford and leading U.S. insurer State Farm brings Pay-As-You-Drive insurance to Ford SYNC-equipped drivers. The premiums of State Farm customers with select SYNC-equipped Ford cars can be reduced by using the Vehicle Health Report feature to report their mileage. The standard feature of SYNC is available on 2009 model year and newer vehicles.

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UK: AA launches telematics insurance with stolen vehicle tracking

28 Feb 2012

The AA has launched Drivesafe, a telematics product designed to reward safe drivers with lower premiums.

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89 Million Insurance Telematics Subscribers Globally by 2017

20 Feb 2012

According to ABI research the number of global insurance telematics users will reach 89 million in 2017.

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In-vehicle driver behaviour technology is a fundamental component

15 Feb 2012

Zurich Risk Engineering's motor fleet practice leader, Andy Price, has discussed managing road risk and the impact of driving behaviour technology on the insurance industry on TelematicsUpdate.

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UK: TomTom enters insurance telematics market

15 Feb 2012

TomTom has made a move into the insurance market by providing the technology behind a new insurance product, which bases premiums on driving behaviour.

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eQuoteDirect: Telematics Software Can Benefit Courier Van Insurance

08 Feb 2012

As specialists in the commercial insurance market, eQuoteDirect are trusted insurance brokers, who have responded to the increasing public interest in telematics based protection policies and explain how the sophisticated systems can be particularly beneficial to the couriering industry.

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Motorists with heavy colds 'as bad as drink drivers'

05 Jan 2012

As tests show drivers reaction speeds when having a cold are worse than people who have downed four large whiskies, therefore drivers have been urged not to take to the road in that state.

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Moody’s: Auto Insurers Offering Usage-Based Products Gain Advantage

24 Dec 2011

According to Moody's Investors Service, personal-auto insurers at the forefront in offering usage-based insurance products will gain "a significant competitive advantage" in pricing and policy retention, while companies that don't offer such products may face adverse selection in the future.

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Auto insurers in Europe may use black box technology to set rates

20 Dec 2011

Motor insurers looking for a solution to get around a European ban on charging male drivers more than women are turning to innovative black box technology that could trigger an upheaval in the way car insurance is sold.

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Hartford to enter pay-as-you-drive arena

10 Dec 2011

Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. plans to launch a pilot program next year using onboard telematic devices to price auto insurance. The system, called TrueLane, will roll out in the first half of 2012, according to the president of Hartford's consumer markets division, Andy Napoli.

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Towers Watson: Technology to become important for motor insurers' competitiveness

05 Dec 2011

Technology will become central in terms of competiveness with increasing pressure on insurance companies to support improved driver safety and bring claims inflation and prices under control. As Towers Watson DriveAbility UBI programme director of analytics, Tony Lovick, stated, the recent expansion in companies offering usage-based insurance (UBI) policies with telematics, is putting those companies without at risk of eventually being left with the bad risks.

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Lineker welcomes new telematics brand

29 Nov 2011

A new insurance brand supported by former England footballer Gary Lineker should provide young drivers with better deals. Ingenie, underwritten by Ageas, targets drivers between 17 and 25, who have been priced off the road by rocketing car insurance costs. Using advanced in-vehicle telematics technology to assess individual driving styles, insurance premiums can be adjusted accordingly. Ingenie hopes to incentivise better and safer driving.

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Telematics encourage safer driving

23 Nov 2011

Britain's young drivers are being encouraged to drive more safely thanks to the introduction of telematics technology, according to The Co-operative Insurance. More than a third of drivers are driving in an ‘excellent' way, with a small proportion guilty of ‘poor' driving.

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Telogis expands to insurance market

20 Nov 2011

GPS fleet management software provider, Telogis Inc. has bought a devision of United Technologies Corp, which expands its business in the insurance market. The acquisition, which terms were not disclosed, includes UTC's Onboard Advisor, a loss prevention service offered exclusively by Liberty Mutual Agency Corp. and NavLogix subscription service.

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MyDrive's One-Second-Data Doctrine

05 Nov 2011

According to MyDrive Solutions' CEO, Linden Holliday, telematics became interesting to the insurance companies due to price reduction of monitoring technilogy and recent legislative decisions which cut their ability to individualise charges. Insurance telematics innovations play an helpful role in this context.

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Telematics could replace the need for credit scoring in the future

31 Oct 2011

As the insurance industry's use of predictive analytics evolves, innovations like telematics based "pay as you drive" auto insurance may reduce the need for proxy underwriting factors such as credit scoring.

