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Report predicts Global Automotive Connectors market to grow

18 Mar 2015

TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Automotive Connectors market to grow at a CAGR of 7.99 percent over the period 2014-2019.

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GM’s OnStar partners with Progressive to provide usage-based insurance

14 Jan 2015

OnStar cooperation with Progressive provides driving assessments, UBI discount rates to qualifying customers.

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UK to allow driverless cars on public roads in January

30 Jul 2014

According to UK's government driverless cars will be allowed on public roads from January next year.

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Our Tipps to prevent auto breakdowns before vacation

27 Jun 2014

Do you know any bigger killjoys on summer vacations than a automobile break-down? We show you how to prevent auto break-downs before vacation:

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Insurance Sector of Berkshire Hathaway Purchases MyAssist Inc. & Insure America, LLC

05 Feb 2014

BHSI (Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance) announced the purchase of assets for the insurance telematics provider called MyAssist Inc & Insure America, LLC.

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Telefonica SA Launches First Insurance Telematics Product In Germany

20 Nov 2013

Telefonica SA partnered with Sparkassen DirektVersicherung to bring the first insurance telematics product to Germany.

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Usage based insurance programs can reduce rates approximately 15 percent

11 Oct 2013

The government in the province of Ontario aims at reducing the usage based insurance rate by 15 percent.

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12 Automakers expected to be included at Telematics Munich 2013

07 Oct 2013

Automakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota are expected to be participants at insurance telematics Munich 2013.

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Frontline Operation For Octo Telematics Moves To London

28 Jun 2013

Octo Telematics made the move to London in order to make much stronger ties in the industry of insurance telematics.

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Brand New Telematic Broker To Launch In July

15 Jun 2013

The insurance telematics Company called Girls Drive Better to officially launch on the first day of July.

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ABI Produces Guides For Pay As You Drive Insurance

10 Jun 2013

Two guides were ultimately produced by the Association of British Insurers.

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Many Young Drivers No Longer Have To Be Crippled By High Insurance Premiums

04 Jun 2013

A new Company called Insured Cars Online wants to provide affordable insurance to young and safe drivers.

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Usage Based Insurance Comes To Alberta, Canada

22 May 2013

Motorists will now have the opportunity to prove their safe driving habits with newly installed telematic devices.

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UBI to Be Offered by Desjardins Insurance

13 May 2013

Usage Based Insurance will be the first of its kind in Ontario, Canada.

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E-Drive Solutions and Universal Graphics Merge

11 May 2013

The merger between E-Drive Solutions and Universal Graphics will lead to 40 brand new jobs.

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MetroMile raises nearly $10 million dollars for insurance services

05 May 2013

MetroMile received approximately $10 million dollars for its pay as you drive service.

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Chleon & Collaborate to Offer Pay How You Drive Service

30 Apr 2013

New Pay How You Drive Service to be utilized to determine future premium costs.

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Safety Agency Backs Limits to Car Devices

23 Apr 2013

US - The guidlines released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are aimed at lessening the risks of „distracted driving", recommending that automakers voluntarily limit the functions of electronic devices built into vehicles. Being not mandatory, the guidlines focus on amenities including communication, entertainment and navigation devices.

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eCall deployment - Publication by the European Commission

18 Apr 2013

On 3 April 2013, the European Commission has published the Delegated Regulation No 305/2013 supplementing the Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to the harmonised provision for an interoperable EU-wide eCall. This Regulation establishes the specifications for the upgrading of the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) infrastructure required for the proper receipt and handling of eCalls, in order to ensure the compatibility, interoperability and continuity of the harmonised EU-wide eCall service. This Regulation shall enter into force on the 20th day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. It shall apply to infrastructures deployed from the date of entry into force of this Regulation. It shall apply from 23 April 2014 to infrastructures already deployed at the date of entry into force of this Regulation.

Drivers looking forward to having eCall in all cars

22 Mar 2013

EU - The European Commission is preparing a proposal aiming to equip all vehicles with the emergency call system, eCall, by 2015, says Agence Europe (19.03.13), recalling that in case of an accident, the eCall system is able to reach the emergency services immediately. "If eCall had been put in place in 2009 as planned, more than 10,000 lives could have been saved on European roads according to the European Commission estimations", states Jacob Bangsgaard, General Director of the Brussels office of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

112 emergency system launched in Stavropol

26 Feb 2013

Russia - Russian national operator Rostelecom, in cooperation with the administration of the Stavropol region, has launched the 112 emergency system in the Stavropol region. The pilot project is being carried out in Pyatigorsk city and the Georgiyevsk municipality. The full exploitation of the system is planned to start in April.

