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Ordnance Survey has it's head in the space

17 Feb 2016

British mapping agency Ordnance Survey (OS) has released an easy-to-read map of terrain from the planet Mars.

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"Here" is there!

11 Dec 2015

Automakers Audi, BMW and Daimler presented their vision for a new communal acquisition, map-making company Here.

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12 Nov 2015

Google's Maps application now officially supports offline mode for your preferred areas. The ANDROID Version is already available, IOS is cominig soon.

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Agreement: BMW, Audi and Daimler buy Nokia Here

31 Aug 2015

Three German automakers signaled their commitment to automated cars this month with an agreement to buy mapping technology "Nokia Here" for just over $3 billion.

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Mercedes, BMW and Audi Join Forces to Get Nokia HERE Mapping Technology

22 Aug 2015

Lately, there have been talks that the three giants in the luxury car market, namely Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, were racing to acquire the HERE digital mapping technology of Nokia (as we reported). The system is seen by the luxury automakers as a crucial element in their development of self driving cars.

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Deal getting serious: Audi, BMW and Daimler Near to Buy Nokia Mapping Service

23 Jul 2015

German Car makers see potential for location-based services to become new revenue stream. To this end, the deal is consistent with the strategy of the operators to break into new market segments.

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Bosch, TomTom Join Forces to Develop Digital Maps for Self-Driving Cars

20 Jul 2015

German auto supplier Bosch GmbH and the Dutch digital mapping company TomTom are planning a really interesting strategic move from them, and we can see why they are doing it.

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Google Maps adds closing times so that you will not find yourself in front of closed doors.

23 Jun 2015

Google Maps has just added a clever new feature that will alert users about the cloning times of their destination so that you will not find yourself in front of closed doors.

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In-Depth Analysis on Global Digital Map Market 2015-2019

05 Jun 2015

Global Digital Map Market 2015-2019 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. The analysts predict that the global digital map market to grow at a CAGR of 11.07 percent over the period 2014-2019.

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Digital maps are changing the way we understand our world

04 Dec 2014

The way we use maps is changing as wel as the navigation. And all because of little black rectangles in our pockets. What was thought as science fiction decades ago is now a 'normal' part of everyday usage. But but at what cost? Mike Duggan, researcher in Cultural Geography at Royal Holloway has been researching how digital technologies change our experiences of everyday places. Read his results here.

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Orbit GT releases Mobile Mapping Publisher 11.0

26 Sep 2014

GTOrbit GeoSpatial Technologies just announced the availability of "Mobile Mapping Publisher" version 11.0. The Publisher will become available shortly.

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Car Insurance Rates Finder for California Agencies Added to National Tool at Insurer Portal Online

15 Sep 2014

Locating agencies in California that are discounting different policies for vehicle insurance is now easier at the Quotes Pros website. From now on the portal offers a car insurance rates finder for drivers this year.

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Sanborn Refreshes 3-D Digital Maps of Four Major U.S. Cities

25 Jun 2014

The Sanborn Map Company announces a key upgrade to its world-class 3-D geospatial product line with updated coverage of the Dallas,New York, Phoenix and San Francisco metropolitan areas.

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AT&T: LBS Against Credit Card Fraud

05 Jun 2014

In summer AT&T, an U.S. wireless operator, will start a pilot project using the location of mobile subscribers to help detect fraud in credit card transactions. To be available in more than 150 countries the service is expected to be deployed to AT&T enterprise customers later this year.

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Insurance policies adopt telematic features

16 Oct 2013

Many insurance policies have adopted telematics as it has increased nearly seven fold over the past 2 years.

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Volvo Tests Road Charging Grounds

18 Jun 2013

The need for batteries can be a thing of the past with roads that serve as charging grounds.

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Pilot Program To Track Motorcycle Use In Saskatchewan

05 Jun 2013

The brand new pilot program will track the motorcycle use in order to adjust insurance rates.

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Mercedes Benz Implements QR Codes To Save Crash Victims

31 May 2013

Quick Response codes will be utilized to show drivers how to escape during a car crash.