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'Pay-as-You-Drive' Auto Insurance Raises Privacy Concerns

22 Oct 2011

As the auto insurance industry is heading down with so-called „pay-as-you-drive" insurance rates, based on a monitoring system, privacy concerns are raised. Where Insurers are contend that basing rates on how drivers use their cars can cut rates, privacy advocates call it a Big Brother system.

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Growth of Insurance Telematics in the US

09 Sep 2011

Why usage-based insurance is poised for growth in the US, despite low consumer awareness.

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UBI Regulatory Opportunities in the US

05 Sep 2011

How federal and state regulations can help create new business opportunities for usage-based insurance.

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insurethebox - in-car telematics cuts insurance premiums

05 Sep 2011

Telematics-based online Motor insurer insurethebox has released its first renewal statistics since going live last summer: Most of its policyholders were offered cuts in their insurance premiums compared to last year. Despite a 30% annual rise in car insurance prices generally, some savings came to as much as £800 or more.

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Safe Driving Habits Pay Off for Consumers with Usage-Based Insurance Programs

01 Aug 2011

The driving habits of personal auto consumers are shaping the way carriers price coverage today. Those carriers providing usage-based insurance (UBI) options, including telematic systems or devices to monitor an insured's driving and mileage habits, are finding increased interest from consumers thanks to driver discounts for customers willing to participate.

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German insurers raise concerns over eCall

23 May 2011

According to an article in Financial Times Germany, it seems that a part of the German Insurance industry is up in arms against the proposed eCall legislation by the EC.

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Mobile Telematics: Implications and Opportunities for Insurers

10 Mar 2011

Most insurers have struggled to make telematics, the integrated use of telecommunications and information in cars, an integral part of their core business strategies. For the most part, it was due to the cost of the telematics device or platform and the inability to create compelling value for the consumer that includes sharing driving data as the basis for pricing and underwriting.

Now, with advances in automotive technology and smartphone applications, there is a big opportunity for insurance companies to get in the action...

BLOG @Insurance Networking News

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Insurers Fear eCall for Cars

10 Mar 2011

According to the European Commission, every new vehicle in the future will be equipped with a device which sends an alert in case of a severe accident. Many insurance companies now fear that car manufacturers will use the technology to destroy the insurance's claims management.

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Public Insurers in Germany to Offer Telematics Services

02 Mar 2011

The Public Insurers, Germany's second largest insurance group with a market share of about 11%, have decided to implement telematic services for their members' auto insurance offerings. "Mein CoPilot" (My CoPilot) offers security and safety services like automatic crash notification and stolen vehicle tracking.

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Pay As You Drive Auto Insurance Gains Popularity

28 Feb 2011

Pay-As-You-Drive auto insurance programs are becoming very popular because of saving drivers up to 54% costs according to GMAC. Usage based insurance (PAYD) premiums are calculated dynamically according to a driver's vehicle type and driving style.

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Average American Pays More Than $84,000 for Car Insurance Over Lifetime

08 Feb 2011

The amount of money the average American spends on car insurance over a lifetime adds up to a sizable chunk of change. explains what consumers are paying for, points out where they may be overpaying and provides advice on how to keep that lifetime average to a minimum.

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Zurich North America Launches Fleet Telematics Initiative

25 Jan 2011

Schaumberg, Ill.-based Zurich North America is offering its fleet insurance clients Zurich Fleet Intelligence, a unit that combines telematics data, risk engineering and analytics to help fleet managers manage operating costs.

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UK: Coverbox PAYD insurance uses Quartix telematics units

25 Jan 2011

Quartix has won a major contract to supply Coverbox with its latest vehicle tracking device.

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Consumers Encouraged To Ask About PAYD Programs

11 Jan 2011

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As states across the country continue to look for ways to lessen their residents' impact on the environment, a number of them are looking at the potential of pay-as-you-drive car insurance - also known as PAYD - to reduce traffic and carbon emissions while saving money for a substantial number of policyholders. recommends that consumers ask coverage providers about the availability of PAYD programs in their states and whether using this option could amount to substantial savings.

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More Consumers Are Letting Insurers Monitor Their Mileage

24 Dec 2010

CAR insurance rates have always been based on risk, and risk has usually been measured by the number of miles driven. So drivers often underreport the miles they travel to keep their rates low - at the expense of other drivers. But a form of insurance that requires electronic verification of miles driven, in return for a discount, is gaining popularity. These so-called pay-as-you-drive policies - miles are often tracked through a GPS system in the car - are now offered in more than half of the states and are spreading, albeit slowly, despite privacy concerns.