Creation of 112 emergency phone system could be completed in three years, says head of state-owned enterprise

20 Feb 2013

The creation of the 112 emergency phone system in Ukraine could be completed in three years if there is stable funding, the director of the state-owned Center for Civil Security 112, Tyberiy Bolvari, has said.

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Tour operators and travel agents join '112' emergency number campaign

14 Feb 2013

The European Commission and The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations (ECTAA) are asking tour operators, travel agents to promote the pan-European emergency number '112' on their websites, on e-tickets, and at major tourist destinations.

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GSMA Supports Delivery of Emergency Services in Europe through Mobile

12 Feb 2013

GSMA Joins the European Emergency Number Association to Help Save Lives Across the Region

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Launch of HeERO 2 project

15 Jan 2013

6 new European countries join HeERO, an international project aiming to deploy eCall, the in-vehicle service that could save several hundred lives in Europe yearly.

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Proposal for Noisier Electric Cars at Low Speed

07 Jan 2013

US/Detroit - A government safety agency wants electric and hybrid vehicles to make more noise when traveling at low speeds, so pedestrians can hear them coming.

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Publication of the 'Call taking procedures and data to be gathered' EENA Operations Document

14 Dec 2012

EENA Operations Committee - This publication assembles crucial information on data gathering in each step of the emergency resolution and on launching correct procedures that lead to efficient and effective interventions. It also outlines some of the 'best practice' approaches in terms of sharing information and using common procedures from the authorities' perspective.

EU Emergency Services Workshop 2013 draft agenda released

13 Dec 2012

EUESW 2013 - EENA has released the first draft agenda of the EU Emergency Services Workshop 2013. Over 60 top speakers representing emergency services, public authorities and industry from all over Europe will showcase best practices at the EUESW 2013 on 17-19 April 2013, in Riga - Latvia. This year's workshop is developed around the concept of innovation, be it social media, NG112 or apps and focused on the EENA PSAP Certification, a Certification of Quality Assurance standard aiming to recognise and reward quality in the PSAP performance. The workshop is held in conjunction with the 112 Awards Ceremony.

Organisation of Public Safety Answering Points in Europe

05 Dec 2012

EENA Publication - The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) has released the 'Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in Europe' publication, edition 2012. It provides an overview of the PSAPs structure in 27 EU countries plus Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. This years' publication also includes information on national public warning systems, projects/reforms/upgrades of the PSAPs, technologies deployed and suppliers.

Transport: Commission helping to deploy 112 eCall for emergency services

01 Dec 2012

EC - The European Commission has adopted a measure to ensure that by 2015 your car can call emergency services for you in case of a crash. The Commission wants the life-saving eCall system to be fitted to all new models of cars and light vehicles from 2015. eCall automatically dials Europe's single emergency number 112 in the event of a serious accident and communicates the vehicle's location to the emergency services. According to some estimates, eCall could speed emergency response times by 40% in urban areas and 50% in the countryside, and save up to 2500 lives a year.

Invitel submits best bid at emergency-call tender

29 Oct 2012

Hungarian telecommunications company Invitel's bid was assessed as the best at a tender called by the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) for IT developments related to the 112 emergency call number, but it is HUF 59 million more expensive than the HUF 2.269 billion upper limit specified in the tender invitation, business daily Világgazdaság and daily Népszabadság both reported on Monday.

112 emergency number cannot be launched due to lack of money and legal framework

16 Oct 2012

Moldova - The 112 phone line, which was supposed to be a single line for all emergency services and which was supposed to be launched at the end of 2010, is still in the project phase, due to lack of money and a legal framework to provide such a service.

EU-Japan Cooperation in Intelligent Transport Systems

30 Sep 2012

Mr Koichi Sakai, from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism, joins the European Commission, DG CONNECT, for 6 months, as of 1st of October 2012, to enhance the EU-Japan cooperation in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems research.

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OpEneR project works towards fully electric vehicles

30 Aug 2012

The on-going EU-funded OpEneR project works to increase the driving range in fully electric vehicles (FEV). During the first year of the project two fully electric prototype cars were built. Read more on the successful OpEneR project in their brochure.

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eCall Mandate Pushed Forward by EU Parliament

22 Jun 2012

Members of the European Parliament said in a resolution adopted jointly by the Internal Market and Transport Committees on June, 19th that all new cars must be fitted by 2015 with eCall devices.

