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Bluejay Automobile Smartphone Mount Equipped With Beacon Technology

09 Mar 2016

The Kiwi Factory based in London have designed a new smart amount for cars called "the Bluejay". The device has been designed to seamlessly connect your phone to your car using Beacon technology together with an integrated smartphone application.

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Indian Budget 2016: What is the impact on Indian Automotive industry

09 Mar 2016

In India lately the Union Budget 2016 was presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Jaitly sparked strong reactions from the automotive industry, particularly from the passenger vehicles manufacturers. Here is an summary.

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International Women’s Day: caradvice celebrates women in the automotive industry

08 Mar 2016

Yesterday, March the 8th, was International Women's Day. Caradvice took the opportunity to turn the spotlight on a number of the fabulous females that help keep the wheels turning in the automotive industry.

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HI Corporation Joins Linux Foundation and Automotive Grade Linux

24 Feb 2016

HI Corporation, ("HI", HQ in Shinjuku, Tokyo, president is Tomonobu Aoyama) announces that HI joined The Linux Foundation and Automotive Grade Linux.

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Car Dealers Rise as Sonic Automotive Reports Record 2015 Sales

24 Feb 2016

Sonic Automotive Inc. reached a new record by rising the most in four months after the U.S. dealership group reported record retail sales volume for 2015, capping a strong earnings season for auto retailers.

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TI Automotive Acquires Millennium Industries Corporation

17 Feb 2016

Leading global supplier of advanced automotive fluid carrying and delivery systems, TI Automotive, has acquired Millennium Industries Corporation.

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Does GM want us to stop buying cars?

11 Jan 2016

GM gave Lyft $500 million. Lyft is a startup that wants people to stop buying cars. Ergo, GM wants us to stop buying cars. Correct? No!

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Driverless Cars will become reality soon

05 Jan 2016

Don't be surprised, when you'll see a driverless car soon. Driverless cars are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality, but what are the effects on the insurance companies?

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This Dad impressively demonstrates why you shouldn't listen to Hiphop while driving

03 Dec 2015

Picture this: You and your dad are sitting in car having a casual drive. You're riding shotgun, eating or drinking some snacks, while your old man handles the wheel. It's calm, it's relaxing. Nothing can ruin this tranquil time... ...then BAM!

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New Daimler AG CD is very similar to Mercedes Benz

26 Nov 2015

Daimler AG presents its new corporate design, , which pretty much reminds us of mercedes benz.

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Next stop please: Europe takes a lead in driverless buses

16 Nov 2015

Public transport heads to the future with EU-funded trials in Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Greece. But the cost of computer-controlled buses could prove to be a speedbump.

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VW scandal could cause higher tax bills

05 Nov 2015

Crisis-hit Volkswagen's troubles worsen as internal investigation reveals inconsistencies in the amount of CO2 emitted by diesel and petrol cars

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Will Diesel Gate Weigh on the German Brand?

05 Nov 2015

Has the origin country a bad influence in marketing for German companies?

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Porsche stops sales of Cayenne diesel cars in N. America

04 Nov 2015

German carmaker Porsche and it's U.S-subsidiary said Tuesday it would discontinue sales of model year 2014 through 2016 Cayenne Diesel vehicles.

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Experts estimate: 'Volkswagen scandal could cost up to $30 billion'

02 Nov 2015

Arndt Ellinghorst, the head of Global Automotive Research at Evercore, discusses VW's emissions crisis and it's wideranging consequences:

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Are you Planning a Trip to Italy? Better note our Tips about Car Rental Insurance

29 Oct 2015

Choosing the right car rental insurance in Italy is an important decision. Getting involved in an unfortunate accident can certainly put a damper on any vacation, but travelers can empower and protect themselves with the knowledge they need to make a well-informed purchase:

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You wont believe this bizarre animal-based insurance claims

20 Oct 2015

Animals are blamed for almost £1m worth of damage to cars, a breakdown of insurance claims has revealed. But these bizarre animal-based insurance claims take it on a whole new level - including 12 horses licking paint off a car, a rampaging cow and a cat under the bonnet causing mayhem.

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Toshiba's Image Recognition Processor Powers DENSO's Automotive Front-Camera-Based Active Safety System

07 Oct 2015

In fall of 2015 DENSO's will release a new camera system, equipped with Toshiba's TMPV7506XBG image recognition processor.

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Analysts say: U.S. automakers could benefit from Volkswagen's crisis

01 Oct 2015

One man's pain is another man's pleasure: U.S. car sales are rising, meanwhile the emissions scandal overshadows Volkswagen. Now U.S. auto manufacturers look even more appealing, analysts say.

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Diginomica with investor Evangelos Simoudis about Automotive industry disruption

01 Oct 2015

Evangelos Simoudis is one of the most famous Blogger and investors in automotive industries. A few weeks ago he penned a multi-part series on automotive industry innovation. For those readers who haven't found the time to read all three posts to date, here is a brief excerpt:

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Scandal at Volkswagen: German automakers shares plunge after US says carmaker falsified emissions data

21 Sep 2015

Price drop at Volkswagen: After the German automaker has halted sales of four-cylinder diesel cars in the US it's shares suffer biggest fall in almost six years as investors take fright at potential for huge fines in US.

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New Tv-Spots upcoming: Matthew McConaughey (still) just likes a Lincoln

30 Aug 2015

American Actor Matthew McConaughey is getting behind the wheel of another Lincoln, the redesigned MKX crossover, for a series of commercials set to run next month.

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Touch controls in Cars cry out for Innovation

26 Aug 2015

Technology in cars is so pervasive these days that many tech firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are fighting to get their foot in the automotive market's door. A perfect case in point are touch screens.  It goes without saying that using a touchscreen in daily life is something that we all know. But using a touch control in cars is will lead to greater challenges for tech firms.

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Michigan: GM to invest millions into Durant-Dort ‘Factory One’

17 Aug 2015

GM purchased the Durant-Dort office building and nearby Factory One in 2013. This Saturday GM Co. announced that it will invest millions of dollars into the historic Durant-Dort Carriage Co. "Factory One" building to turn it into an archive and research center.

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iCar: Apple shows interest in automotive testing facility

17 Aug 2015

Persistent rumours survive saying, that Apple is working on designs for a car. Local officials in San Francisco say engineers for the giant tech company recently made inquiries about a former navy base that's been converted into a testing ground for self-driving cars and other cutting-edge vehicles.

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Nissan inspired by high-end fashion

04 Aug 2015

The New Nissan Maxima gets material used in exotic cars. For that the japanese automakers wanted some European fashion to move its American-made Maxima sedan further upscale for 2016.

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Be aware of comprehensive car insurance policies!

16 Jul 2015

A new research by the insurance company Churchill says, that over a third of motorists don't fully understand how fully comprehensive car insurance works and that think their policies would cover more than they actually do.

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Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Conference & Exhibition takes place in Chicago

15 Jul 2015

At 2-3 September North America's leading insurers will meet in Chicago at the Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Conference & Exhibition.

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How junk cars can slip through the cracks

14 Jul 2015

Not all states fully participate in federal electronic database

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Wanna sell a car? Tell a story!

07 Jul 2015

Headstream recently published an research about Car manufacturers and their increasing need of storytelling in order to attract new costumers.

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Large Inflow of Money Witnessed in Delphi Automotive plc

06 Jul 2015

Shares of Delphi Automotive plc (NYSE:DLPH) saw an erosion of -0.01 points in recent session.

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Gartner Names Seeing Machines as a 2015 "Cool Vendor" in Automotive Electronics

24 Jun 2015

Gartner is the global leading information technology research company. Now researchers have named Seeing Machines, (AIM: SEE), the AIM-listed company with a focus on operator monitoring and intervention sensing technologies and services, in its exclusive May 5, 2015 "Cool Vendor in Automotive Electronics" report by James F. Hines and Werner Goertz.

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Gadsden Times has launched

22 Jun 2015

The Gadsden Times is a daily newspaper serving Gadsden, Alabama, and the surrounding area in northeastern Alabama. Now GT has launched as its online automotive platform.

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ZF completes acquisition of TRW Automotive

17 Jun 2015

ZF Friedrichshafen AG and TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. have announced that the companies have completed the transaction under which ZF has successfully acquired TRW.

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2015 Automotive Hall of Fame inductees named

15 Jun 2015

The Automotive Hall of Fame takes place in Detroit on Thursday, July 23 and will induct four industry leaders at its 2015 ceremony

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Geotab’s Fleet Management Telematics Solution Among The Competition Finalists in 2015 IT World Awards

06 Jun 2015

Geotab, an industry leading telematics engineering company, today announced that Network Products Guide, an industry leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Geotab's end-to-end fleet tracking solution among the competition finalists in the IT Products and Services for Transportation category of the 10th Annual 2015 IT World Awards.