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US: Cross Country says telematics can bring cost savings to insurers

17 Nov 2010

Leveraging existing automatic crash notification technology in more than 8 million connected vehicles on the road today in North America could generate immediate savings to auto insurers - with little investment - by simply providing earlier notification of a vehicle loss.

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OnStar planning mileage-based insurance discounts

21 Oct 2010

OnStar is in discussions about lining up insurance discounts for its customers as a way to incentivize consumers to keep the $199-plus annual subscription to General Motors' telematics service, President Chris Preuss said.

Read Article Partners With InsureTheBox

18 Oct 2010, the U.K.-based insurance comparison site, is now working with a new partner, InsureTheBox, an innovation in car insurance that uses telematics technology to help calculate annual premiums.

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Intelligent Mechatronic Systems: Insurance telematics

11 Oct 2010

John Reynolds vice president of strategic relations with Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) talks about IMS.

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InsureTheBox Has Alternative View of Young Drivers

26 Sep 2010

Banning newly qualified young drivers from night-time motoring and carrying passengers of a similar age misses the point," comments Mark Grant at insurethebox, an innovative new car insurance option in the U.K.

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Hughes wins new clients for its In-Drive telematics system

22 Sep 2010

Hughes telematics has announced that it has secured client relationships with three industry leaders, including two Fortune 100 companies, for its In-Drive aftermarket solution.

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Telematics: Reinventing Auto Insurance Part III

20 Sep 2010

In our previous entry on telematics, we addressed the opportunities and challenges the industry has faced in adopting telematics, and the measures that will increase the likelihood of success. This article looks at some of the possible business models insurance companies can adopt around telematics.

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Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award Presented to Octo Telematics

13 Sep 2010

The 2010 Frost & Sullivan Europe Growth Leadership Award in Telematics enabled Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is presented to Octo Telematics S.p.A. (Octo). "The company's ability to offer unique UBI based on various algorithms and to balance diverse regional markets by strategically positioning its services has enabled it to remain a market leader for almost three years," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Mohammed Mubarak. "Octo's extensive telematics production line and ability to cater to unique regional needs within the insurance industry are commendable."

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Telematics: Reinventing Auto Insurance Part II

10 Sep 2010

In our first entry on telematics, we noted how it is poised to turn the auto insurance industry's business model on its head. But as the industry faces challenges in implementing telematics - particularly in terms of customer privacy - firms must determine the most compelling propositions before going to market.

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Hughes Telematics Gets $24.4M Contract With Insurance Firm

03 Sep 2010

By citybizlist Staff

ATLANTA -- Hughes Telematics Inc. (NYSE: HTC) expects at least $24.4 million in revenue over the next two years from an agreement to provide in-drive telematics services to an unnamed insurance company's customers, according to an SEC filing.

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Numerex: Telematics is "an emerging and vital trend in the insurance market"

27 Aug 2010

Here's an interview with Rick Burtner, senior vice president and general manager of the Location-Based Services Group at Numerex. He speaks about the future of insurance telematics.

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Sword Group Launches a New Insurance Division

08 Jul 2010

Sword Insurance will focus on software and delivery capabilities in areas including mulit-channel distribution, business intelligence and policy administration.

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EU Launches European Health Insurance Card

06 Jul 2010

The European Health Insurance Card makes it easier for people from the European Union's 27 Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to access healthcare services during temporary visits abroad.

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The MyRate tracking device plugs into a on-board diagnostic system, which can be found under the steering column.

Progressive files suit against Liberty Mutual

21 Jun 2010

MAYFIELD, Ohio -- Progressive Corp. says Liberty Mutual Group has copied its idea for using an in-car monitoring system to help determine auto insurance rates.

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Octo Telematics spins out of MetaSystem

21 Jun 2010

Amadeus Capital Partners, the European technology Investor, has announced its investment in the spin out of Octo Telematics from Italian conglomerate, MetaSystem, who have funded and will continue to supply components to Octo.

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Catlin backs insurethebox - Per mile car cover for monitored new drivers to cut claims

14 Jun 2010

A Catlin-backed motor insurance for new-qualified drivers called insurethebox is now available, charging per mile driven and giving as many as 100 free extra miles a month for the safest drivers.

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UK: "insure the box" insurance launches with Octo Telematics device

01 Jun 2010

insurancethebox provides a motor insurance product which harnesses telematics technology to assess individual driving habits.