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eCall For Road Safety Mandatory in UK by 2015

24 Apr 2012

As recently reported by BBC, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said that all buses and trucks in the UK will be fitted with the latest in collision-avoidance technology. The group pointed out that such devices could save thousands of lives, especially when including automated emergency response systems (eCall).

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EENA publishes Next Generation 112 Long Term Definition standard for emergency services

11 Apr 2012

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) released today the first public version of the Next Generation 112 Long Term Definition standard ("NG112 LTD"). To ensure global interoperability, EENA has re-used existing standards as much as possible. In particular, the work from the National Emergency Number Association (NENA)(1) has been adapted to European Public Safety Answering Points. The NG112 LTD document defines a long-term architecture for European Emergency Services and remains voluntarily close to NENA i3 standard(2).

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Dutch emergency control centres in reorganisation

25 Feb 2012

The Netherlands - A number of 112 emergency control centres will disappear as the result of a 50-million-euro budget cut, but Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten says this will actually improve quality. The new national emergency control centres should be operational in five years. Minister Opstelten will submit his proposal to parliament before the summer.

112 day: 74 % of Europeans don't know what emergency number to call when travelling in the EU

17 Feb 2012

Whether for skiing holidays, family days out, business travel or visits to this summer's sporting events, including the London Olympics or Euro 2012 UEFA football in Poland and Ukraine, millions of Europeans and visitors need access to emergency services in and outside their home country. Yet only 34% of regular travellers and 26% of all Europeans know that 112 is the single emergency number they can call, both in and outside their home country when in trouble.

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EU Telecoms Council decision on radio spectrum opens the way for growth in the sector

25 Jan 2012

The Telecoms ministers agreed on a Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP). The Decision on RSPP will create a comprehensive EU spectrum policy programme until 2015 and will complete the Single Market, particularly in line with the Europe 2020 initiative and the Digital Agenda for Europe.

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112 emergency number to be launched in Ukraine before Euro 2012

20 Jan 2012

The state-run Public Security Center 112 is to organize training for providing aid to the population in the case of emergencies via the 112 emergency phone system in the territory of Ukraine.

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European Commission harmonises new license-exempt frequency bands for wireless innovations

28 Dec 2011

The European Commission has updated spectrum harmonisation conditions for short-range devices (SRD) in the internal market. SRDs play an important role in the daily life of citizens. Numerous applications such as alarms, door openers, medical devices, but also local communications equipment such as Wi-Fi routers, rely on these low power radio transmitters. The newly harmonised licence-exempt frequency bands can be used by intelligent transport systems, vehicle radars and for non-specified purposes. Additionally, the technical conditions for a number of devices, such as RFID and inductive devices, are made less restrictive.

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Ukraine's emergencies minister wants his agency to be merged with Interior Ministry

19 Dec 2011

Ukraine's Emergencies Minister Viktor Baloha believes that the Emergencies Ministry and the Interior Ministry should be merged and hopes that this initiative will be supported at the state level.

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NTSB wants complete ban of personal electronic devices while driving

13 Dec 2011

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling for a nationwide ban on the use of personal electronic devices (such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc.), while operating a motor vehicle.

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The Written Declaration on accessible 112 emergency services adopted

16 Nov 2011

EU - The "European Parliament Written Declaration 0035/2011 on the need for accessible 112 emergency services" was adopted today. It invites the Commission "to promote the development of fully accessible and reliable Next Generation 112 services independent from devices and networks, using the Total Conversation concept" and "to put forward legislative and standardisation proposals to make 112 services fully accessible to all citizens, giving priority to sign language services using video technologies and text-based services to ensure the inclusion of deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-disabled users".

No role for smartphones in Europe’s eCall

11 Nov 2011

Although one of the hottest issues currently discussed in the automotive infotainment, Smartphones won't play a roll in Europe's eCall initiative. The Europe-wide emergency calling system will be mandatory in cars from 2015 onwards. Although implementation is slowed by differences of opinion on technologies, interoperability, call redirection and so on, there is one thing all players agree about. The system needs to always work, which means in-vehicle integration.

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Publication of the Deliverable D2.1: Functional and Operational requirements Report

20 Sep 2011

HeERO project (eCall) - Current state-of-the-art analysis in the area of 112 response. E112 calls has been undertaken to build up the reference document for identification of the functional and operational requirements, HW installation and SW implementation needs in each HeERO project member state. This analytical task is focusing on all parts of the future eCall service chain which means the readiness of the in-vehicle system equipment, telecommunication infrastructure (specifically 112/E112 related parts) and PSAP infrastructure.

