Does GM want us to stop buying cars?

11 Jan 2016

GM gave Lyft $500 million. Lyft is a startup that wants people to stop buying cars. Ergo, GM wants us to stop buying cars. Correct? No!

Lyft and General Motors are partnering to create self-driving cars and car rental hubs for Lyft drivers in the US. As part of that effort, and that explains why GM gave Lyft the money.

But GM isn't the first big partner Lyft has aligned itself with. In September, Lyft and Didi, a ride-hailing service that is huge in China, announced that they would be teaming up. But that partnership seems to be more of a partnership about spreading Lyft's services. The GM partnership though seems to be a long-term technology and hardware play.

GM has already been working on driverless solutions and expects to have Chevy Volt prototypes cruising around its Michigan headquarters in 2016. GM and Lyft declined to say when their autonomous cars would be available to the public.