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Telematics could be "the most important factor in insurance premium determination"

27 May 2010

TU talks to Rakesh Mishra, vice president of product management at Farmers Insurance

Rakesh Mishra is a pioneer of usage-based insurance (UBI) products in the US personal auto insurance market. His collaboration with product development engineers led to the launch of the first telematics-driven, usage-based auto insurance product in 1998. Among his current priorities is the design of a cost-effective business model to implement pay-as-you-drive insurance products.

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State Farm First to File Pay-As-You-Drive Request in California

22 May 2010

May 22 (Bloomberg) -- State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., the largest U.S. car insurer, is the first to apply to the California regulator to offer pay-as-you-drive coverage in which motorists get discounts for traveling less. The application is under review, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner said yesterday in a statement.

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Peter Lynch to Head LexisNexis Insurance Exchange

21 May 2010

Lynch will lead new alliance formed through The Council for Insurance Agents and Brokers, MarketCore and LexisNexis to improve the efficiency and transparency of the intermediary distribution system.

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Innovative Miles-Based Auto Insurance Program Introduced for U.K. Drivers

20 May 2010

"insurethebox" promises savings and value, particularly for younger and low-mileage drivers

Beginning this week a new variable-priced auto insurance program is being offered to U.K. drivers which promises to revolutionize the way you pay for car insurance. Global economic stressors and other factors have been steadily driving up the cost of buying and owning a car.[i] Insurance is generally considered a fixed cost with respect to vehicle use and according to data published by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, typically the third largest ownership expense, after depreciation and fuel.[ii]

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CREW webcast features telematics, connected car

14 May 2010

The Collision Repair Executieve Webcast (CREW) welcomes David Ferrick, vice president and general manager Insurance Market for Cross Country Automotive Services, a pioneer in creating technology enabled service solutions for the auto and insurance industries.

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Spy in the car rewards the good drivers

10 Apr 2010

The latest pay-as-you-go car insurance launches this week using a satellite black box to monitor how a car is driven and reward careful drivers. The cover from insurance underwriting agency Insure the Box is aimed at motorists who drive a limited number of miles each year, such as school-run mums and second car users. It is expected to be competitive for younger drivers who typically face high premiums.

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Wireless Logic Introduces First Managed Finance Service for the M2M Industry

02 Apr 2010

London, 31st March 2010 - Wireless Logic (, the UK's leading independent M2M connectivity supplier, is today launching Wireless Logic Airtime Finance; an industry first opportunity for companies to gain managed financial support to fund M2M applications and an alternative to traditional finance deals. For the first time, companies will be able to bundle connectivity together with hardware and software costs, into one airtime contract.

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Can Telematics Reinvent Auto Insurance?

25 Mar 2010

We've all experienced the frustration before: An auto insurer asks for some basic information-age, sex, credit score, and driving record-plugs that information into an equation, and voila! Out pops a premium that only vaguely represents how you as a driver really drive.

Wouldn't it be nice if premiums were instead determined by actual performance on the road, with law-abiding, fuel-conscious drivers rewarded with low premiums and those hard-braking, fast-accelerating maniacs stuck with higher ones?

Enter the field of insurance telematics, which proposes to use telecommunication devices to transmit real-time driving data to insurers, who can then glean a more accurate picture of driving behavior and use it to set fairer rates.

As a bonus, insurance agents can use those same devices to offer new services to their customers, like real-time navigation, vehicle diagnostics, and in-car entertainment.

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Is Privacy Worth Sacrificing to Save on Insurance?

23 Mar 2010

New York Times Blog
Wheels - The Nuts & Bolts of Whatever Moves You
March 23, 2010, 2:00 pm


Would you let your insurance company electronically monitor your driving if you knew it might result in a discount?

That is what the insurance industry is trying to figure out. There is a movement to create "pay as you drive" or "usage-based insurance" that would charge people based on not only how many miles they drive, but how they drive those miles.

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Allianz Changing the PAYD Insurance Game

18 Mar 2010

Thanks to Meta Systems and its Octo Telematics subsidiary, the Italian market has become the de facto European proving ground for pay as-you-drive insurance products. Octo Telematics pioneered pay-as-you-drive insurance in Italy and elsewhere in southern Europe with a connectivity box capable of providing tracking and stolen vehicle recovery services.

As a result, it is no surprise that Allianz chose Italy for the launch of its Service Pack and Pay Per Use services more than a year ago. Many insurers in Italy provide PAYD products and services. By some estimates, as many as 800,000 drivers are enrolled in such programs.