Hungary signs eCall Memorandum of Understanding

22 Jun 2011

Hungary signed the eCall Memorandum of Understanding (eCall MoU) on 6th of June. It is the 22nd Member State which by its signature commits to the timely deployment of eCall in Europe. In case of a serious accident, an eCall-equipped car automatically calls the appropriate emergency call centre even if nobody in the car is able to make a phone call. The eCall device then sends a set of basic data about the accident.

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Update by the European Commissioner in charge of the Digital Agenda

29 May 2011

Brussels - Speech made by Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner in charge of the Digital Agenda, in the framework of the European Parliament's Report on Universal Service and 112.

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U.S. to propose mandatory vehicle 'black boxes'

26 May 2011

The U.S. Transportation Department said today it will propose making vehicle "black boxes" mandatory in all vehicles by the end of the year. The department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has long considered whether to make black boxes, officially called event data recorders, or EDRs, mandatory. They collect data about the seconds leading up to a crash and can help investigators determine the cause.

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Latest Treasure is Location Data

10 May 2011

As lawmakers ready hearings, insurers, car makers, even shopping malls seek to track customers... Insurance companies are starting to tap location and other data when drivers agree.

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North Carolina Considers Pay-As-You-Go Insurance

09 May 2011

General Assembly bill would allow companies to offer customers special discounts based on how much they drive.

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ECJ Insists On Unisex Insurance Premiums

01 Mar 2011

The European Court of Justice has said that insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate on the grounds of sex from 21 December 2012. The move, strongly resisted by the UK insurance industry, means that women will pay more for motor insurance and men will receive less income from annuities.

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Digital Agenda: Commission calls on Member States to increase awareness of Europe's single emergency number

21 Feb 2011

To mark "European 112 Day" on 11th February, the European Commission is urging Member States to step up their efforts to increase public awareness of the existence of 112, the number which can be used in all EU Member States to reach emergency services. An EU-wide survey released today shows around three out of four EU citizens still do not know this life-saving number. However, EU telecoms rules require Member States to make their citizens aware of the 112 number. To increase the protection of EU citizens, Member States are further required to improve the accuracy and reliability of caller location information under the new EU telecoms rules, which must be implemented into national law by 25 May this year (see MEMO/09/568).

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Only One Emergency Number in Finland

18 Feb 2011

The old emergency numbers will no longer work as of this Monday, when only one number will function: 112. This is the EU-wide emergency number, and the old number for Finnish police, which used to work alongside 112, is no longer in use.

Armenia will implement an emergency calls system such as 112/911

16 Feb 2011

The Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations plans the introduction of a system similar to 911 in the U.S. and 112 in Europe, Press Secretary of the ministry told Armenian However, he said, it does not mean that police and other emergency services will stop performing their functions. "Psychologists will talk to people before specialists arrive," Gigoryan said. He hopes that the Armenian 911 system will start operating this year.

Smarter use of scarce resources: Commission launches flagship initiative for sustainable growth

30 Jan 2011

Natural resources, from raw materials to food, water, air and ecosystems, are fundamental to the functioning of our economy and our quality of life. But global strains on them are increasing. Building a more resource-efficient Europe is therefore crucial to the EU's economic and ecological security. The European Commission today set out its views on a strategic framework that should deliver a more sustainable use of natural resources and the shift towards resource-efficient, low-carbon growth in Europe.

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EU: Croatia signs the eCall MoU bringing the total to 24 countries

30 Dec 2010

Croatia commited itself to the timely implementation of eCall, the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call system by signing the eCall Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently.

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Five Companies Confirmed in Brazil Under Resolution 245

11 Oct 2010

Five companies have been officially confirmed by the Brazilian government regarding Resolution 245, which requires the installation of GPS-tracking systems in all new cars by December 1st, 2010.

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Octo Telematics Joins Board of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association

26 Sep 2010

Plymouth, MI, September 26, 2010 --( The Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA), is pleased to announce that Octo Telematics has joined its organization and Nino Tarantino has been elected to its Board of Directors. CVTA is a non-profit business league established to facilitate interaction and advance the interests of entities involved in the vehicle communication environment.

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Qualcomm Announces a New Telematics Solution for the Auto Insurance Market

15 Sep 2010

This solution enables insurance companies to identify and monitor risks, and reduce costs in the event of claims, accidents and frauds.