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Global Automotive Coolant Market 2014-2019: Trends, Forecast, and Opportunity Analysis

25 May 2015

According to a press release, lately published  by Lucintel at, the global automotive coolant market is expected to reach an estimated value of $10.9 billion by 2019.

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21 May 2015

IN-CAR BLACK BOX DEVICES are becoming more and more popular. Especially Overseas and Australia are facing a rising demand the devices to monitor driving-performances and potentially lower INSURANCE PREMIUM.

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Automotive Fuel Delivery System Market 2015-2019 released by researchandmakrets

20 May 2015

At market leaders from every industry present their findings of their studies at the world's largest research store every day. Now MAR has announced the addition of the "Automotive Fuel Delivery System Market by Component (Fuel Pump, Injector, Pressure Regulator, Filter & Rail, and Throttle Position Sensor), Alternative Fuel Vehicles (CNG, LPG and LNG) and Region - Industry Trends and Forecast to 2019" report to their offering.

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Global Automotive Switches Market 2015-2019

18 May 2015

According to Research and Markets, the worlds largest market research store, the global automotive switches market is estimated to grow at a promising rate of 5.9% from 2014-2019.

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ecall law europe: eCall becomes reality!

06 May 2015

On the 28th of April he European Parliament passed a law that requires new cars and light vans to have automatic emergency calling system by 2018.

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European Parliament plenary session about eCall

27 Apr 2015

The agenda for the session contains issues about "eCall", emergency call devices incorporated into automobiles and automatically alerterting rescue services in the event of an accident.

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Telematics Insurance Data Management & Product Design 2015

27 Apr 2015

Purposefully designed to allow insurers to exchange the very latest in cutting edge technology, tried and tested pilots and case studies and, and best practices for managing and integrating huge streams of complex data into driver score and pricing.

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Global Commercial Telematics Market is Expected to Reach Around $ 49.12 Billion, by 2020 - Allied Market Research

27 Apr 2015

Telematics industry has grown from traditional navigation services to broadened scope in vehicle tracking, monitoring, fleet management, location-based services and traffic and weather information.

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Google Auto Insurance Comparison A Complete Gamechanger?

22 Apr 2015

Google recently caused a furore by unveiling its much anticipated auto insurance quote comparison tool "Google Auto Insurance Comparison". But will it change the whole market?

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Industry Trends and Forecast to 2019: Automotive Fuel Delivery System Market is about to grow

15 Apr 2015

Marketsandmarkets just released a report in which they assume a further rise of the automotive fuel delivery system market at a CAGR of 5.93% from 2014-2019 and reach $3.61 billion by 2019.

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Harman Buying Bang & Olufsen Automotive Audio Business

01 Apr 2015

Harman International Industries Inc. is one of the most popular companies in the field of audio and electronic systems. Now it is about to buy Bang & Olufsen Automotive for about $157.3 million.

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Automotive giants on board with Android Auto

25 Mar 2015

Android Auto offers a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering wheel controls and voice actions. It's designed to minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the road.

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Nexteer Automotive receives Enterprise Technology Leadership Award

23 Mar 2015

Nexteer Automotive, a Saginaw County based global tier one automotive supplier committed exclusively to wheel-to-wheel advanced steering and driveline systems, was acclaimed with the Enterprise Technology Leadership Award from the Manufacturing Leadership Community.

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Fewer accidents by adapted Self-Driving Cars?

16 Mar 2015

McKinsey & Co. Report predicts mass adoption of auto-piloted vehicles starting in about 15 years.

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Australia's Car industry’s $900m relief

11 Mar 2015

About $900 million in car industry support should have been spared from the Budget axe as the Federal Government of Australia ditches its unpopular cuts to the Automotive Transformation Scheme. But no more than $100 million of a $900 million budget backdown in car industry support will actually flow through to the sector - and the Government is aware of the discrepancy.

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Volkswagen Passat Wins Automotive "Car of the Year" award 2015

04 Mar 2015

Shortly before the 85th International Motor Show in Geneva the Volkswagen Passat was distinguished as the "Car of the Year" impressed the jury with its 2015.

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Jaguar announces new anti-collision car

28 Jan 2015

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) announces a new anti-collision car  to reduce the number of accidents and to cut road death. The launch may have important impacts on the insurance market.

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General Motors on the point of releasing CVT

23 Jan 2015

General Motors is on the point of releasing an in-house continuously variable transmission for use around the world to meet tightening fuel-economy and carbon- dioxide emissions regulations. allegedly General Motors is in the late stages of the developing phases.

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Sierra Wireless starts collaboration with Octo Telematics for usage-based insurance solution in Europe

19 Dec 2014

Sierra Wireless lately announced that Octo Telematics, the global brand leader in maintaining the world's largest telematics statistical database, has startet to collaborate with Sierra Wireless to provide connectivity for its innovative usage-based insurance (UBI) solution in several European countries.

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TomTom Telematics Acquires Fleetlogic

03 Dec 2014

The Leading Dutch Fleet Management Service Provider Fleetlogic has been taken over by TomTom's Telematics business.

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Automotive smart glass a luxury product destined for everyday use

26 Nov 2014

The global smart glass market is set to grow to $2.1 billion by 2019, but the sectors primarily driving this growth are expected to change in the coming years.

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West Herr Automotive buys Vision Ford's Greece facility

10 Nov 2014

West Herr Automotive Group has bought Vision Ford's Greece facility for an currently unknown sum. West Herr said the dealership will be fully renovated by early 2016. The location employs 65 people, a number expected to grow to 85 employees.

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GreenTech Automotive Establishes Electric-Vehicle Production Plant In Tunica, Mississippi.

03 Nov 2014

GreenTech Automotive (GTA) reported the grand opening of its new production facility in Tunica, Mississippi.

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Herman COO of Kuni Automotive passed away

03 Nov 2014

Joseph Herman was COO of dealership group Kuni Automotive and a 40-year veteran of the auto retailing industry. As the company announced that he died the morning of Oct. 29 at the age of 72. Herman passed away after losing a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Illegal tyres endangering the roads across Britain.

20 Oct 2014

Millions of drivers are driving on unsafe or illegal tyres anyone - experts see a very great danger here.

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2015 Automotive Leader Awards nominations

06 Oct 2014

The Free Press is taking nominations for the 2015 Annual Free Press Automotive Leadership Awards.

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Uber details insurance policy at hearing

11 Sep 2014

An Uber spokesman testified at Tuesday, Sept. 10th, about the San Francisco company's insurance policies at a hearing before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, detailing when drivers for the ride-sharing platform are covered. On the other side a representative of the Pennsylvania Insurance Federation argued that the policies Uber seeks to provide are not adequate for the risk to drivers and passengers.

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28 Aug 2014

Get a quick look into the future: How does Google's driveless car work? How will it look like and what are its features?

Read Article helps motorists track automotive recalls, repairs

21 Aug 2014 is a new website that helps drivers find out if their vehicle has been recalled and needs work.

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Jaguar Land Rover Wins 2014 Altair Enlighten Award for Innovation in Automotive Vehicle Lightweighting

07 Aug 2014

Jaguar Land Rover has just won the 2014 Altair Enlighten Award. The luxury sport vehicle maker won the competition for the development and implementation of its premium lightweight architecture design concept on the latest Range Rover vehicles.

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The Battery Renaissance: Tesla and Beyond

05 Aug 2014

Electric cars after long time and effort finally seem to become regognized as independent and capable. That fact is proved by sales of plug-in vehicles hitting 54,000 through the first six-months of the year. That represents a 33% increase over the past year 2013. Sales of the Tesla model S and Nissan Leaf leading the charge.

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BMW Gives Usage-Based Insurance the Green Light with FlexiMile

30 Jul 2014

German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company BMW has become one of the first major automakers to offer a factory-fitted, telematics-based insurance product, called FlexiMile, to its drivers.

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Automotive Hall of Fame class of 2014

22 Jul 2014

Read everything about the Automotive Hall of Fame class of 2014.

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LG joins Google's automotive alliance

06 Jul 2014

LG has become the first Android device maker to sign up to the Open Automotive Alliance and plans to play a major role in the future of the connected car.

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Automotive Industry Indonesia: Car Exports in 2014 Rising Steadily

23 Jun 2014

According to new reports the Indonesian car exports may record about 13 percentage point growth from the past year.

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Vodafone to Buy Cobra Automotive

16 Jun 2014

The British mobile telecommunications giant Vodafone has agreed to buy Cobra Automotive Technologies, an Italian provider of electronics services to the car industry, for €145 million ($197.5 million) as part of its strategy to connect more everyday objects.

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Elektrobit wins Best Telematics Safety and Security Award at Telematics Detroit 2014

07 Jun 2014

For its help in the development of driver-assistance software for Daimler, Elektrobit (EB), has been recognized with a top Telematics Update award during the Telematics Detroit 2014 conference and exhibition in Novi, Michigan.