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Insurance Telematics: The Game Changer

03 Mar 2010

Mar 3, 2010  01:19 PM ET

By Mike Hales, Joe Reifel, Gang Xu and Andrew Beebe of A.T. Kearney.

Telematics-the integration of global positioning system technology and mobile communications-could dramatically alter the auto insurance industry. From personalized premiums based on individual driving data to automated emergency services and entertainment-based add-ons, telematics has the potential to upend the stable model that has dominated the industry for more than 50 years. The winners will be those early movers that capture the safest drivers, take advantage of pricing power and ease consumers' concerns about privacy. This, the first in a series of three articles, looks at some of the challenges insurance companies have faced adopting telematics, where it has been adopted thus far, and where it might offer the most compelling propositions.

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Matteo Cordero di Montezemolo

Octo Telematics: Montezemolo aims at the crash detectors (MF)

10 Feb 2010

MILAN (AFX) - Which highway traveler in Italy has not heard their information about traffic and road conditions? All regular drivers, but not everyone might know that this information is provided by Octo Telematics, the company that distributes and monitors traffic sensors manufactured by MetaSystem Group in Reggio Emilia.

Well this brand is now for sale and potential buyers are not lacking; beginning with the Fiat and Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and his son Matteo, promoters of Montezemolo & Partners (PGHN.SW - news) sgr, the company that serves as advisor for the Charme family fund.

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Panda's GPS-driven insurance premiums

07 Dec 2009

The Finland-based Panda Group - an acornym for Pohjola, Aplicom, Nokia, Destia and Astarte, has announced a new pilot program testing the use of GPS data to determine insurance premiums and road tolls.

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Jackson National Life Licenses CSC's Business Analytics Software

15 Nov 2009

According to a CSC-source, Michigan-based Jackson National Life Insurance Co. has licensed CSC's Business Analytics software to access and analyze business intelligence information from the carrier's multiple financial service systems. Jackson, a prominent individual annuity writer, will use the software to track key metrics and proactively address rapidly changing market conditions.

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Directed Electronics and Octo Telematics Partner to Provide Telematics Solutions to Automotive Insurance Companies

03 Nov 2009

Vista, California (November 3, 2009) - Directed Electronics, the largest supplier of aftermarket vehicle security and remote start systems in North America, announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Octo Telematics S.p.A., the leading insurance telematics provider in Europe, to develop telematics services for the U.S. and Canadian vehicle insurance markets.

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Expert Interview: Pay-As-You-Drive/Usage-Based Insurance

20 Oct 2009

What are the success factors driving the hot topic of connecting in-vehicle telematics with the insurance industry? The commercial attraction of usage-based insurance schemes is obvious but the obstacle of consumer uncertainty has yet to be conquered. Stephen Longden, ITS & Telematics Specialist at SBD, talks about current developments and trends in Pay As You Drive (PAYD) insurance.

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Octo Telematics consolidates its partnership with UNIQA Group

20 Oct 2009

Octo Telematics is the exclusive partner of UNIQA Group Austria, one of the leading insurance groups in Central Europe, which is currently expanding their new car and motor telematics policies to reach a wider user base.

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California Approves Final PAYD Regulations

16 Oct 2009

Commissioner Poizner announced today that the final pay-as-you-drive regulations, which will enable insurers to offer consumers another auto insurance option, allowing rates to be based on actual miles driven as opposed to estimated miles driven, have been approved by the Office of Administrative Law and are now in effect. Commissioner Poizner originally proposed pay-as-you-drive regulations in September 2008.

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Zurich Financial’s Farmers Unit to Track U.S. Drivers

24 Sep 2009

Farmers Group Inc., the U.S. unit of Zurich Financial Services AG that bought AIG's auto-insurance business in April, plans to lower premiums by charging drivers for coverage by the mile, measuring car usage by iPhone and BlackBerry.

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California issues final PAYD regulations

08 Sep 2009

Steve Poizner, California's Insurance Commissioner, has issued final pay-as-you-drive regulations that will enable insurers to offer vehicle insurance rates based on actual miles driven as opposed to estimated miles driven.

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GE Security teams up with Liberty Mutual Agency Markets

28 Aug 2009

GE Security and Liberty Mutual Agency Markets have partnered to improve fleet operations through the use of web-based technology - Onboard AdvisorTM. Using GE Security's NavLogix software and data from an accelerometer, the new fleet management system enables managers and fleet owners to reduce insurance, fuel and maintenance costs whilst providing an accurate account of the location of each vehicles.