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Continental releases accident statistics to highlight ADAS benefits

26 Aug 2010

One in three registered inner-city accidents happens at a speed of less than 30 kilometers per hour.

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eCall Public Consultation Survey

25 Jul 2010

The European Commission is carrying out an impact assessment of the in-vehicle emergency call "eCall" deployment. The assessment considers various policy options (no intervention, voluntary approach or mandatory implementation of eCall) to implement the eCall system in Europe. The main objective of this public consultation is to collect the opinions of stakeholders and EU citizens on the issue and therefore ensure the transparency of the decision making process.

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Behind the wheel: What the Motor Vehicle Safety Act means to consumers

21 Jul 2010

Over the past year, the issues of unintended acceleration got our attention focused on ways to fix our auto safety net. The issue got Congress' attention, too. Congress has since developed a proposal to improve how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates automobile safety, considering input from auto industry, consumer groups, and regulators.

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eCall: SBD distinguishes fact from fiction

14 Jul 2010

The recent approval of the ITS Directive by the European Parliament has received widespread coverage within the telematics industry, but there remains a great deal of confusion about what it actually means.

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DRIVE Coalition Hits a Wall

14 Jul 2010

The plan to unite the electronics industry against tougher laws on drivers using mobile devices fizzled on Wednesday, when Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and a safety expert identified as DRIVE's leader denounced it at a press conference in Washington.

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Emerging telematics opportunities in Brazil

01 Jul 2010

South America's largest economy, Brazil, is world's sixth largest car and truck manufacturer, and last year accounted for five percent of total vehicles sold in the world. At the same time Brazil is facing one of the highest rates of vehicle thefts worldwide.

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NHTSA and Toyota Safety Lapses Prompt Tough New Legislation

05 May 2010

First Look: The Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010

by Ken Zino

As a result of the fatalities and law breaking at Toyota, as well as the lapses in enforcement at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during unintended acceleration deaths,  automotive regulations are about to be stiffened...The legislation mandates that all vehicles be equipped with event data recorders that record crash information. The legislation would also require that NHTSA issue a rule requiring such recorders be more stronger, store data from a longer time period before and after a crash, store more data elements as appropriate, and make the information easily accessible to investigators than is required under a current voluntary program.

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EU Emergency Number: Member States Endorse Automated 112 Calls From Cars In Europe

04 May 2010

The European Commission has welcomed five more Member States endorsing the eCall in-car emergency system. This life-saving system automatically dials Europe's single emergency number 112 in the event of a serious accident and could save up to 2500 lives per year in Europe when fully deployed. At a ceremony in Brussels on 4th May Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Malta and Romania are signing the EU's Memorandum of Understanding to implement eCall across Europe, joining 15 other European countries that had already signed.

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8 more EU countries and transport stakeholders to commit to implementing life-saving in-car eCall system

30 Apr 2010

On 4 May 2010 8 EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxemburg, Poland and Romania) and several transport organisations (OctoTelematics, DEKRA, Eurosmart, European Road Transport Safety Council, GMV) are scheduled to sign the eCall Memorandum of Understanding and thereby commit to implement the eCall system.

15 Member States (as well as 3 other European countries) and more than 80 companies and organisations have already signed the eCall Memorandum of Understanding.

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Recalls Triple as Vehicle Electronic Systems Complaints Swamp U.S. Regulators

26 Mar 2010

March 26 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. vehicle recalls related to electronic systems have tripled and investigations quadrupled in the past 30 years following a surge in the use of computers to control functions such as acceleration.

Lawmakers and safety advocates probing Toyota Motor Corp.'s handling of sudden-acceleration complaints say the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has failed to keep pace with the technology. At least 27 individual lawsuits assert that electronics systems are responsible for deaths or injuries in crashes of Toyota vehicles.

Regulations that may emerge from NHTSA's review include making mandatory the so-called black boxes that collect data from crashes and increasing the length of time they operate and the number of incidents they measure, said Joan Claybrook, a former NHTSA administrator. Automakers will voluntarily include black boxes by 2012 that collect "minimal" data, she said.

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Court Upholds Brazilian Rule Requiring Vehicle Tracking Devices

25 Mar 2010

Minister Marcio Fortes celebrated yesterday the decision of the 7th Federal Court of São Paulo which ruled the Brazilian Government as the winner against the Public Minister and its Prosecutor against the Ministry of Cities, upholding the ruling in 2009 that decided all cars will be sold with a tracking and blocking system. In July the first cars in Brasil will start being sold with the antitheft devices installed.