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Insurers to Provide StreetOwl Application

12 May 2013

Progressive and similar insurers will allow easy access to pay as you drive insurance options through StreetOwl application.

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Next Generation of Telematics released by Lysanda

10 May 2013

The integrated insurance telematics is considered to be ground breaking according to Lysanda.

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Nokia rebrands location and mapping services as HERE

10 Dec 2012

Nokia has rebranded its location and mapping services as HERE, a location cloud to deliver maps and location experiences across screens and operating systems. Nokia says the new brand, HERE, aims to inspire a new generation of location services and devices that make the mobile experience more personally significant for people erverywhere.

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PSA chooses TomTom for navigation software, traffic and maps

18 Sep 2012

PSA Peugeot Citroen (PSA) has choosen TomTom as the global provider of location and navigation content and services for its infotainment system. Beginning 2015, Peugeot and Citroen customers will be able to enjoy an exceptional navigation experience powered by the highest quality maps, award-winning real time traffic service, TomTom HD Traffic, and superior navigation software.

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EU: TomTom offers free daily map changes on all devices

13 Jul 2012

From now on, TomTom is enabling all of its 60 million portable navigation devices to receive free daily map changes via the TomTom Map Share community.

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Renault R-Link to use TomTom navi: 1.3 million Carminat TomTom systems sold to date

27 Mar 2012

TomTom has announced it will partner with Renault to supply the navigation in the upcoming R-Link. R-Link is Renault's brand new integrated, connected multi-media system. R-Link features a large seven-inch display; steering wheel mounted controls and speech recognition and integrated connectivity. Zoe is the first Renault car model to be equipped with R-Link.

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EU: Toyota launches TPEG over DAB traffic and travel services

16 Mar 2012

Toyota has become the first manufacturer in the UK to provide TPEG digital traffic information service.

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MapQuest integrates INRIX real-time traffic camera images into its maps

09 Mar 2012

MapQuest has integrated traffic and road condition cameras into its online maps and directions. Images for the new feature come from the company's partner, Inrix, and will feature real-time footage from more than 11,000 cameras, with the majority being updated within a couple of minutes.

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ATX uses TCS for Hyundai BlueLink's connected navi services

25 Jan 2011

ATX and Telecommunication Systems (TCS) have announced a partnership to provide turnkey network solutions to Hyundai Motor America's new BlueLink telematics program utilizing turn-by-turn navigation from TCS.

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TomTom talks about expansion into India, China and Brazil

17 Jan 2011

According to a recent Reuters article, Dutch navigation device maker TomTom expects more deals with car producers and will increase its workforce by about 14 percent next year as it seeks market share in Asia, its chief executive told a Dutch paper.

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US: NAVTEQ adds new features to route planning service - TrafficOne

28 Dec 2010

NAVTEQ has announced the launch of the next generation NAVTEQ TrafficOne, its web-based map, traffic, commuter and trip planning service widely used throughout the North American broadcast industry.

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US: Navigon launches Android navi app with augmented reality

10 Nov 2010

Navigon has announced the release of its MobileNavigator for the Android platform. The MobileNavigator is one of the first onboard navigation apps for Android from a major navigation company.

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Telmap announces first navi app for Windows Phone 7

10 Nov 2010

Telmap has announced the availability of the first search, mapping and navigation solution for the new Windows Phone 7 operating system.

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France: ViaMichelin expands traffic coverage

21 Oct 2010

ViaMichelin displays current traffic information covering the whole of France on its web portal. This service is also available as iPhone application.

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US: Sony and TomTom team up for in-dash navigation

08 Oct 2010

Sony recently announced its first in-dash car navigation systems for the U.S. market, featuring technology powered by TomTom.

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TomTom updates digital map database

06 Oct 2010

TomTom has announced the latest release of its digital map database Multinet.

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Dealing with the threat from aftermarket navigation in China

27 Sep 2010

The aftermarket embedded navigation industry emerged in China to supply look-alike navigation systems for a fraction of the price of OE systems.