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New Pay How You Drive Motor Policy Could Help Reduce Accidents

21 Aug 2009

An innovative Pay-How-You-Drive motor insurance policy known as PHYD has been launched by Acorn Insurance and Financial Services.

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California Releases New Draft of Pay-As-You-Drive Regulations

04 Aug 2009

"After releasing the last draft of the Pay-As-You-Drive regulations, we received dozens of comments from consumer groups, the insurance industry and other interested parties. After careful consideration of these comments, I have issued revised regulations that will continue to protect the privacy of California drivers while paving the way for insurance companies to offer innovative Pay-As-You-Drive and "price per mile" insurance," Commissioner Steve Poizner said in a statement.

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GMAC Offers Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Discount to Drivers Cutting Back

28 Jul 2009

As people drive less, GMAC Insurance embraces mileage-discount auto insurance in the form of their Low-Mileage Discount program. The program concept is simple: those who drive less, pay less.

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Progressive’s ‘Pay As You Drive’ Rolled Out In 15th State

28 Jul 2009

Progressive Insurance Company has rolled out its version of the “Pay As You Drive” auto insurance program, which the company has named MyRate, in Texas—the 15th state in which the program is available.

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INRIX releases Historical Traffic Speeds for Europe

22 Jul 2009

With the release of INRIX Historical Traffic Speeds for Europe, INRIX has improved routing and travel times by using crowd-sourced data. Designed for mobile and vehicle-based navigation systems, the application encompasses accurate speed information for more than 420,000 km of roadway networks in Germany, France, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

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Progressive's MyRate Plan Pegs Customers' Driving Style To Rates

17 Jun 2009

The Hartford Courant -- Drivers who keep their lead foot off the gas and quit jamming on the brakes could steer their way to savings on auto insurance through a program that a major insurer has just expanded to Connecticut. Progressive's MyRate plan, already offered in 14 other states, is a voluntary program for consumers who don't mind a little blue box in their vehicle that tracks their driving style and tattles to the insurer.

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PAYD Insurance in 13 State Climate Change Emissions Plans

05 Jun 2009

The New American Foundation's compendium of 33 state climate action plans shows that 12 of 33 states plan explicitly cover PAYD Insurance.

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An act relating usage-based rating factors for motor vehicle insurance

19 May 2009

Washington, - Insurers are permitted to develop and sell usage-based insurance if the insurance is approved by the Commissioner.

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New Insurance Policies Target Young Drivers in Belgium: Octo Telematics contracts with P&V Group for “Vivium” and “P&V”

17 Jan 2009

Octo Telematics has signed an agreement with P&V Group in Belgium for the provision of cutting-edge insurance telematics applications for new motor insurance policies dedicated to young drivers. Octo Telematics is a MetaSystem Group company specialising in the provision of telematics services and systems, mainly for the insurance and automotive market, with over 700,000 subscribers to its services. With this new contract the company now supports 38 insurance clients - including all of the top five European Insurance Groups and leads the European automotive insurance telematics industry with an 80% market share.

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Marelli, Octo Telematics and Meta System define a single standard for motor vehicle insurance telematic services

11 Dec 2008

The three companies will also make available the insurance telematic services of Octo Telematics through Magneti Marelli's infotelematic platform.

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Connecting usage-based insurance with OE telematics

12 Nov 2008

SBD published a new report giving answers to usage-based insurance business models.

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Octo & Cesar Telematics Russia founded

29 Oct 2008

Moscow, October 29th, 2008 – Octo Telematics, a MetaSystem Group company and global market leader in research, development and management of cutting-edge telematics applications for auto insurance, and Cesar Satellite, the Russian market leader in satellite surveillance services and vehicle theft prevention, announced today the formation of Octo & Cesar Telematics Russia.

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Click the link below to read the story and watch the video.

Does 'Pay as you drive' insurance violate privacy?

20 Oct 2008

If the cost of filling up has you driving less, listen up.  As the price at the pump goes up, so do the amount of drivers looking to lower their mileage. 
Problem is whether you're driving 50 miles or 50,000 miles you're still paying the same amount for car insurance. 
Your insurance company may be offering something new.  It's called pay-as-you-drive insurance, and as the name suggests some drivers could save big bucks.    

But buyer beware, the latest way to save could potentially violate your privacy...


Consumer alerts article explores the controversy!

