This Dad impressively demonstrates why you shouldn't listen to Hiphop while driving

03 Dec 2015

Picture this: You and your dad are sitting in car having a casual drive. You're riding shotgun, eating or drinking some snacks, while your old man handles the wheel. It's calm, it's relaxing. Nothing can ruin this tranquil time... ...then BAM!

Your dad gets his jam on and starts hardcore rocking out. We're not talking about a little cabbage patching, oh no. We're talking a full-on dance party in the car - and you're suddenly thrust into the role of his dance partner.

That's exactly what happened with Queenzflip and his young son, Queenzflip Jr., aka Jaheim Cooper. On Monday (Nov. 30) Queenzflip Sr. shared this truly LOL video of him letting loose to "Ante Up" by M.O.P featuring Busta Rhymes while his son tried to eat some cereal, minding his own business. But suddenly, the cereal went soaring into the backseat, another casualty of Queenzflip's love of music.

Watch the hinarious Video on YoutubeWarning: NSFW music.