This industry is evolving quickly as consumer demand for feature-rich in-car navigation and infotainment grows.


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Japan: Google launches free navigation

23 Sep 2010

Google Japan recently announced "Google Map Navi", a charge-free car navigation service that can be used with Android-based mobile phones.

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Argentina: NAVTEQ acquires map maker NAVKEY

09 Sep 2010

NAVTEQ has announced that it has acquired NAVKEY, the leading provider of digital map data for the Personal Navigation Device (PND) market in Argentina. The acquisition will provide NAVTEQ with full use and rights to NAVKEY's digital map assets licensed under the NAVIAR brand.

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NAVTEQ working on street-level imagery product: Journey View

06 Sep 2010

NAVTEQ has announced a private beta program to preview NAVTEQ JourneyView, in preparation for general availability of the product in early 2011. In the private beta, customers will have the opportunity to preview the data and provide feedback that will ultimately influence final product specifications.

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Free navigation to account to 70% of total in USA & EU by 2014

24 Aug 2010

According to a recently published report by international automotive analysts SBD, navigation software is rapidly becoming a commodity in Europe and USA, which will lead to standard fit-navigation on smartphones accounting for over 70% of all navigation systems shipped in 2014.

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The European Commission launches an action plan for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), while NAVTEQ expands traffic data

08 Jul 2010

The European Commission adopted an action plan for the European telematics industry to take full advantage of Europe's new Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Galileo and EGNOS. The latter was launched in October 2009 and can offer satellite navigation signals up to ten times more precise than GPS. The Commission believes the downstream market worth of its satellite navigation programs to be $100 billion.

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Australia: InTelematics to offer predictive traffic info

28 Jun 2010

InTelematics Australia has developed one of the country's largest traffic databases to help local motorists and planners better predict travel times.

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Online Access To Data On Car Accidents Across The Country

17 Jun 2010

Since 27 May 2010, the Traffic Division of the Greek Police has been publishing daily information on the deadly, serious and minor car accidents across the country in the "Public Data" sections of its website.

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AND launches digital maps of the US

15 Jun 2010

AND (Automotive Navigation Data, the Dutch developer of digital mapping data) has released their first map of the USA. The full digital map of the USA is now available for commercial use. The map is optimized for geocoding.

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US: app with Bing Maps for car park info

14 Jun 2010

The parking finder application allows users to access nearby parking facilities on Bing Maps.

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Google drops Tele Atlas

05 Jan 2010

In favor of their own navigation system free offered on Android phones, Google dropped its partner in turn-by-türn
navigation, Tele Atlas.

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Tele Atlas to add 3D data to its maps using Intermap

10 Nov 2009

Worldwide leading 3D digital mapping company, Intermap Technologies, has signed an agreement with Tele Atlas stipulating Intermap to deliver uniform 3D elevation data derived from its 5-meter posted NEXTMap countrywide digital map database.

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Expanded NAVTEQ map coverage in India

11 Sep 2009

NAVTEQ expands its coverage for India, from more than 40 cities to 84 cities.

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ORTEC and NAVTEQ to develop Congestion Patterns module

26 Aug 2009

ORTEC is updating its congestion module for its ORTEC TD routing and scheduling solution in co-operation with NAVTEQ.

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In-dash mobile nav growth beats portable navigation

25 Aug 2009

Even as the most popular market segment, portable navigation, takes a back seat in sales, in-dash mobile navigation is continuing to see growth.

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Trafficmaster and IBM develop smarter driving solution

19 Aug 2009

By analyzing driver data in more depth, IBM and Trafficmaster are trying to help motorists spend less time in traffic.

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TWIG launches real-time GPS tracking

04 Aug 2009

According to an announcement of TWIG Mobile Telematics, GPS real-time tracking will be available on all its TWIG safety and tracking devices as well as the TWIG WebFinder service

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infoUSA and Microsoft renew licensing agreement

27 Jul 2009

Renewing its licence agreement to use infoUSA's premium local search content in Bing, Microsoft will integrate the content as part of Bing Local and Bing 411 - Microsoft's free service for local search and more.