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Denso Acquires Majority Stake in Small US Vehicle Diagnostic Vendor

06 Jun 2014

Automotive supplier Denso, based in Japan, has announced the acquisition of 72.1 percent of small US vehicle diagnostic solution provider Ease Simulation Inc.

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Fleetmatics: Invite of Financial Community to Demonstration of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform

05 Jun 2014

Leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), Fleetmatics Group PLC, has announced that Jim Travers, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Peter Mitchell, Chief Technology Officer, invite the financial community to an online demonstration of the company’s recently announced platform on Thursday, June 19 at 10:00 a.m. EDT with the possibility to ask questions afterwards.

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Fitch Releases Report: Automotive Insights Quarterly, Second-Quarter 2014

03 Jun 2014

The rating agency Fitch Ratings has published its second installment of the 'Automotive Insights Quarterly' report.

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Speed spies 'in half of all cars by 2020'

19 May 2014

Drivers will have to install tracking devices within the next decade or face being refused insurance, experts warned yesterday. In many vehicles, black box-style systems have already been fitted to monitor driving behavior, distance, speed and braking events. Called telematics, the technology will have to be included as standard under EU regulations from October next year to help emergency services find crashed vehicles.

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Pay as you drive insurance generated through Automotive Tools

13 Mar 2014

Auto Pros Company looks to make changes by allowing car insurance quotes through

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Apple CarPlay: Wave of the Future

11 Mar 2014

Apple CarPlay provides one of the best iPhone experiences around.

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Turnkey Insurance Telematics Offered by IMS and Sprint

10 Mar 2014

IMS Intelligence is available through IIS auto insurance portfolio.

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Intact Financial Plans to Launch UBI in April

14 Feb 2014

Usage Based Insurance will be launched in the month of April by Intact Financial.

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Insurance Telematic Providers Aim To Eliminate Curfews

19 Jan 2014

The issue of eliminating a young driver curfew is planning to be discussed at a recent debate in Westminster, Great Britain.

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Auto Insure Savings Assists Drivers with Pay As You Drive Insurance

11 Jan 2014

Finding the insurance rates that best fit a drivers needs is very important.

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MetroMile Will Allow Cars To Be Insured By The Mile

20 Nov 2013

The policies will be presented in Washington state and will include in car tracking which will charge motorists by the mile.

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CAA Partners with Quindell To Provide New Insurance Telematics Technology

18 Nov 2013

CAA plans to utilize insurance telematics to provide motorists with a new type of technology.

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Best insurance customer experience

18 Oct 2013

SMA pinpoints 10 insurance initiatives that are considered to have the best customer service.

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Many drivers warned about expensive telematic fees

11 Oct 2013

Insurance telematics has grown approximately 7 fold over 2 years.

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Usage Based Insurance delivering savings to 7 out of 10 for Allstate

26 Sep 2013

The drivers who signed up for usage based insurance with Allstate will be able to register nearly 1 billion miles for the month.

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Enterprise Solution of Verizon Proposes selling In Car Services

15 Sep 2013

The VP of Global Sales for Verizon spoke at a telematics event in Chicago and pinpointed ways to build a positive relationship with many of its customers.

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Electric buses in the region of South Korea can be charged wirelessly

03 Sep 2013

The idea of road charging has reached new heights with the ability to wirelessly charge electric cars.

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SGI Pilot Program Gains Traction As Another Accident Occurs

24 Aug 2013

More interest in the SGI pilot program is arising as another motorcycle fatality occurs in the province of Saskatchewan.

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Himex Selects Sprint As Candidate For UBI Telematics

04 Aug 2013

A 5 year agreement has been signed with Sprint to ultimately support HIMEX UBI.

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No Nonsense utilizes application which allows drivers to assess skills

13 Jul 2013

The brand new application launched by No Nonsense is called Top Driver and allows drivers to assess their skills.

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Revenue Expected To Increase For Fleet Telematics By $1.26 Billion Dollars

19 Jun 2013

Commercial fleet telematics is expected to increase approximately $1.26 Billion globally by the year 2018.

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Insurance Telematics Expected To Save Cash

18 Jun 2013

Many young drivers face crippling costs but can be saved with insurance telematics.

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ICBC Will Keep a Close Eye On Usage Based Insurance

10 Jun 2013

Many people enjoy the benefits of utilizing a telematic device in the car.

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Pay As You Drive Insurance Saves Money

04 Jun 2013

Pay As You Drive insurance is expected to save many motorists money.

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Popularity of Usage Based Insurance & Insurance Telematics On The Rise

02 Jun 2013

UBI & Telematics are considered to be the hottest discussion points in the auto insurance sector.

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Himex Acquires The Company Called Road Angel Fleet

23 May 2013

The acquisition by Himex will expand its usage based insurance products.

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Telematics May Become Compulsory In Brand News Cars

22 May 2013

The U.K may require telematic boxes in all of its brand new cars.

Read Article Features Insurance Telematics Product

20 May 2013 is known for providing top notch car insurance products.

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Insure The Box Comes Out with Car Study

13 May 2013

Insure The Box states that a night curfew will not ultimately curve insurance premiums.

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New Report Reveals Road Charging Would Cut Traffic

10 May 2013

A report was conducted which revealed that road charging would lead to less traffic congestion.

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Deutsche Telekom reveals Pay as You Drive Insurance

08 May 2013

The brand new system for Deutsche Telekom will offer benefits to motorists which are safe drivers.

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Co-Op releases telematic data

03 May 2013

Data released by Co-Op shows that Younger women are much safer drivers than men.

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Road Charging To Be Implemented In South Deltan, Vancouver

23 Apr 2013

Transportation Minister Mary Polak will listen to proposals about road charging/pricing.

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U.S Senate passes auto insurance bill

22 Apr 2013

Auto Insurance Bills passed through the United States Senate.

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Audi and T-Mobile Partner to Launch new In-Vehicle Data Plan

08 Apr 2013

Audi of America and T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced a new data plan that will provide Audi drivers with in-vehicle connectivity at a fraction of the cost of its competitors' plans.

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ATDynamics Launches New European Fuel Efficiency Concept for Semi-Trailers

05 Apr 2013

Leading global supplier of semi-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology, ATDynamics, announced to launch its European version of the market-proven TrailerTail® at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK. The European Union approved TrailerTail Eco50 will be on display in booth 5G121 at the show from April 8 - 11, 2013.

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Motor carriers displeased over delay in ACI eManifest program implementation

08 Mar 2013

Canadas Border Agency has announced delay in implementation of its ACI eManifest program displeasing Canadian mortor carriers who have made the investment and put forward the effort to be early-adopters, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

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SmartDrive FuelTM Propels Fleets to Dramatic Savings in Fuel Costs and Reductions in CO2 Emissions

07 Mar 2013

US/San Diego - SmartDrive Systems, a leader in driving performance solutions that reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, announced enhancements to its SmartDrive FuelTM program. Enabling fleets to improve fuel economy as much as 14% and eliminate thousands of pounds of CO2 per vehicle each year, the enhancements continue to boost SmartDrive's technology leadership in fleet safety and fuel efficiency.

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Telogis Fleet 10 Has Been Certified for Integration With SAP® Solutions

29 Jan 2013

Cloud-based Location Intelligence Software Telogis Fleet 10 has earned certification from SAP for its proven interoperability with the SAP® ERP 6.0 application. Telogis Fleet 10 runs on Telogis' comprehensive cloud-based platform for enterprise companies that require dynamic routing, real-time work order management, navigation, telematics and mobile integration services for their mobile workforces.

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Garmin® Expands Its Telematics API Platform

07 Jan 2013

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced the expansion of their Telematics API platform and the integration of the fleet 590, the company's first portable and connected fleet management GPS that combines the necessities of fleet management with the simplicity of Garmin navigation. With vital fleet-tracking abilities and driver-enabled capabilities, the fleet 590 delivers an integrated tracking and dispatch fleet system for business owners and their drivers.

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Cadillac allows drivers to chose HMI design for gauge cluster

07 Jan 2013

Cadillac's new XTS lets drivers decide the design and theme for the luxury sedan's gauge cluster. The feature allows the choice of four layouts from simplistic and minimal to ultra-informative.

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Sprint using WirelessCar to power Chrysler's UConnect telematics

18 Dec 2012

Sprint used the Los Angeles Motor to demonstrate its Velocity in-vehicle communications platform in the Chrysler Ram 1500 truck and SRT Viper car. The wireless carrier previously announced in August that it is acting as a telematics service provider for Chrysler UConnect services.

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EuroFOT shows safety and fuel benefits from ACC in MAN trucks

17 Dec 2012

European field operational test EuroFOT confirms positive effect of electronic driver assistance systems from MAN in real road traffic. EuroFOT showed that MAN's driver assistance systems not only increase safety in the daily traffic but also have positive effects on fuel consumption.

