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How dashcams can help stop crash scams.

26 Apr 2015

A "dashcam" is an on-board video camera incorporated into a vehicle. It starts filming when the driver starts his car and records journeys on a continuous loop on a built-in memory with footage commonly used to determine liability in the event of an accident.

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Tata Steel launches new automotive steel for crash-protection

05 Aug 2014

Today August 4th Tata Steel launched an innovative high-strength steel product which will make it able for automotive manufacturers to make lighter components and create relatively complex shapes.

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InventHelp Inventor Designs Enhanced Vehicle Expressions (LAX-481)

21 Jul 2014

The RUANOS ILLUMINATING DIGITAL EXPRESSIONS allows a motorist to personalize a vehicle and communicate with other drivers.

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Telekom to install Black Boxes for Allianz Insurance.

14 Jul 2014

With German insurer Allianz the telematics black box is finding its way into more and more cars.

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Mobile Insurance Telematics Platform Launched By TCS Insurance

10 Jan 2014

TCS Telematics Solution will utilize a mobile application that converts a smartphone into a telematics device.

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Insurance Telematics Application Released: Direct Drive

26 Nov 2013

The new insurance telematics application called DirectDrive will monitor driving habits and allow motorists to save money.

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Digicore & Novatel Wireless sign agreement for advanced MT Telematics device

21 Oct 2013

Novatel Wireless will provide Digicore with with the insurance telematics device.

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Novatel Wireless ships out MT 3060 Telematics Solution

14 Oct 2013

Novatel recently announced that the telematics solution MT 3060 has begun to be shipped out.

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eCall crash test takes place in Czech Republic

30 Sep 2013

The Czech Republic is considered to be the main partner as the eCall system is tested.

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eCall Service Nearly One Step Away From European Mandate

22 Jun 2013

The European Commission proposed that the eCall service be installed in every car.

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IMS DriveSync Introduces Connected Car Technology

08 Jun 2013

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems unveiled a DriveSync solution at a telematics conference in Detroit.

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Ingenie Utilizes SAS Telematic Devices

31 May 2013

The auto insurer called Ingenie chooses SAS in order to analyze the data of drivers.

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Older Drivers To Benefit From Black Boxes

23 May 2013

Young drivers are not the only group that will benefit from insurance telematics.

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Institute of Advanced Motoring Want Black Boxes to Stay

15 May 2013

Black boxes (Insurance Telematics) to become norm for young drivers.

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Navigil launches tracking devices for usage based insurance

10 May 2013

Navigil is known for manufacturing rebrandable and programmable tracking devices.

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Solar Roadway to undergo first trial

06 May 2013

The road in North Idaho will literally be constructed out of solar panels and road charging will most likely not be needed.

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Telit Solutions & Pay Go System Unite to Utilize Module Technology

04 May 2013

Pay Go's System will utilize Telits Cellular Module Technology for its Usage Based Insurance.

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BMW adds new safety addition called eCall

26 Apr 2013

The new service will immediately contact the EMS during an accident.

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HP expands pay per use pricing and multifunction capabilities

23 Apr 2013

T Series models of the Designjet will benefit from the pay per use pricing.

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Garmin Launches Connected PND for Telematics

03 Apr 2013

With the addition of its first portable fleet tracking system, fleet 590, Garmin expanded its portfolio of telematics solution. The 5-inch PND integrates a black box (3G cellular modem), cable and antenna with Garmin's user-interface and can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

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Rocky Mountain Tracking: Flex Payment Program for GPS Fleet Tracking

19 Oct 2012

Rocky Moutain Tracking has announced its new Flex Plan for its Informer Lite GPS fleet tracking devices to make locating more economical as a win-win situation for both the company and the customer. Qualifying customers can expect subscriber discounts and free hardware.

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HondaLink Connected Car System Powered by Harman’s Aha

19 Jul 2012

Honda has finally presented its new in-vehicle connectivity system Honda-Link powered by Harman's Aha that will debut this fall on the new 2013 Honda Accord. The smartphone application gives owners the possibility to preset content on their phone that is accessible via voice recognition, steering-wheel mounted controls and in-dash audio system controls when sitting in the car.

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Invensense Claims World’s Smallest Six-axis Motion Tracking Device

04 Jul 2012

The new six axis motion tracking module by MEMS vendor Invensense claims to be the smallest worldwide. "Reducing size by 45% and power consumption by nearly 60% vs. the nearest competitor", the MPU-6500 integrates 3-axis gyroscope plus 3-axis accelerometer in a 3x3x0.9mm QFN package.

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Intel Working on Black Box for Your Car

08 Jul 2010

Toyota's woes with recalls and mysterious acceleration problems may turn out to be a boon to tech companies like Intel, which already has its sights set on getting into your next car.