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AvMap extends agreement with Tele Atlas

16 Jun 2009

Tele Atlas and AvMap have agreed on a three-year extension on their existing agreement. AvMap is expected to equip its complete range of PNDs and navigation products with Tele Atlas digital maps.

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NAVTEQ launches speed & red light camera locations in US

08 Jun 2009

Illinois-based GIS provider NAVTEQ has announced that speed and red light camera locations are now available for the NAVTEQ® map of North America.

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Lonely Planet added to NAVTEQ: Travel Guide

12 May 2009

A new travel guide initially covering Austrialia and New Zealand was subject in a global content agreement between NAVTEQ and Lonely Planet. The guide will cover nineteen cities in Australia and New Zealand, with coverage of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand to follow soon thereafter.

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Family Safety and Security Continues to be a Key LBS Application Area for Networks

24 Apr 2009

AT&T has announced, that it's FamilyMap family locator service underscores the realization on the part of network operators that having a comprehensive set of LBS offerings that address core subscriber concerns is critical to maintaining market share.

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Mapmaker AND expects spectacular growth for 2009

21 Apr 2009

AND International Publishers expects its sales to triple and profit to increase five-fold in 2009, based on a recently signed licence agreement with a US company for the use of its maps of Western Europe.

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NAVTEQ affected by economic downturn

21 Apr 2009

With the announcement of its financial results for the first quarter 2009, Nokia unveiled the performance of its subsidiary, digital map maker NAVTEQ. "[in the] first quarter 2009 NAVTEQ net sales decreased 36% sequentially to EUR 132 million, compared with EUR 205 million in the fourth quarter 2008, reflecting a sharp decline in demand for auto navigation systems and mobile navigation devices due to the challenging macroeconomic environment, and destocking," stated Nokia's press release.

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NAVTEQ and TeleNav sign multi-year multi-country agreement

14 Apr 2009

Wirless service provider TeleNav has signed an agreement with NAVTEQ that includes expanded international map data coverage.

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TomTom and Advantage deliver intelligent fleet routing solution

30 Mar 2009

TomTom partners with Advantage Integrated Solutions to optimise business fleet organisation and itinerary planning on TomTom PRO series nav devices.

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NAVTEQ releases full navigable map coverage of Greece

18 Mar 2009

NAVTEQ enhances its full navigable map coverage with around 320,000 km of roads in Greece.

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Google Maps and MapQuest battle for US market leadership

11 Mar 2009

The Google Maps vs MapQuest online mapping portal war is driving Map 2.0 innovations, according to ABI Research.

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Networks In Motion acquires TrafficGauge

09 Mar 2009

Networks In Motion (NIM) has announced the acquisition of real-time traffic information provider, TrafficGauge.

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Valade, GPS for Dummies: "we sold over 200K PNDs last year"

06 Mar 2009

He US based PND brand launched in 2007, GPS for Dummies, is making its first CeBIT this year with ambitions to distribute its products in Europe under the local brands from the Wiley group: "GPS für Dummies" (Germany), "GPS pour les nuls" (France), etc.

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Kick-off meeting of the European eCall Implementation Platform

04 Mar 2009

With more than 80 participants, the Implementation Platform's activities started very successfully. Representatives of 20 European countries were present, Russia and Norway among them. ERTICO - ITS Europe will chair the platform for two years, with Finland in the seat of the vice-chair. The next meeting will be held in Brussels, on 24 March 2009.

Microsoft sues TomTom for patent infringement

26 Feb 2009

After trying for more than a year to engage in licensing discussions with TomTom, Microsoft filed a patent infringement action against the company.

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19 Feb 2009

NemeriX, Switzerland-based fabless semiconductor company seems to have quietly disappeared.

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Acacia subsidiary signs licence agreements with Air-Trak and Telogis

13 Feb 2009

Telematics Corporation, a subsidiary of Acacia Research has announced a patent licence agrrement with Air-Trak and Telogis.

Read Article reports 1.5m page-views since portal launch

12 Feb 2009

Since its commercial launch in mid-December 2008, has counted more than 1.5 million page-views.