Addressing the Problem of Driving While Distracted

13 Oct 2008  

DriveAssist's Innovation Helps to Eliminate Temptation of the Number One Driver Distraction - Talking and Texting on Cell Phones

October 13, 2008 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time 

COLUMBUS, Ohio--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Aegis Mobility announced today an exclusive partnership to tackle the growing problem of distracted driving with the first of its kind cell phone technology, which empowers consumers to manage the distraction of cell phones or text messaging devices while a vehicle is in motion. Aegis Mobility's DriveAssistTM automatically detects the onset of driving and enables parents and corporations to stay in touch with their teens or employees while minimizing cell phone use when driving. Nationwide Insurance® plans to offer an auto insurance discount for policyholders who sign up to use DriveAssistTM.

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Ditched Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Set for Revival?

06 Oct 2008

It's not the end of the road just yet... even though Norwich Union paused their PAYD program, it was highly successful. Customers were seeing an average redection in premiums of 30 per cent, while Norwich Union saw a 30 per cent reduction in claims. High start-up and product costs were leading to this decision.

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New Insurance Partnerships for Octo Telematics

01 Oct 2008

Octo Telematics, a MetaSystem Group company, both forerunner and global market leader in research, development and management of insurance telematics applications for the automotive sector, announces new agreements for the provision of cutting-edge insurance telematics applications in France with Amaline Assurances, a Groupama company and Aviva. With these two partners, the company is now doing business with 36 client-insurance companies worldwide.

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New Study: Insurance Products for the Next Generation

24 Sep 2008

ZURICH: Finance News | Wednesday, 24 September 2008 10:32

Increased competition and the growing need for individualized and customized insurance products require groundbreaking innovations. Against this background, Accenture along with the “I-Lab,” a joint research initiative of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, the University of St. Gallen (HSG), and the insurance industry, has released a study on the importance of new technologies in the insurance sector.

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Australian Insurer Launches Mileage-Only Pay-Per-Drive Program

23 Sep 2008

Real Insurance's trust-based PAYD program bypasses stubborn privacy and technology cost barriers.  

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Getting Privacy Right in Pay-Per-Drive

19 Sep 2008

By Anthony O'Donnell
Sep 19, 2008 at 08:44 AM ET

Our recent report on Real Insurance's mileage-only pay-per-drive policy raised, once again, the question of what it will take to get drivers to use such programs. Industry observers have predicted the resurgence of telematics (the monitoring of driver behavior via telemetry) but privacy concerns continue to shape insurers' pay-per-drive strategy, as the Real Insurance example demonstrates. The Australian insurer bypasses the "Big Brother" fears associated with telematics-based pay-per-drive programs by dispensing with telemetry all together and relying instead on customer-reported mileage alone.

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New Market Analysis Shows Pay-As-You-Drive Service Gaining Acceptance in Europe

18 Sep 2008

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) service is gaining increasing acceptance in Europe as it has significantly brought down the insurance premium for drivers. PAYD was first introduced as a measure to reduce insurance fraud and having proved its insurance premium benefits for the end customers, the insurance companies are now emphasising on the benefit of reducing the emission and improving the road safety.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, An Update of European Markets for Telematics-Based Pay-As-You-Drive Vehicle Insurance, finds that the market earned revenues of €18.64 million in 2007 and estimates this to reach $141.81 million in 2015.

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ABI Research identifies 10 reasons why the insurance industry should care about telematics

28 Aug 2008

Tobias Ryberg, senior anylist at Berg Insight, gives ten good reasons why insurers should care about telematics:

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High-tech monitors help safe drivers save on insurance

29 Jul 2008

A high-tech monitoring device makes it possible to reduce insurance premiums for drivers who avoid jackrabbit starts and slam-on-the-brakes stops, an insurance company says. Auto insurer Progressive Corp. has begun offering its drivers the chance to cut their costs based on how they actually drive, not only on their age, credit score and number of tickets or accidents on their record.

EMB Urges Auto Insurers to Get on Board the Usage-Based Trend

28 Jul 2008

If EMB is right, usage-based insurance will become the industry standard in the next five years.

So, the global actuarial consulting firm is urging auto insurers now to adopt this method, which measures actual driving behavior and allows insurers to develop more reliable rates.

While drivers get to enjoy lower rates, auto insurers will reap the benefits of greater customer loyalty and client retention.

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Pay-as-you-drive insurance is catching on

28 Jul 2008

Insurers are beginning to offer auto-insurance plans that charge motorists based on the number of miles driven. Some of these ‘pay-as-you' drive programs, which involve tracking the vehicle with an on-board monitoring device, would also charge drivers based on how abruptly they brake and accelerate. Two large U.S. insurers currently offer pay-as-you-drive discounts.