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Visteon e-Bee concept shows use of Cloud-based data for 2020 cars

14 Dec 2012

Visteon has released a concept vehicle aimed at showing its prediction of mobility in 2020. The e-Bee vehicle concept is designed to explore new and alternative ways of using a vehicle, including car-sharing, private ownership and short-term rental. Using touch display-based controls and Cloud-centred profile storage, the e-Bee's features are designed to be immediately familiar and intuitive for each individual user.

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GM OnStar plans two new apps for future electric vehicles

12 Dec 2012

Since the Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle launched in late 2010, drivers have been able to manage vehicle charging, including the option to charge during off-peak hours through the OnStar RemoteLink Mobile App. As GM expands its electric vehicle line-up next year with the 2014 Chevy Spark EV, more drivers will be able to manage and control electric-only functions from their phone.

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Vauxhall offers Ingenie telematics-based insurance for young drivers

07 Dec 2012

GM's Vauxhall brand has teamed up with young driver insurance specialist Ingenie. The partnership could provide 17 to 25 year-old Vauxhall drivers, of both new and used cars, with more affordable insurance and the benefits of Ingenie's "black box" monitoring technology.

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Toyota develops collision avoidance assist system for high speeds

06 Dec 2012

Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with collision avoidance assist that is effective in helping mitigate even high-speed collisions.

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Harman delivers next-gen Audi MMI Navigation plus system

06 Dec 2012

Harman says it has started deliveries of its next-generation automotive infotainment system to Audi. The new Audi MMI Navigation plus platform is the latest in a series of solutions from Harman that safely and secureley deliver a broad range of connected lifestyle services to the vehicle.

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Continental claims V2X standards ready for deployment by 2015

05 Dec 2012

A total of twelve vehicle manufacturers from the Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) have signed a memorandum to lay down a common strategy for making vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (V2X) with shared standards ready for series production. The goal of the manufacturers is to offer initial cooperative systems from 2015 that allow different manufacturers to communicate with each other and exchange data with the infrastructure.

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ZTR Control Systems Launches M50 Broadband Telematics Unit

02 Dec 2012

ZTRTM announces the release of a powerful and versatile addition to their telematics product line: M50. Offering 3G Wireless Broadband Routing along with standard GPS and telematics connectivity, this wireless gateway & remote monitoring system is perfect for connectivity and diagnostics with Power Generation equipment controllers, Oil & Gas site controllers/PLCs, and Locomotive control systems.

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Fujitsu develops super-wide-angle 3D laser radar for reversing systems

29 Nov 2012

Fujitsu Laboratories says it has developed a super-wide-angle 3D laser radar with more than double the range (140 degrees both horizontally and vertically) of conventional radars.

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Debut for Nissan

22 Nov 2012

Nissan has developed "Emergency assist for pedal misapplication (with Carpark Detection Function) "to help reduce accidents caused by pedal misapplication. This new technology will debut on the new Nissan Elgrand MPV by the end of 2012.

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Fleet telematics: Emerging markets

14 Nov 2012

Brazil, Russia, India and China holf enormous potential as future markets in the fleet telematics sector, according to TU contributor Greg Nichols. Whil North America currently is the most active telematics market in the world predicted to grow in most sectors in the coming years, dynamics are shifting, with vehicle OEMs like Freightliner entering the arena and market penetration climbing.

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Continental develops "Post Crash Braking" technology

01 Sep 2012

According to the German automobile club ADAC Accident Research, about a quarter of all passenger car accidents involving personal injuries in Germany are attributable to multiple accidents.

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MiX Telematics: Next-Generation in-cab Display for Streamlined Fleet Operations

23 Jun 2012

CAPE TOWN, South Africa. Global leader in driver safety, vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions MiX Telematics has launched a cost-effective and easy-to-use in-cab display for commercial fleet operators, called MiX Rovi. Optimizing communication and information exchange between drivers and the office, while enabling accurate routing via its turn-by-turn navigation system, the device is user-centric featuring a compact design with colour touch screen.

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Chinese Maker of Electric Car to face challenges

29 May 2012

Hong Kong. When Chinese manufacturer of automobiles and rechargeable batteries, BYD, promoted the electric battery technology as a way to help China transform the automobile, one of the world's richest men, Warren Buffet, bought a 10 percent stake. But as investors and analysts have questioned the company's ability to be an enduring competitor in the Chinese market, its stock is down 43 percent from its high on Feb, 8.

Read Article Integrates Vehicle Data with New Online Dealer Pricing Tool

17 May 2012

Santa Monica, CA. Thanks to a new data-sharing agreement between inventory marketing and management leader Nexxteppe and the premier online resource for automotive information, hundreds of car dealerships will now have an easier way to research, market and accurately price their vehicles.

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NISCO: Surviving and Triving in Automotive OEM Market

10 May 2012

San Diego. Considering its 25 year history of providing full service automotive original equipment manufacturing sealing systems to the automotive industry, NISCO is a company that is bild to last. It started in 1970 with a joint venture of two major companies in the automotive manufacturing industy, the Nishikawa Rubber Company (NRC) and Cooper Standard.

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MyDrive Solutions: Smart box technology for insurance telematics

03 Apr 2012

Insurance Telematics specialist MyDrive Solutions launched a new technology that helps insurers to better gauge an individual driver's risk and therefore optimizes premium calculation. MyDrive Dynamic, an insurance smart box involved with the company's release, provides the ability to collect and use a driver's behavioral data to capture his unique risk.

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US: Chrysler to use Sprint network for Uconnect telematics

27 Mar 2012

Sprint has announced an agreement to act as a strategic wireless partner for Chrysler Group LLC's Uconnect Program.

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US: NAVTEQ data powers Audi Connected Car Technology Research

26 Mar 2012

NAVTEQ is joining with Audi and three leading U.S. universities to further the Audi Urban intelligent Assist (AUIA) project.

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Eaton offers help to determine if hybrids are appropriate in your fleet

19 Mar 2012

Power management company Eaton has produced a free tool to help fleet managers to determine whether or not hybrid-electric power is a good fit for their vehicles and routes.

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What DOT’s new distraction guidelines mean for telematics

22 Feb 2012

TelemateUpdate's Andrew Tolve comments the new distraction guidelines from the US Department of Transportation. These days the telematics industry is an open field, where anyone can come up with solutions for in-vehicle connectivity. Some allow users to use apps while driving, others lock them completely down while the vehicle is in use, as there is no overarching governing body or guideline to regulate the innovation to date.

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1 million+ Peugeot Citroen vehicles equipped with eCall

27 Jan 2012

PSA Peugeot Citroen continues to lead eCall roll out in Europe, with Citroen e-Touch and Peugeot Connect. Over one million Peugeot and Citroen models featuring the emergency call system have been sold since 2003 and nearly 5,500 people have used it to access emergency services in the 10 European countries where eCall has been deployed.

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GM Develops New Collision Warning System - Relies on low-cost, single-camera design

19 Jan 2012

General Motors is planning to equip the 2012 GMC Terrain with the industry's first "affordable" crash avoidance system. The system is based on a single camera placed in front of the rear-view mirror to help drivers avoid front-end and un-signaled lane departure crashes.

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PHH Corporation Announces $300 Million Increase in Committed Financing Arrangements for its Fleet Management Business

29 Dec 2011

PHH Corporation, a leading provider of business process management services for the mortgage and fleet industries, announced the closing by its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Chesapeake, of a $300 million aggregate upsizing in the committed funding capacity available under its Chesapeake Variable Funding Notes facilities.

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innovITS ADVANCE demos eCall testing and certification capability

15 Dec 2011

A new European automatic communication system is aimed at reducing emergency services response time to accidents involving eCall equipped vehicles - tests at innovITS ADVANCE have demonstrated this UK facility's capability to evaluate the performance of products incorporating eCall.

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Cellcontrol™ Provides Enforceable Solution Supporting the National Transportation Safety Board’s Recommendation Banning Use of Electronic Devices While Driving

14 Dec 2011

Baton Rouge-based company CellcontrolTM, the leading provider of technology driven solutions for distracted driving, announced the possible use of its technology by fleets, families and governments to enforce safe driving habits as recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB spoke out strongly after irrefutable evidence showed that using PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) causes thousands of deaths and injuries every year. Cellcontrol's affordable, easy to use technology can be used to adhere to the NTSB recommendations.

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ACTIA launches eCall compatible telematics units with Sierra Wireless

07 Dec 2011

Sierra Wireless and ACTIA have announced that the ACTIA Group has selected Sierra Wireless AirPrime AR Series modules to provide high-performance connectivity for its latest in-vehicle technology platform.

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Europe: eCall legislation to start from 2015

06 Dec 2011

According to a report obtained by AFP, the European Union is moving ahead with plans to ensure an automatic emergency call system is installed in all new models of cars from 2015 to save hundreds of lives on Europe's roads each year.

