Ordnance Survey has it's head in the space

17 Feb 2016

British mapping agency Ordnance Survey (OS) has released an easy-to-read map of terrain from the planet Mars.

OS used Open data published by Nasa to create the map. Afterwards it has been posted on the OS Flickr account. It was the first time that OS has produced a map of territory from another planet.

It has also been printed in a one-off edition for a British scientist helping to plan the landing of a rover on Mars in 2019.

The catographer behind the map is Chris Wesson. He said, it was quite hard to actually understand the data itself in terms of things like the elevation and the scale and so on.But according to Wesson, the physical process was almost identical to what was used to make an Earth map, or any OS map.

The map itself covers roughly 10 million sq km (3.8 million sq miles) - or about 7% of the total Martian surface.