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Telogis acquires GPS fleet tracking business

11 Feb 2009

Telogis has acquired New-York based, wireless communication company Darby Corporate Solutions' (DCS) GPS fleet tracking business.

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NAVTEQ expands global business arrangement with Microsoft

28 Jan 2009

NAVTEQ has expanded its worldwide agreement with Microsoft, giving access to all 74 countries in the NAVTEQ map database.

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Autodesk restructures to reduce operating expenses

22 Jan 2009

Design software developer Autodesk announces job cuts and the sale of its Location Services business. The companies restructuring plan includes a 10% reduction of its global workforce and the consolidation of certain facilities.

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Trafficmaster launches digital traffic in the UK

20 Jan 2009

In partnership with Digital One, Trafficmaster has launched its Digital Traffic Broadcast service in the UK.

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Garmin launches ecoRoute™ as a free software add-on

12 Jan 2009

ecoRoute is Garmin's new free downloadable software update that helps drivers to save money and fuel.

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Tele Atlas partners with CADTECH in Morocco and Hügel in the Middle East

08 Jan 2009

Tele Atlas presents the first navigable digital maps of Morocco in cooperation with CADTECH and together with Hügel, the company agreed on a partnership to meet the demand for GPS devices in the Middle East.

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TomTom announces five millionth Map Share improvement report

05 Jan 2009

The TomTom Map Share community had grown to five million users by December 2008, from half a million users at the beginning of the year. The software enables users to make instant improvements to their maps on their TomTom navigation devices. After being verified by TomTom moderators, these updates are available to the entire community, ensuring actuality.

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Google doubles Street View coverage in the US

22 Dec 2008

Google expanded its Street View coverage to more US cities and states, including Memphis, Birmingham, Charleston, Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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‘11 88 0’ launches free mobile local search and nav service based on amAze

19 Dec 2008

Telegate and LocatioNet Systems collaborate to launch new free ad-funded local search and GPS navigation service for mobile phone users.

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Global recession hits SiRF and Tele Atlas

17 Dec 2008

SiRF Technology and Tele Atlas have announced staff lay-offs because of the global economic crises shaking the GPS and navigation industry.

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Magellan sells consumer products division to MiTac

16 Dec 2008

Magellan Navigation finally agreed on selling its consumer products division to MiTAC International. Expected to close in January, the financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

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TomTom and Vodafone bring HD Traffic to Portugal

15 Dec 2008

TomTom partners with Vodafone Portugal to bring its HD TrafficTM to Portugal in the second half of 2009.

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Hyundai locations now on Tele Atlas digital maps

13 Dec 2008

Hyundai Motor Co agreed on marking its global location on the digital maps of Tele Atlas, ironically excluding the South Korean vehicle manufacturer's home country.

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Sygic and Tele Atlas team up to power McGuider wireless navigation

09 Dec 2008

The next generation McGuider Europe 2009 is Sygic's new navigation software featuring Tele Atlas digital maps and content, including millions of POIs, for all western European countries and expanded coverage of Eastern Europe. Maps of Russia and North America will be available soon.

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TomTom WORK launches truck-specific navigation solution

04 Dec 2008

With the release of TomTom WORK's new truck navigation solution, the company presents new truck-specific route information.

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Tele Atlas and SK Energy collaborate in South Korea

26 Nov 2008

In order to expand its map coverage in the Asia Pacific region, Tele Atlas has agreed on a partnership with Korea-based SK Energy (SKE).

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Predictive traffic data will bring value to the nav market

25 Nov 2008

ABI Research stated, that poor quality and unreliability of traffic solutions doesn't exactly motivate customers to pay recurring fees.

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DigitalGlobe joins NAVTEQ developer zone

07 Nov 2008

The high resolution earth imagery provider, Digital Globe and NAVTEQ have announced a new relationship to improve the support to developers using NAVTEQ map data to include high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery from DigitalGlobe in their applications.