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u-blox successfully tests GSM modem for eCall & ERA Glonass

06 Dec 2011

u-blox and Rohde & Schwarz, a worldwide leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, have successfully concluded tests of u-blox' LEON GSM modem for eCall/ ERA Glonass readiness. eCall and ERA Glonass are EU and Russian initiatives to capitalize on GSM and GPS technologies for vehicle emergency response service.

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Increasingly Competitive Container Shipping Market to Boost Security and Tracking Revenues to $690 Million by 2016

27 Oct 2011

ABI Research's new Cargo Container Security and Tracking study reveals that revenues will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% from $212 million in 2011 to $690 million in 2016. The study covers maritime and intermodal asset management solutions that are enabled with a family of integrated wireless technologies to provide real-time, global tracking, security, and communications features.

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'Inattention Blindness' Can Be Caused by In-Car Systems

20 Oct 2011

Research among international car users sponsored by headset maker Jabra seems to provide somewhat self-serving results. Nearly a quarter of respondents still don't wear a headset while making in-car phone calls. 28% have admitted to texting while driving. Another 25% admitted to hair styling or changing clothes behind the wheel, while 15% owned up to some kind of road-bound nookie.
The company has framed the results in the form of a broader safe-driving campaign. The research rightly points out that up to a quarter of road accidents are caused by some form of driver distraction.

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Telenor Connexion provides Octo Telematics with connectivity

08 Jun 2011

Telecompaper reports that Telenor Connexion has been contracted to provide connectivity for Italy-based Octo Telematics insurance services in Europe and the US.

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Australia: Mercedes launches traffic info from SUNA Traffic (InTelematics)

21 Apr 2011

Mercedes-Benz is making SUNA live traffic updates a standard feature of the navigation systems in the S-Class and E-Class. It is the first European premium car manufacturer to do so.

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Telematics in China - Complete Guide

15 Apr 2011

After many years of slow growth within the telematics industry, vehicle manufacturers are beginning to accelerate the launch of new services in order to meet consumer expactations for a connected in-car experience.

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New GPS tracking systems

15 Mar 2011

We provide GPS solutions, including Vehicle Tracker, Personal Tracker, and GPS tracking software. 

Car alarms, Tracking Systems, and tracking solutions with reasonable prices and good quality in china.

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Egil Juliussen, an analyst with research firm iSuppli, forecasts that OnStar could sell 1 million units annually through retailers in a few years

GM Pushes OnStar Into Aftermarket

10 Mar 2011

It wants the on-board communications service to be a kind of in-car smartphone and is offering it to retailers and other carmakers.

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Telematics and Generation Y: Making the car an iPhone on wheels

22 Feb 2011

Telematics Update's Jeremy Slater finds opportunities for telematics regarding generation Y, consumers born between 1982 and 2001, who are set to become early adopters of connected cars. Telematics systems are becoming standard because of a new type of automotive consumer- the millennials. Members of this or Generation Y have grown up using more technological devices than any age group before them. Although they tend to be more tech-savy than their elders, they do not have the same buying power as older generations, which has encouraged OEMs provide telematics with mid-range cars.

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u-blox announces MAX-6 auto-grade GPS modules for telematics

15 Feb 2011

u-blox has announced MAX-6, a new family of ultra-miniature, rugged GPS modules optimized for industrial and telematics applications.

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Green telematics: The eco-driving opportunity

31 Jan 2011

Susan Kuchinskas from Telematics Update reported that eco-driving apps seems to be more feel-good gimmicks than delivering real value.

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Magnetti Marelli and Accenture sign five-year partnership on infotainment & telematics

12 Jan 2011

Accenture will collaborate with Magnetti Marelli in the design and development of the company's in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), telematics and embedded software initiatives, under a five-year contract.

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Continental and China Unicom strengthen telematics partnership

28 Dec 2010

China Unicom recently inked a strategic cooperation framework with Continental Automotive Asia Pacific in Shangai.

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New Research - OEM Telematics Activity Increasing

30 Nov 2010

Berg Insight has a positive outlook for the European car telematics market in the coming five years, as the crisis for the global automotive industry is left behind. Demand for aftermarket vehicle tracking solutions is now coming back to pre-crisis levels. The OEM market segment is showing signs of increasing activity and several programs that were shelved in late 2008 have now been resurrected when the car manufacturers put new focus on their telematics strategies.

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Fiat is using software that tells drivers how to make better, and more fuel efficient, choices behind the wheel

Car or computer? How transport is becoming more connected

26 Nov 2010

While few would blink any more at the sight of a Mini Cooper alongside their own vehicle, some may have noticed a few of their models out and about at the moment that are strangely quiet.

And their silence masks some heavy-duty engineering under the bonnet. They are among the 612 Mini E cars being trialled in the US, UK and Germany since 2009.

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GM seeking insurance break for OnStar subscribers

28 Oct 2010

To increase consumer adoption of its operator-assisted telematics service, OnStar is working with auto insurance companies to offer its subscribers discounts on their policies.

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u-blox introduces auto-grade GSM/GPRS module

06 Oct 2010

u-blox has announced LEON G100 Automotive, a surface-mount automotive quality grade GSM/GPRS modem.

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Paris: Smart shows car2go with new telematics hardware & phone app

06 Oct 2010

At this year's Paris Motor Show, car2go and smart are celebrating the world premiere of a new generation of cars. In future, blue-and-white smart fortwos will roll off the production line at the smart plant in Hambach, Lorraine, as a fully-configured "car2go edition".

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A Car Key That Thinks For You. Buick system automatically prevents vehicle lock-outs.

28 Sep 2010

Could a new General Motors technology put the carmaker's OnStar division out of business?

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France: BMW announces new prices for telematics; offers unlimited internet

22 Sep 2010

BMW is now offering unlimited internet access for 90 Euros for the lifetime of the vehicle (no additional subscription charges.) The vehicle needs to be fitted with a Professional Navigation system with an active telematics subscription.

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Renault Total Security

Renault Launches Insurance-Telematics in Italy

17 Sep 2010

Renault has launched with Octo Telematics an Insurance-Telematics program for its commercial vehicles in Italy.

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Peugeot iOn to get telematics as standard feature for lifetime

15 Sep 2010

In addition to the latest generation electric technology, the iOn incorporates the most recent telematics technologies to offer a range of Peugeot Connect services.

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Octo Telematics receives Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

13 Sep 2010

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Leadership is presented to the company that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the highest annual compound growth rate for the last 3 years.

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Europe: Nissan to launch telematics in 2011?

30 Aug 2010

Nissan has announced that bookings are already open for the Nissan Leaf in Europe starting with Portugal and Ireland, and followed shortly by the UK.

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Ford using telematics to test and improve EV batteries

26 Aug 2010

Ford is leveraging the Internet and wireless technology to accelerate testing and refinement of the advanced lithium-ion battery systems that will power its upcoming plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Delphi moves on aftermarket telematics

26 Jul 2010

With pilots underway, Delphi hopes to develop aftermarket business model for telematics. Telematics systems could represent a huge opportunity for the aftermarket - provided that the industry can develop a cohesive business use model for this remote vehicle diagnostic, communication and entertainment technology.

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UK: Renault launches telematics service

05 Jul 2010

Renault has launched Renault iCare, an innovative maintenance system for commercial vehicle users, whether a one van operator or larger fleet, to ensure down time is kept to a minimum and compliance legislation is fully adhered to.

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First Drive: 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe. The long wait for a world-class Caddy coupe is over.

22 Jun 2010

Cadillac's burgeoning family of CTS-branding vehicles, the original four-door sedan, the high-performance CTS-V sedan, and the slick CTS sport wagon, now includes a radically edgy coupe.

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GM Since May is bigger in China than U.S.!

21 Jun 2010

General Motors and its joint ventures posted record sales in China during May, selling a total of 196,004 vehicles and surpassing GM's sales in the U.S., where GM posted sales of 167,325 units.

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BMW releases details about its microNavigation project

21 Jun 2010

BMW is unlocking completely new potential for navigation in the microNavigation research project. The researchers are using the BMW 3 Series as a prototype. A detailed large-scale map display allows complex enclosed destination areas to be visualised which are not covered by road maps in today's navigation systems or only have incomplete coverage.

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Continental develops emergency steering assist

16 Jun 2010

For the Emergency Steer Assist to work, it is essential that the vehicle is fitted with sensors for monitoring the road as far ahead as possible.

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Audi Launches a "Travolution": Car-to-traffic signal system could speed flow, save fuel

09 Jun 2010

Few things are more frustrating than bouncing from one red light to another when you're doing your daily commute. Worse, every stop eats up fuel.

Enter Audi's travolution concept, which uses WiFi-like technologies to link a car to the roadway infrastructure. As you're traveling, the system is communicating with the stop lights along your route, finding out when they're likey to go red or green.

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Audi planning in-car apps

01 Jun 2010

Audis will have computer-style dashboards and be able to download iPhone-style software applications before the end of the decade, according to the firm's sales and marketing boss, Peter Schwarzenbauer.