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U.S. weighs post-Toyota 'black box' requirement

12 Mar 2010

NHTSA outlines possible changes in response to recalls

DETROIT - Federal safety regulators, who allowed auto companies to voluntarily install event data recorders on their vehicles a few years ago, are now looking into whether the systems should be required, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Thursday.

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The European Commission launched a consultation on future universal service in digital era

04 Mar 2010

A public consultation on what is the best approach to ensure that basic telecoms services are available for all EU citizens has been launched yesterday by the European Commission. The consultation aims to see if rules and definitions on universal service need to be updated for the digital age, and in particular if they should be extended to cover broadband access. Please note that it is the directive governing 112 issues. It will help the Commission decide if it needs to present new legislative proposals on universal service obligations for telecoms by end of 2010. The consultation will run until 7 May 2010. A Public Workshop will be held on 30 March 2010 in Brussels.

European 112 Day celebrated all over Europe

11 Feb 2010

Members of the European Parliament call to raise awareness about 112:

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European Commission ends case against Italy on the transfer of 112 calls to the emergency services

25 Jan 2010

Italy - The European Commission ended legal action taken against Italy following confirmation that calls made to the single European emergency number 112 can be effectively transferred to the relevant national emergency service.

New legislation proposal for accessibility of 112

21 Jan 2010

Belgium - Greens have proposed a new legislation to the Belgian Senate in order to make calls to 112 accessible to persons with disabilities. They ask for implementation of SMS calls to emergency services.

Intel and Google: In-car Web

18 Jan 2010

Intel and Google have unveiled new infotainment systems integrating the Internet into cars more seamlessly than ever before at the Consumer Electronic Show.

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MEP supporting 112 questions new Commissioner during hearings

15 Jan 2010

On 14 January 2010 (hearings of the new European Commissioners at the European Parliament in Brussels), the Member of the European Parliament, Fiona Hall, from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe political group, asked a question about 112 and caller-location to Commissioner Neelie Kroes (Digital Agenda portfolio) during her hearing.

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US: FocusDriven to campaign against distracted driving

14 Jan 2010

The Transportation Department and safety advocates have announced the creation of FocusDriven, an organization
dedicated to raising public awareness about the dangers of driving while talking on cell phones or texting on
handheld computers.

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Darwen and Rossendale MP calls for emergency mobile phone signal

07 Jan 2010

United Kingdom - AN East Lancashire MP has called for an emergency mobile phone signal to be introduced after being stranded in a Rossendale blizzard. Janet Anderson is urging the government to get onboard with a new initiative to help people contact emergency services when their mobile phone signal is down.

New 111 non-emergency healthcare phone number confirmed

22 Dec 2009

United Kingdom - Ofcom today confirmed that it will allocate a new memorable three-digit phone number - 111 - for NHS non-emergency healthcare services. This will enable the Department of Health to introduce the service to make it easier for patients to access healthcare in their local area. Ofcom also confirmed that the Department of Health intends that calls to the number will be free.

112: European Commission sends Italy final warning and closes legal action against Lithuania

25 Nov 2009

The European Commission today stepped up legal action against Italy because Italian emergency services still do not receive information about the location of people who dial 112 - Europe's single emergency number - from mobile phones despite a previous judgement of the European Court of Justice. The Commission has decided to send Italy a reasoned opinion, which is the final stage before the case is referred again to the European Court of Justice, who would then have to decide to impose financial penalties on Italy for lack of respect of a previous judgement. At the same time, the Commission also ended legal action taken against Lithuania as caller location details are now available for 112 calls from mobile phones.

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One in three emergency calls are not answered - EC following 112 implementation closely

23 Nov 2009

MALTA - One in three phone calls made to Malta's official emergency number remains unanswered, The Sunday Times has learnt.:This means that every year more than 310,000 calls to the 112 emergency line operated by the Maltese police fails to be picked up. Other EU countries have an unanswered percentage rate of between zero and 6.5 per cent.

Successful eCall demonstration by Qualcomm and Hughes Telematics

20 Nov 2009

Qualcomm Incorporated, a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies products and services, and Hughes Telematics, Inc., a leader in providing next generation telematics solutions, have successfully demonstrated the data transmission technology of the upcoming pan-European, in-vehicle emergency call (eCall) standard over commercial wireless networks at the 12th eSafety Forum Plenary meeting, "eCall Summit", held in Brussels, Belgium on October 29, 2009.