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Tele Atlas and Datamap collaborate on Argentina maps

06 Nov 2008

Tele Atlas and Argentina-based Datamap announced their cooporation to develop and deliver digital maps and related content covering Latin America's second largest economy.

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3D Laser Mapping launches StreetMapper 360

24 Oct 2008

StreetMapper 360 has been designed by 3D Laser Mapping for rapid mapping of highways, infrastructure and buildings using vehicle mounted lasers.

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deCarta announces commercial availability of real-time 2-way CNAV service

21 Oct 2008

DeCarta's real-time, two-way connected navigation (CNAV) service for next-generation PNDs and smartphones, unveiled in March, is now commercially available.

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Garmin to acquire Swedish distributor

17 Oct 2008

In case of the proposed acquisition of its Swedish distributor Sportmanship International, Garmin has signed a letter of intent for an undisclosed sum.

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NAVTEQ: strategy for map-enhanced ADAS

09 Oct 2008

NAVTEQ develops a new Map & Positioning Engine (MPE) strategy, which will make map-enhanced Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) available to all vehicles, even those without an installed navigation system or navigable map.

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TomTom Fuel Price Service Now Available at Retail

08 Oct 2008

The world's leading navigation solutions provider, TomTom, has announced that its Fuel Price Service is now available for consumers to purchase at retail. TomTom customers can load and access one year of daily fuel price updates to their devices.

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Tele Atlas gets access to TomTom’s speed profiles database

28 Sep 2008

TomTom has given access to Tele Atlas to its speed profiles database covering eighteen million kilometers across road networks in Europe and North America. Tele Atlas' users will get that information later this year in a uniform, global, low footprint format.

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Garmin provides turn-by-turn navigation

15 Sep 2008

Garmin has agreed on an agreement with Australia-based Sensis to provide turn-by-turn-navigation for selected Telstra GPS-enabled mobile phones.

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Eagle-i awarded AXA Assistance contract

11 Sep 2008

Eagle-i Telematics has won a major contract from AXA Assistance to supply a range of telematics-based geolocalisation services to its operations in thirteen European countries.

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ROSATTE Requirements and Architecture Workshop, Paris

05 Sep 2008

ROSATTE is an FP7 project aiming at developing a tool for public map owners to provide their traffic-safety-related data more easily to third parties.

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Apisphere to acquire Navit Innovations

26 Aug 2008

Apisphere has announced its intention to acquire San-Francisco-based LBS and business solutions developer Navit Innovations.

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World’s first panoramic 60 megapixel street-level imaging vehicle

21 Aug 2008

OMG's 3D mapping division, Yotta, has introduced a new vehicle-based imaging service that will provide high-resolution panoramic street-level views of property and highway features.

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Google's Street View spreads around the world

13 Aug 2008

Street View mapping, a Google application, has been launched in Australia and a New Zealand edition is planned within the next view months.

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NAVTEQ increases coverage and content of Mexico map

06 Aug 2008

The leading global provider of digital map data, NAVTEQ, has increased its coverage and content in its digital map for Mexico. The current map release includes almost 450,000 km of roads and covers the entire population. 23% of which is covered at the company's highest quality levels: road network attribute verification, a specification distinctive to NAVTEQ maps.

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Tele Atlas expands coverage

05 Aug 2008

Not long ago digital map coverage in southern Europe was insufficient. Even if PNC vendors were selling million units a year in Europe, users in Portugal, Southern Italy or Greece were left with significant "grey areas" out of the main roads.

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Garmin offers map data for Beijng

01 Aug 2008

Just in time for tourists planning to travel to Bejing in August, Garmin is now offering City Navigator® China NT 2008.

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Intrinsyc and NAVTEQ sign multi-year agreement

21 Jul 2008

Intrinsyc Software International and NAVTEQ signed an agreement for multi-year map distribution bundling NAVTEQ map content with Intrinsyc navigation software.

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Yahoo!Maps expands traffic data with TrafficCast

17 Jul 2008

TrafficCast International, Inc. extended its exclusive partnership with Yahoo! Inc. to supply real-time and forecasted road speed information for Yahoo! mapping products.