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A New Role for a Familiar Face at G.M.

26 May 2010

It has been a fast-paced year in  the career of Susan Docherty, a General Motors vice president. On Monday, she was assigned to another new post, her sixth since last summer, this time in international sales and marketing.

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India: Police using Twitter and Facebook for traffic updates

25 May 2010

By logging on to Twitter, users can get to know about the condition of Delhi traffic, which roads you should take and which to avoid, to reach your destination.

By logging on to Facebook, users can share their views on the traffic management initiatives.

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OneBeacon Starts New Website

21 May 2010

OneBeacon insurance Group's specialty accident and health business has unveiled a new website geared towards the transportation industry.

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"The Hangover" Mercedes Among 61 Movie Cars on the Auction Block

19 May 2010

The racecars never spun victory bournouts at Indy. The Shelby Cobras never menaced Ferraris at Le Mans. And the only hauling the El Camino did most likely involved a Barcalounger and a municipal dump. Still, the vehicles being auctioned at the Mecum Original Spring Classic are charged with a spirit that some collectors will find irresistible: the mystique of show biz.

From May 19-23 at the India State Fairgrounds,....

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QNX tech used in over 200 vehicle models worldwide

14 May 2010

QNX has announced that its technoloy has been licensed for more than 17 million in-vehicle systems worldwide - an increase of 130 percent since 2008.

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Hawaii, Hydrogen, and General Motors Fuel Cells

12 May 2010

New collaboration on Oahu for refueling fuel cell vehicles

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OnStar Looking Beyond GM to Maintain, Grow Subscriber Base

10 May 2010

OnStar is expected to bring out a mirror-mounted telematics device for the retail automotive aftermarket sometime early in 2011. The move is part of a broader strategy to take OnStar beyond the shelter of parent General Motors to tap into the wider market potential of safety and security and to finally and safely integrate entertainment technology with the telematics solution.

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Fiat Introducing Fleet Version of eco:Drive

18 Feb 2010

Fiat's data-collection and transmission system eco:Drive is designed to gather vehicle efficiency data and analyze car performance and driver style. The fleet version, eco:Drive Fleet, allows savings of up to 15% on fuel consumption, as well as ensuring that all the car components are used with optimum efficiency, according to Fiat.

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Ford and MIT to develop driver stress monitoring system

04 Jan 2010

In partnership with MIT's renowned AgeLab, the project is intended to identify specific stress-inducing driving situations, monitor driver reactions using biometrics, and evaluate methods to incorporate new stress-reducing features
into the next generation of Ford products.

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Google to join IPSO Alliance

21 Dec 2009

Joining the IPSO Alliance, Google is part of a group of technology companies with the common goal of promoting the Internet Protocol for Smart Object communications, allowing items ranging from appliances to cars to "communicate" as individuals do over the Internet. The alliance now boasts 53 member companies, including Bosch, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, SAP, Sun Microsystems and Texas Instruments.

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Magneti Marelli and Telit Sign a Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Telematics Devices for Automotive

15 Dec 2009

ROME, Magneti Marelli and Telit Communications S.p.A. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the area of GSM and GPRS modules to be used on telematics devices in the automotive field.

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BMW selects MILE for pan-EU TPEG traffic and travel service

14 Dec 2009

According to an announcement by MILE Traffic and Travel GmbH, the company has been awarded a new multi year contract from BMW AG to provide Next generation Real Time Traffic Information throughout Europe. This is the first pan European service contract announcement from any car manufacturer.

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MyGuide's launches Eco Navigator

02 Dec 2009

The new announced personal navigation device developed by MyGuide Americas enables drivers to track their carbon footprints. Being the first device to show drivers their real-time fuel consumption and carbon emissions and to provide advice on how to improve mileage and reduce emissions, the Eco Navigator furthermore suggests the most fuel-efficient route to a destination.

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Qualcomm to release eCall service

27 Nov 2009

Wireless communications and research company Qualcomm plans to release a standard in-vehicle emergency call service throughout Europe in 2010. The "eCall" service will automatically alert emergency assistance in case of an accident.

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Inthinc's new driver safety system "tiwi"

17 Nov 2009

Inthinc Technology Solutions, a U.S.-based driving safety company, released its new system: tiwi.

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Trimble installs 'green fleet' management system

16 Nov 2009

GeoManager 9.1, Trimble's recently released 'green' fleet management system, pinpoints vehicle location, status, speed, and time information. Giving managers the ability to follow their fleet in street view, satellite view, or aerial close-up, they can also see exact CO2 emissions, real-time miles-per-gallon stats, vehicle fault codes and mileage information, thanks to a "Driver DNA Box".

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Quanta launches connected navigation systems in Brazil

09 Nov 2009

Leading automotive equipment manufacturer Quanta will expand Telogis' aftermarket product portfolio with two lines of navigation devices, powered by Telogis' navigation engine.

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ATX teams with Peugeot to offer in-vehicle alerts on speed camera locations

22 Oct 2009

ATX has launched a new Web-based service in France and the United Kingdom offering Peugeot drivers the capability to receive audio and visual in-vehicle alerts about the location of safety cameras monitoring vehicle speeds.

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Navman Wireless launches privacy function

20 Oct 2009

To ensure that private mileage remains private, Navman Wireless has launched a privacy function , that will make vehicle tracking even more attractive to businesses providing company cars - particularly those running sales fleets.

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Harman International to provide next-generation infotainment system for BMW

07 Oct 2009

The multimedia driven Harman system will aim to offer a set of features including 3-D navigation, graphics, Internet access, and wired or wireless connectivity for passengers. Providing rich navigation data, the hard disc drive will accommodate the user's personal entertainment files for increased flexibility and comfort. The new system will utilize GreenEdgeTM technology (meant to provide energy efficiency) to deliver exceptional performance without compromise while reducing weight and power consumption.

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Five different wireless technologies on Digi fleet management telematics device

06 Oct 2009

Connect Port X% is the product family to incorporate cellular, satellite, global positioning system (GPS), Wi-Fi and vehicle area network (VAN) wireless technology in one device. The solution implements remote connectivity to mobile assets via cellular or satellite networks and was developed using satellite technology gained through the recent acquisition of MobiApps.

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Sierra Wireless signs service contract with PSA Peugeot Citroën

02 Oct 2009

A contract covering remote monitoring and upgrade services for long-term maintenance of in-car telematics systems has been signed between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Sierra Wireless.

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Integration of Decisiv-TMW solution is complete

28 Sep 2009

The integration of Decisiv's FleetPlus solution with TMW Systems' TMT Fleet Maintenance software has been completed.

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Continental develops networked system for Better Place EV services platform

23 Sep 2009

Automotive supplier Continental has been awarded a contract by EV services provider, Better Place to develop networked systems for the Better Place electric vehicle (EV) services platform.

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Toyota develops onboard DSRC unit

22 Sep 2009

To provide drivers with real-time close-vicinity traffic information, Toyota has developed an onboard dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) unit.

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TomTom teams up with Sanyo

18 Sep 2009

In order to bring the best of both worlds to automotive manufacturers, TomTom and Sanyo are collaborating on a nav-and-infotainment solution, that will combine Sanyo's audio-video infotainment experience with TomTom's in car navigation technology.

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Guidepoint launches Bluetooth® kit with emergency services & roadside assistance

03 Sep 2009

The first-ever vehicle Bluetooth hands-free kit has been launched by Michigan-based Guidepoint Systems.

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Device helps drivers see around corners

02 Sep 2009

Seeing aroung corners and eliminating blind spots are the core functions of a newly device to help truck and bus drivers to manoeuvre more safely.

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TomTom WORK launches LIVE connected services for US fleets

01 Sep 2009

Launched in the US by TomTom WORK, the WORK Active solution is a connected nav solution for businesses offering LIVE services as well as enhanced fleet monitoring and reporting capabilities.

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Vehiclepath launches VP500 fleet tracking device

31 Aug 2009

San Diego-based Vehiclepath has launched its VP500 GPS fleet tracking device designed for fleet managers who require a higher-end GPS tracking device than its predecessor - the VP300.

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Partnership between Hughes Telematics and its first OEM partner - Chrysler - has ended

28 Aug 2009

Hughes continued to support Chrysler's telematics program through the company's bankruptcy process and the formation of new Chrysler, which took over the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep businesses from the bankrupt company. While Hughes and new Chrysler each sought to renegotiate the partnership contract to address specific business issues that were important to each company, Hughes says that the OEM introduced additional business terms that were not part of either the prior business discussions or the original arrangement. Consequently, negotiations between the two parties reached an impasse, and Hughes is now ceasing its work with new Chrysler to deploy its hardware and launch its services with them in Q4 this year, as previously planned.

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ATX and BMW France certified for eCall

27 Aug 2009

The French Interior Ministry has contracted certification to ATX and BMW France to provide eCall. ATX's emergency notification and response service is standard in most BMW models in France.