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Telematics Speaks the Insurers' Language

25 Jul 2008

How can the insurance sector profit directly from using the telematics data from a FMS system? According to Alex Hall, senior consultant at Total Systems, provider of IT services to the insurance sector, building up a detailed picture of information to enable more exact rating, underwriting and risk management, benefits both policyholder and insurer by allowing a better insurance package with more competitive premiums, lower admin costs (e.g. motor insurance database compliance), reduced claims costs and quicker response times.

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VDO solution for collision investigators

23 Jul 2008

VDO DTCOscope announced to give collision investigators access to and the ability to date from any make of digital tachograph.

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French Insurer goes “Pay as you drive”

14 Jul 2008

Octo Telematics signed an agreement with French Group Goupama's new company Amaline Assurances to provide vehicle telematic solutions via web or phone.

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Norwich Union stops 'pay as you drive' - while the Market is increasing

18 Jun 2008

Norwich Union has suspended its mileage-based insurance scheme less than two years after it was launched, says BBC. But the UK insurance company has multiple telematics- and insurance-related projects on the go.  PAYD was just one of them, with IBM infrastructure and TrafficMaster devices. The other - a fleet product - is actually pretty successful.

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Octo Telematics reaches 590.000 active Telematic customers

15 Jun 2008

ERTICO - ITS Europe Partner Octo Telematics (MetaSystem Group) can now boast over 590,000 active customers of its on-board Telematics System in only three years. The service is in full deployment stage in Italy, Spain, UK, and Austria. Several insurance companies and carmakers are using Octo Telematics technology for Pay As You Drive, Pay Per Use, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Remote Diagnostic.

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16 May 2008

MORE TH>N has launched a revolutionary new insurance scheme that uses Formula 1-style in-car telemetry to help British motorists drive in a greener, more efficient and economical way

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IRIS – Global to win „European Risk Management Product of the Year 2008”

22 Apr 2008

IRIS - Global wins "Product of the Year 2008" at the European Risk Management Awards in Paris because of its innovative "PAY AS YOU DRIVE" Personalized Insurance and Fleet Risk Management System.

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Telematic insurance gains popularity among fleets

09 Apr 2008

The increasing interest of fleets in using telematics systems is caused by the intention to reduce insurance costs.

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IMS to announce iPaid (TM)

03 Apr 2008

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS) recently presented a usage-based insurance pilot programm in North America and the United Kingdom: iPaid (TM). The GPS related pilot offers the media, advocacy groups and government policy makers the possibilty to prove the effectiveness of UBI in driver safety, insurance coverage and pollution control.

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After Only Three Years, OCTO Telematics Obtains its 500,000th Customer

03 Mar 2008

ROME, February 28 - By using position tracking systems to calculate use-optimised motor vehicle insurance premiums, the Italian company OCTO Telematics has won 500,000 customers in only three years. At the CeBIT in Hanover, the follow-up products, such as personal CO2 meter for drivers and the use of traffic data for navigation systems will be displayed.

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The Managed Competition Celebrated Progressive's Move

03 Mar 2008

Progressive Insurance, which is the third-largest vehicle insurer in the U.S., wants to enter the market in Massachusetts with a new managed competition system.

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The safer you drive, the more you pay

29 Feb 2008

BOSTON - The issue "Insurance Telematics", above all "Pay-As-You-Drive" is getting even more discussed. The insurance rates are calculated by the facts how often you drive which distance without having an accident.

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SmartServices by GMAC

29 Feb 2008

The GMAC Insurance Group is one of the biggest insurers in the U.S. Now they set up a new service for car drivers.

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$4.5 Billion Reduction In Premiums

28 Feb 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota – State Farm has been cutting the insurance rates in ten U.S. states since 2003. In this four-year period $4.5 billion had been economised.

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Winter Causes Damages

28 Feb 2008

WISCONSIN - The strong winter causes car accidents and claims. Insurences have to deal with problems like ice storms, rain, periods of rapid thawing and freezing.

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NAMIC: Against Anti-Insurance Scoring Measure

28 Feb 2008

WASHINGTON, Connecticut – The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) investigates the use of credit-based insurance scores.

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Insurance Companies: Changing Global Economy

25 Feb 2008

China is one of the world’s biggest exporters. Not only the textile and apparel business is important anymore, furthermore the electronic industry, mostly the automotive part is growing recently.

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