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Dutch government finalises kilometre charge plan

16 Nov 2009

Over the next few years, all road users will start to pay for using their vehicle rather than for owning it. The kilometre charge will halve the number of traffic jms and benefit the environment. How its will work and what it will cost are described in the bill on the the kilometre charge proposed by Minister Eurlings and submitted to the Lower House of Parliament by the Cabinet.

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The EC Council finally adopted the Universal Service directive

02 Nov 2009

On 26th of October, the European Council (Member States) in Brussels has finally adopted the Universal Service directive. This means that the provisions concerning the European emergency number 112 in this Directive will be the ones presented in the document below.

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Caller location information for 112 emergency calls available in the Netherlands

12 Oct 2009

The Commission today ended legal action against the Netherlands, now that emergency services can locate callers dialling the single European emergency number 112, even when users are unable to say where they are. Following a case launched by the Commission in 2006, the ECJ had ruled on 9 October 2008 that the Netherlands had failed to ensure that caller location information is made available for mobile calls to 112 ( IP/08/1529 , Judgment of, case C-230/07 ).

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6th Standards Development Organizations (SDO) Emergency Services Workshop

29 Sep 2009

The next Emergency Services Workshop will be organised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 4th and 5th 2009. The Emergency Services Workshop series is an ongoing effort in the emergency services community to coordinate global standards and technologies for emergency call and emergency notification.

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EU’s push for eCall could boost telematics industry

10 Sep 2009

Sunnyvale-based M2M-Provider Jasper Wirless assesses the EU's reborn support for eCall as an interesting development for the telecommunications industry.

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GSM Association signs up for eCall roll-out

09 Sep 2009

BRUSSELS, The GSMA, the body representing the worldwide mobile communications industry, signed EU's Memorandum of Understanding to implement eCall across Europe.

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European Commission makes last call for voluntary eCall implementation

21 Aug 2009

BRUSSELS, Aug 21, The European Commission has made a final call to the European governments to speed up voluntary implementation of the new in-car communication technology "eCall".

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USDOT releases primer on traffic and congestion pricing

10 Aug 2009

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released a primer that examines the interrelationships between congestion pricing and transit operations and use. The Congestion Pricing Primer Series is part of FHWA's outreach efforts to introduce the various aspects of congestion pricing to decision makers and transportation professionals in the United States. The primers are intended to lay out the underlying rationale for congestion pricing and some of the technical issues associated with its implementation in a manner that is accessible to non-specialists in the field.

"Moving Cooler" report highlights emission reduction benefits of pay-per-mile insurance

06 Aug 2009

The first‐ever comprehensive analysis of transportation efficiency and its relationship to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and consumer savings has been released by a diverse group of stakeholders committed to addressing climate change. "Moving Cooler: An Analysis of Transportation Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions," provides an objective and scientific analysis of the effectiveness and cost of almost 50 scalable transportation strategies, both alone and combined, to reduce GHG emissions.

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USDOT solicits applications for funding from Value Pricing Pilot Program

06 Aug 2009

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a notice and solicitation for participation inviting States, along with their local government partners and other public authorities, to apply to participate in the Value Pricing Pilot (VPP) program. The solicitation specifically calls for testing of innovative non-toll pricing strategies such as "pay-per-mile car insurance." An electronic copy of the announcement may be downloaded from the Federal Register’s home page at: and the Government Printing Office’s database at:

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European Commission paves the way for European mobile satellite services

25 Jun 2009

European consumers and businesses, particularly in rural areas, can expect to benefit from innovative wireless communication services after the European Commission selected two operators, Inmarsat Ventures Limited and Solaris Mobile Limited, to provide mobile satellite services across Europe. The services, such as high-speed internet access, mobile television and radio or emergency communications, will be provided over a specifically reserved spectrum. Both satellite operators demonstrated an advanced level of technical and commercial ability to provide these services.

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European Commission paves the way for European mobile satellite services

20 May 2009

European consumers and businesses, particularly in rural areas, can expect to benefit from innovative wireless communication services after the European Commission selected two operators, Inmarsat Ventures Limited and Solaris Mobile Limited, to provide mobile satellite services across Europe. The services, such as high-speed internet access, mobile television and radio or emergency communications, will be provided over a specifically reserved spectrum. Both satellite operators demonstrated an advanced level of technical and commercial ability to provide these services.