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FedEx expands hybrid-electric fleet

29 Jul 2009

With converting 92 trucks to hybrid-electric systems, FedEx has expanded its hybrid-electric fleet by 50%.

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OnStar launches remote ignition block

24 Jul 2009

Expanding its Stolen Vehicle Assistance services, OnStar provides a new technology that will enable the remote shutdown of a stolen vehicle.

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Hegemon PLC readers & tags get E-mark approval

20 Jul 2009

Hegemon Electronics' PLC system reader and tag has received the E-mark certification for use in installations requiring the European approval.

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AMI India launches Falcon-i real-time fleet tracker

16 Jul 2009

American Megatrends India's (AMI India) recently launched vehicle tracking system brand, Falcon-i, was developed in India and will be manufactured at AMI India's factory in Chennai and rolled out across the country.

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Mobexx all-in-one nav and tracking system launched in the UK

09 Jul 2009

After its success in the North American, Mobexx has launched an intelligent transport innovation for fleet operators in the UK.

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Astrata tracks containers in TNT’s Asia Road Network

29 Jun 2009

TNT has awarded a four-year truck & container tracking contract to the Astrata Group for its entire Asia Road Network.

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GuidePoint provides connectivity for new Visteon radio-nav system

18 Jun 2009

A new Windows-based application developed by GuidePoint will allow users of a new Visteon Navigation System to gain access to the internet in their car or truck.

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Abalta develops breakthrough GPS system testing technology

02 Jun 2009

Abalta Technologies' recently developed LighthouseTM, a breakthrough system testing technology that reduces the cost, complexity and time it takes to field test a navigation system, provides a quantum leap in test optimisation, enabling increased geographical coverage of functional testing for critical test cases.

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BMW UK adds on-demand mileage reporting to Trackstar

26 May 2009

Already available as an option on all BMW and MINI models, the new On-Demand Mileage Reporting System from Trafficmaster now enhances the Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking system.

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Almost half of all new cars will have embedded telematics by 2014

18 May 2009

OEMs' continued efforts to enhance existing embedded and hybrid telematics services and/or launch new ones will drive global penetration rates in new cars to 12% in 2010 and 43% in 2014, says ABI Research.

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Meta System and Wavecom develop automotive telematics solutions

13 May 2009

In order to develop two joint automotive telematics solution, one for OEMs and the other for the insurance industry, Meta System and Wavecom are collaborating alongside an existing partnership to produce an on-board unit for the insurance market.

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Mobileye teams up with Delphi for Volvo’s collision detection system

11 May 2009

In order to deliver vital vision processing technology for the next generation Volvo S60, scheduled to debut in mid-2010, Mobileye has teamed uo with Delphi and Volvo.

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Masternaut Asset Track prevents plant and equipment theft

07 May 2009

Masternaut Three X has announced the launch of a satellite-based real-time tracking service for valuable plant and construction equipment.

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GPS Insight launches Garmin integration

30 Apr 2009

Leading supplier of GPS tracking hardware and software solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, GPS Insight has announced its capability to integrate with supported Garmin nüvi devices.

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Cordic chooses Loquendo speech technologies in latest generation fleet management system

22 Apr 2009

Cordic's cPAQ taxi despatch system now features Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enabled by Loquendo speech technology, according to announcements of both companies.

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GPS Insight launches next gen user-defined alerts

09 Apr 2009

GPS Insight has launched next generation user-defined alerts that go beyond the typical fleet management functionality and help costumers react to unexpected situations with their fleet, as well as notify drivers of violations in real-time via SMS text message or email to their phone.

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Cinterion launches newest generation of dedicated automotive grade modules

03 Apr 2009

AC65i and AC75i are the sixth generation of automotive grade modules released by Cinterion Wireless. Designed to meet the specific requirements of the European eCall initiative, the new modules add advanced telematics features.

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UIEvolution connects the smartphone with the car

02 Apr 2009

With its new platform, UIEvolution enables vehicle owners to remotely communicate with their telematics-enabled vehicles via their mobile phones. The myCar application leverages its UIEngine middleware and Blender content management platform to connect rich mobile applications with the telematics capabilities in the car.

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Paragon cuts transport costs and boosts service levels

20 Mar 2009

Helping Sainbury's to cut transport costs and improve driver productivity by streamlining its delivery operations, Paragon has also helped Fresh Direct to boost customer service levels by optimising its resources.

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AAA rolls out two new cost-saving programs for roadside assistance fleets

19 Mar 2009

In order to offer a cost-saving fuel card program and fuel management consulting to its 10,500+ road service providers, AAA has partnered with Sokolis Group and Fuelman.

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Innovation drives automotive infotainment semiconductor growth

16 Mar 2009

The forecast of audio visual entertainment and telematics Internet connectivity demand are stated to be worth $5.4 billion by 2015.

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TomTom announces developments with Toyota and Renault

10 Mar 2009

Already launched the Carminat TomTom solution on three Renault models, TomTom will deliver its second-generation semi-embedded portable navigation solution to Toyota.

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ATX to Seek Local Partners to Expand European Telematics

25 Feb 2009

ATX Group has announced its plans to serve the European market in the near future through agreements with third-party providers. ATX is one of the leading providers of customized telematics services to the global automotive industry and is currently pursuing telematics business in the Asian and South American markets through similar agreements with local providers of call center services and technical operations across those regions.

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Nearly 60 million ADAS-equipped vehicles by 2013

05 Feb 2009

Market researcher iSuppli has announced that the number of ADAS-equipped cars sold worldwide will triple between 2008 and 2013 to reach almost sixty million. Due to the potential of the technology to reduce accidents, injuries and death, the ADAS sales are expected to be pushed to 56.3 million in 2013 from 17.3 million in 2008.

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Masternaut reports fuel wastage for Wilfreda Beehive

02 Feb 2009

On grounds of rising fuel costs and the desire to reduce its carbon footprint Wilfreda Beehive has invested £50,000 in a web-based vehicle tracking system for its entire vehicle fleet. In order to detect fuel wastage, the new tracking system from Masternaut Three X produces reports to show if vehicles are left running and for how long.

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BMW launches ‘intelligent service’ in Singapore

21 Jan 2009

The BMW TeleServices system is now available in Singapore on the new BMW 7 series, through Performance Motors.

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New Mio devices feature Tele Atlas maps

19 Jan 2009

Mio's new line of GPS devices features Tele Atlas digital maps and content. The Mio Spirit navigation software delivers user-friendly map views and faster POI searches.

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SPOT unveils world’s first satellite-based roadside GPS safety service

14 Jan 2009

SPOT, a Globalstar subsidiary, has launched its new roadside GPS safety service SPOT Assist for its Satellite GPS Messenger.

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BMW Assist™ extends ACN to include “risk of severe injury” algorithm

13 Jan 2009

In North America, BMW has announced that models from 2009 and later (excluding the X3) equipped with the BMW Assist system also feature BMW's "Risk of Severe Injury" calculation.

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Airbiquity expands into China

18 Dec 2008

Airbiquity expands to China and the APAC region, recently established a satellite office in Chengdu.

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Fastrax signs US$5m deal with GE Equipment Services Europe

12 Dec 2008

Fastrax and GE Equipment Services Europe have agreed on being partners in developing a custom design concept for tracking devices. The project's first phase is valued at US$5 million.

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Garmin aids AA fleet’s rapid response

03 Dec 2008

After testing UK's breakdown service, the AA, in London showed that up to 50% was cut off breakdown waiting times, motorbikes re-enhance its fleet equipped with Garmin's zumo 550.

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New opportunities for FMS growth in vertical markets

27 Nov 2008

With the overall growth of the market for fleet management systems, it is becoming clear that no single solution meets the needs of all potential customers. Sharing the basic functionality, different vertical markets have specific requirements for maximising ROI.

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NAVTEQ to acquire T-Systems Traffic

24 Nov 2008

By acquiring T-Systems Traffic (T-Traffic), NAVTEQ has taken another step towards expanding its traffic information systems into Europe.

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Location ecosystem still looking for sustainable growth and viable business models

18 Nov 2008

According to ABI Research, the location ecosystem has yet to reach a mature stage as it continues to encounter challenges on its way to continued profitable growth.

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New sensor integration enhances trailer tracking value

14 Nov 2008

According to ABI Research, the integration of sensors into asset tracking applications has added a new dimension to the business value equation.

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BMW eCall

BMW engineers, doctors working to save lives

04 Nov 2008


MUNICH | Maybe you have heard about the 'golden hour' the time a victim of a serious car crash should get medical treatment. But according to professor Dr. Jeffrey Augenstein, director of the trauma center of the Jackson Memorial in Miami, you could better say "every minute counts."

Help can be summoned with the touch of a finger.

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Networkcar becomes Networkfleet

02 Nov 2008

Networkcar, subsidiary of Hughes Telematics, is changing its name to Networkfleet, reflecting the company's sole focus on helping commercial and government fleets to increase operating efficiency and reduce costs.