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NAVTEQ releases first map of Indonesia

04 Jul 2008

With the initial release including more than 250,000 km of road network, NAVTEQ has expanded its navigable map coverage to include Indonesia.

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Sweden´s roads are being mapped by StreetMapper

25 Jun 2008

A series of vehicles are driving on Sweden´s roads utilizing mounted laser with an on-board positioning system in order to capture highly detailed measurements of the roadside assets, road surface and associated features.

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Sense Networks uses anonymous location data for nightlife discovery

16 Jun 2008

The U.S. start-up Sense Networks launched last week an application for its software platform Macrosense, which analyzes historic and real time location data from mobile devices. The alpha-version of the program called Citysense is supposed to be a "real-time social navigation and nightlife discovery application" for San Francisco.

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2-Track Global JV in India

12 Jun 2008

2-Track Global recently signed JV agreements with Auto Track Systems and Triplanet.

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MultiNav map database updated

11 Jun 2008

Tele Atlas has unveiled a new version of its MultiNav map database to answer the fast growing demand for location-based services.

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T-Mobile Venture Fund invests $6m in deCarta

10 Jun 2008

Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile Venture Fund has invested US$6 million in geospital software plattform provider deCarta.

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AND releases digital map for Austria

02 Jun 2008

Expanding its road coverage for Western Europe Automotive Navigation Data (AND) released a fully navigable map of Austria. The software features full coverage, turn-by-turn route guidance and door-to-door route calculations.

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China: Partnership between GyPSii & NAV2

29 May 2008

GyPSii, the geolocation and mobile social networking provider signed a map licensing agreement with Shanghai's digital map provider, NAV2. According to the agreement, NAV2 guarantees full access to its comprehensive China map database covering more than 980 cities and more the five million POIs for GyPSii users.

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Tele Atlas improvement by TomTom data

26 May 2008

According to Tele Atlas CEO Alain De Taeye at the Reuters Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Paris the company will launch a new generation of products featuring maps that carry TomTom's data on driving conditions within 6 months of the acquisition. Shareholders have until May 30 to tender their Tele Atlas shares.

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Navteq to release new historic road speed database

19 May 2008

NAVTEQ published its updated historic database Traffic Patterns North America v3.0 including typical traffic speeds on nearly one million miles of primary and secondary roads across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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Dash opens platform to developers

15 May 2008

Dash Navigation announced to allow developers to create dynamic LBS applications for its connected PND Dash Express. Developers can bring dynamic, location-based content to the Dash Express via this program called DashApps.

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Telmap Release: Navigator 4.5

13 May 2008

With the release of Navigator 4.5, Telmap opens up another level of navigation solutions. Providing cell location data where GPS is not available additional to better mapping functions and the integration of public transportation data the system goes over the scope of GPS navigation.

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Mobion powered GPS device

09 May 2008

MicroFuel Cells Inc. revealed a prototype of embedded micro fuel cell design for handheld GPS devices at the Annual International Small Fuel Cells Conference in Atlanta. According to MTI Micro this prototype provides three times as much energy as devices powered by four disposable AA batteries.

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GIOVE-B calling Earth

08 May 2008

Galileo launched its second experimental satellite on April 26, 2008. Just eleven days after launch GIOVE-B transmitted its first signals over 23,000 km back to Earth.

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Ndrive launches “Photo mapping” PND

23 Apr 2008

UK - Portugals navigation software company NDrive launched two Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) featuring consumer-friendly oblique arial imagery, called "Photo mapping".

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3D Mobile Navigation Offered By Navigon 8110

06 Mar 2008

The new navigator will display a 3D road layout covering whole Europe. Furthermore there will be updates every three months.

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GeoPDF Format available with Cadcorp SIS

03 Mar 2008

TerraGo Technologies and Cadcorp agreed on providing a new format in an upcoming release.

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Boss International Named Autodesk Independent Software Vendor

03 Mar 2008

Civil engineering hydrology and hydraulic software developer Boss International became an authorized Autodesk Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner.

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