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Gemalto acquires Cinterion, the global leader in Machine-to-Machine

02 Jul 2010

Combining Cinterion's wireless modules expertise with Gemalto's "over the air" platforms will accelerate the deployment of "Smart Machines" Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces today the acquisition of Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH (CWM).

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Denso and Cinteron demonstrate eCall in Spain

31 May 2010

Cinteron Wireless Modules, maker of M2M communication modules, together with DENSO International Europe, demonstrated (on May 5th) an eCall solution in Madrid, Spain that meets the future standards of the European eSafety initiatieve.

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EU: SISTER project to demonstrate use of satellite comms for eCall

19 May 2010

At an open workshop on 26-27 May in Brussels, the EC-funded SISTER (Satcoms in Support of Transport on European Roads) project will present and show the use of satellite communcation in ITS applications such as:

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European eCall platform will boost eCall deployment across Europe

14 May 2010

The European eCall platform wants to bring all major stakeholders together to synchronise their activities, which would make the deployment of eCall at national and European level faster.

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Telit integrates eCall in-band modem capability into GE864-Quad-Automotive V2 module

25 Mar 2010

Rome, 25 March 2010 - Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading global supplier of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and a subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC, has declared the successful implementation of eCall in-band modem capability into its GE864-Quad-Automotive V2 module. eCall is the EU-driven pan-European vehicle emergency call system which will greatly reduce emergency services response times. Telit's worldwide customers in the telematics and automotive industry will benefit from integrated eCall functionality in all ruggedized GE864-Quad-Automotive V2 modules as the most economical overall solution in the market. 

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Garmin & Asus introduce nüvifone™ M20 and G60

19 Feb 2009

Garmin and Asus have announced the release of their co-branded nüvifone M20 and nüvifone G60 smartphones.

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Garmin and ASUS to create line of co–branded LBS-centric mobile phones

06 Feb 2009

To leverage the companies' navigation and mobile technology expertise, Garmin and ASUSTeK Computer agreed on a strategic alliance to design, manufacture and distribute co-branded location-centric mobile phones. Already cooperated on a diverse mobile phone product line, the Garmin-Asus nüvifoneTM series, the companies expect to bring to market several Garmin-Asus nüvifone models in 2009.

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SVOX acquires Siemens’ Speech Processing uni

27 Jan 2009

SVOX has acquired the Professional Speech Processing Group, including all of Siemens' speech technology-related IP developed over the past 25 years and the SpeechAdvanceTM speech recognition products and more than sixty patent families.

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‘Travolution’ project gets the green light

29 Sep 2008

A new traffic management system developed with Audi by traffic management experts in Ingolstadt, Germany, support enables communication between cars and traffic lights to reduce stop-start inefficiency.

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Combi-Module Could Bring Tolling to All Roads

03 Sep 2008

Siemens Mobility and NXP Semiconductors have developed a new technology enabling counties and municipalities to charge tolls on every highway.

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Lenovo launches GPS-enabled laptops for SMB market

25 Jul 2008

The new generation of Lenovo laptops is dedicated to the small and medium business (SMB) market featuring a GPS embedded into a broadband connectivity module from Ericsson. The SL series notebooks start at $799 and are available immediately with an AT&T broadband trial SIM card in the US.

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Giorgio Maldini, from MetaSystem Group, discusses the Clear Box

'Clear Box' Paves the Way for Customized Insurance Billing

25 Jul 2008

Insurance companies have a unique way of preventing fraud and customizing drivers' costs, thanks to an aftermarket telematics solution that a Northern Italian manufacturer plans to introduce to the U.S. market early next year.

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Impinj acquires Intel’s RFID operation

10 Jul 2008

Impinj expands its product portfolio and acquires Intel Corp's RFID operation for an undisclosed sum.

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Consumer Telematics Hardware and Services Revenue Will Reach $41 Billion by 2013

02 Apr 2008

After several years of moderate growth, consumer telematics solutions are expected to become very popular in the future as drivers start to appreciate the advantages of GPS and cellular communication technology for improved safety, comfort and entertainment.

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By 2013 More Than 30 Million On-Board Telematics Devices Will Be Shipped

20 Mar 2008

The popularity of consumer telematics systems is steadily growing due to the rising awareness of car drivers, car manufacturers, telematics service provider and goverments. Built into new cars more than 30 million on-board telematics units will be shipped by 2013, which represents a penetration of nearly 44%.

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TomTom: IQ RoutesTM on TomTom GO 930T

11 Mar 2008

The new IQ RoutesTM technology is based on actual average speeds, which are based on anonymous speed profiles from TomTom consumer.

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