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GM - Chrysler Financing Dilemma

29 Oct 2008

DETROIT (AP) -- Some issues standing in the way of General Motors Corp. acquiring Chrysler LLC have been resolved, but others remain including the biggest: how to finance the deal, according to two people who have been briefed on the talks.

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Airbiquity deploys 10 million telematics solutions

20 Oct 2008

Already deploying more than ten million of its aqLink in-band software modem technology with major customers such as Onstar/GM and BMW, Airbiquity is launching it in the coming weeks with Ford Sync.

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Garmin enhances FMI functionality

15 Oct 2008

Garmin's Fleet Management Interface (FMI) system has been improved to include features such as canned responses and messages, driver ID and driver status protocol. Integrated with mobile resource management companies, Garmin's FMI service enables fleet tracking, messaging, dispatch and navigation directly on its PNDs.

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OnStar launches Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

14 Oct 2008

A year after the demonstration of the prototype, General Motors and OnStar have launched Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® on more than one million model-year 2009 GM vehicles in the US and Canada.

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Savi tracks Dow Chemical’s hazmat rail shipments

02 Oct 2008

The location and status of Dow Chemical's products in transit in its Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) rail tank fleet is monitored by Savi's SmartChain Asset Management software.

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In the Driver's Seat in Connected Vehicles

01 Oct 2008

The Big 3 U.S. automakers - General Motors, Ford and Chrysler - each have some kind of connectivity strategy. GM has OnStar. Ford has Sync, and Chrysler is touting "uconnect" for phone, tunes, GPS and Web access.

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Tellme and Dial Directions enter partnership with Dash Navigation

30 Sep 2008

Dash Navigation provides wireless communication between telephones or mobile phones and their cars.

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Cross Country Automotive acquires ATX

17 Sep 2008

Cross Country Automotive has secured a deal with ATX Group for an undisclosed sum.

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StarTrak receives $0.75m order from Exel Transportation Services

16 Sep 2008

Exel has charged Alanco Technologies' StarTrak Systems subsidiary with an order valued at more than $750,000 for ReeferTrak® system hardware and five years of data subscription services.

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iPhone hits the road with Avego

13 Sep 2008

Mapflow's Avego is a new technology designed to fill ununsed seats in cars with paying passengers. By using iPhone and other mobile devices, Avego matches passengers and drivers through an easy-to-use system providing a financial incentive for commuters hit by high gasoline prices.

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NAVIGON & Clear Channel: TTN relationship extended

09 Sep 2008

NAVIGON partners with Clear Channel Radio extending NAVIGON's use of Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network (CCTTN).

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TomTom: Connected services in Europe

01 Sep 2008

TomTom has unveiled a line of connected PNDs available in Germany, UK, France, Netherlands and Switzerland during autumn: the range of "TomTom GO x40 LIVE" (three models: GO 540, 740, 940) will start at €349 and the "LIVE" service subscription will cost €9.95 per month.

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Volvo On Call launched in Russia and Austria

30 Aug 2008

By adding Russia and Austria, Volvo Cars continues its market rollout of a Pan European telematics service. As the first automotive manufacturer, Volvo Cars offers safety related services such as emergency and breakdown call, stolen vehicle tracking and remote door unlock.

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First demo COOPERS co-operative traffic info system, Internationale Funkausstellung IFA Berlin, Germany

29 Aug 2008

First public demonstrations of the COOPERS traffic information systems allowing near-to-real-time information to just those drivers who are close to the road section concerned. Demonstrations will be held on the famous Avus section of Berlin's city motorway.

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iTRAK releases Call Commander option

27 Aug 2008

iTRAK Corporation, a leading provider of GPS-based tracking, mapping, and reporting solutions, has announced the commercial release of its hand-free voice option to greatly improve the efficiency and safety of fleet drivers.

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TomTom: New South African distributor & office in Turkey

31 Jul 2008

Automotive navigation provider TomTom partners with multimedia distributor Rectron to further establish the TomTom brand and develop distribution and market share in South Africa.

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u-blox' dead reckoning embedded in NYC cabs

24 Jul 2008

Fleet management solution provider Mobile Knowledge chose a dead reckoning GPS module developed by Switzerland-based u-blox for a cutting edge Passenger Information Monitor (PIM) & Point of Sale system being used by New York City's Yellow Taxi fleet.

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Testing begins on truck anti-collision systems

16 Jul 2008

A series of large-scale tests of anti-collision systems for trucks was launched in Delft (NL) on July 9th.

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TomTom partners with BASE to provide real-time Belgium traffic information

03 Jul 2008

Navigation solutions provider TomTom and wireless operator BASE signed an agreement to bring TomTom HD Traffic to Belgium customers. TomTom expects to launch this service in mid 2009.

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Volvo to equip 1,400 buses with telematics systems

02 Jul 2008

Volvo Buses has fixed its largest order for the ITS4mobility telematics system to be installed on 1,400 buses in the city of Goiânia in Brazil.

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Integration of Microsoft MSN Gas Price Finder Into Voyager Mobile IPTV

27 Jun 2008

USTelematics, Inc. announces the integration of Microsoft's MSN Autos Gas Price Finder into Company's Voyager in-car Mobile Internet Protocol TV, enabling drivers of cars equipped with Voyager to find the best, closest fuel prices in real time.

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Cybit signs partnership with Ford

13 Jun 2008

Cybit and Ford have become partners to provide a fully managed service solution for Ford Fleet customers.

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Peugeot 107 to feature Geosat 6 breathalyzer

29 May 2008

Geosat 6 Drive Safe, a new PND was launched by Italian GPS company AvMap in partnership with Peugeot earlier this month. The device features a breathalyzer testing the driver's sobriety and retails at €449 in exclusivity with the Peugeot 107 Sweet Years. To know if you are able to drive, your alcohol level is tested by blowing air on the right upper side of this PND.

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Litex Motors to be set up in Bulgaria

07 May 2008

SOFIA. Local business man Grisha Ganchev and Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) have become partners in the newly-set up company Litex Motors designing and manufacturing automobiles, bikes and other motor vehicles.

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Street View now available in Google Maps driving directions

06 May 2008

Google Maps integrated Street View in his driving directions.

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Micrisoft and Hyundai-Kia agree to co-develop in-car infotainment systems

06 May 2008

Microsoft and Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group entered into a long-term agreement today to co-develop next-generation in-car infotainment systems based on the Microsoft Auto software platform. The first product, which provides voice-controlled connectivity between mobile devices, will be introduced in the North American market in 2010. It will further apply to Asian and European markets, and expand into multimedia and navigation devices.

Extended temperature range for Micron products

05 May 2008

Micron Technology, Inc. is expanding the temperature limits of its automotive memory products from former +85 to +105 degrees Celsius.

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Finalists announced for the 2008 Telematics Awards

02 May 2008

The industry's only global print magazine Telematics Update is giving award to the most innovating and progressing companies playing key figures in the segment.

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Affordable in-car autoradio-nav by Takara

30 Apr 2008

The European in-car electronics company Takara presented yesterday an in-car solution combining autoradio and navigation system at an affordable price.

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Daimler’s Smart Car to be sold in China next year

21 Apr 2008

BEIJING. Executive vice president, Klaus Maier, announced that Daimler will bring the smart to China in mid-2009 to participate in the increasingly growing micro and small car market.

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Valmet Automotive to produce in Russia

17 Apr 2008

The finnish company Valmet Automotive is looking into building a new factory near St. Petersburg, Russia. The representatives, who are part of the Finno-Russian Chamber of Commerce visit, are in Russia to establish connections and check the local conditions, but no decisions have been made yet.

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Motorola presents Smart Rider (TM)

08 Apr 2008

Motorola has presented a new in-vehicle business solution: the Motorola Smart Rider (TM) phone.

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OnStar Announces the Introduction of Two New Navigational Services

05 Apr 2008

(Medialink) - Pulling into a gas station for directions is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As car navigation devices get more affordable, an increasing number of drivers are buying vehicles with GPS. With more than five million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, OnStar, the leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and communication services is catering to its growing market.

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Improvement of Truck and Bus Safety

03 Mar 2008

SEATTLE - Zonar Systems and Spectra Inc. contract partnership to develop a brake diagnostics system.

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Berg Insight's 3rd Car telematics and wireless M2M report

03 Mar 2008

Berg Insight's third edition of the Car telematics and wireless M2M report reveals that OEM telematics don't effect the European market.

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Chery Automobile Meets Chrsyler

20 Feb 2008

SHANGHAI – Chery Automobile, the fourth-largest car maker of China, and its partner Chrsyler may join a venture, which is about exporting Chinese cars to America.

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NADAguides: How much will your car cost the next years?

19 Feb 2008

COSTA MESA, California –, a website about vehicle information, which is powered by Vincentric, shows potential car customers how much a car may cost during life time.

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