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Estonia backs eCall

29 Apr 2009

On April, 27th, the eCall Memorandum of Understanding (eCall MoU) got the backing of Estonia. Jüri Pihl, Estonian Minister of the Interior, signed the eCall MoU in the presence of Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for the Information Society and Media. Estonia is the 15th EU Member State to sign the MoU. It thereby commits itself to the timely implementation of this pan-European emergency call system, enabling a car involved in a serious crash to automatically dial 112 and call the nearest emergency centre to transmit the accident's exact location.

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Methodologies for assessing the impact of ITS applications on CO2 emissions

14 Apr 2009

This technical report produced by the European Commission - Japanese Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry (EC-METI) Task Force summarises the current status in Europe of technologies for assessing the environmental impacts of road transport.

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Mobile emergency calls move hailed

25 Mar 2009

Plans to make it easier for people to call the emergency services on mobile phones wherever they are in the UK have been unveiled.

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France’s DAB legislation forces OEMs into action

23 Mar 2009

As a consequence of the growing pressure from EU governments to accelerate the transition from analogue to digital radio, the French government has introduced legislation requiring all car radios to be equipped with DAB from September 2013.

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Google Earth in danger of losing its focus

12 Mar 2009

Joel Anderson, California State Assembly Republican Member, is proposing a new "security" measure that will require Google - and other providers of similar map data - to blur images of schools, churches, hospitals and government buildings to prevent terrorists from gathering detailed information on potential targets.

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European eCall platform will boost eCall deployment across Europe

02 Mar 2009

Aiming at being the co-ordination body, the European eCall Implementation Platform brings together all major stakeholders to synchronise their activities, which would accelerate the deployment of eCall at national and European level. Furthermore, the platform will develop the previous work accomplished by the eCall Driving Group, PSAPs Expert Group and the European Standardisation Organisation.

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Launch of the 112 Foundation to raise awareness on the 112

01 Mar 2009

EENA is delighted to announce the launch of the 112 Foundation. The 112 Foundation was created to save lives by promoting the knowledge and appropriate use of the European emergency number 112. The 112 Foundation was proposed and established by EENA - the European Emergency Number Association - in cooperation with its Advisory Board. Its main objective is to offer free campaign materials to all citizens and organisations willing to inform and educate on the 112.

112: Commission says EU single emergency number must get multilingual

16 Feb 2009

Since December 2008, EU citizens can contact emergency services from anywhere in the European Union by dialing 112, the EU-wide emergency number, free of charge from both fixed and mobile phones.

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Meta System and Octo Telematics take part in PEGASUS project

13 Feb 2009

ERTICO Partner Meta System and Octo Telematics, both companies of MetaSystem Group, are partners in “PEGASUS”, an important project aiming at promoting sustainable mobility in urban areas. The project recently received approval for public funding.

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New digital tacho rules to prevent fraud

26 Jan 2009

The European Commission adopted a package of measures aimed at detecting and preventing abuses of the tachograph system and permitting the use of dedicated, type-approved adaptors for light vehicles that are required to comply with the Drivers' Hours and Tachograph rules.

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MSWiA: several public IT projects to be launched in 2009

15 Jan 2009

Poland - The Ministry of Interior and Administration (MSWiA) is to announce a tender for up to eight strategic advisory companies for its forthcoming IT projects, Puls Biznesu has informed. The winners will work on feasibility studies and tender specifications for projects such as: w-PUAP (for the administrative services), PL.ID (electronic ID cards, to be launched in 2011), and the 112 alarm call and communication infrastructure for the emergency services. The ministry is prepared to spend nearly PLN 50m (€11.9m) on these advisory services.

European emergency number 112 now works in all EU Member States

23 Dec 2008

People can now reach emergency services from anywhere in the EU, simply by dialling 112, the single European emergency number.

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eSafety Forum's "Life Saving Awards 2008"

11 Nov 2008

awarded by
Commissioner Viviane Reding to Robert Bosch GmbH, the Swedish Road Administration and Dr Gerhard Rollmann.

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Commission proposes a new information-sharing tool at EU level to better protect critical infrastructure

10 Nov 2008

The European Commission proposed legislation on establishing a Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CIWIN) to strengthen information-sharing on critical infrastructure protection between EU Member States.

EENA announces selection of the REACH112 project

30 Oct 2008

The European Commission officially announced on Friday, 24 October, 2008, the selection of the project REACH112 - Responding to all citizens needing help - that intends to improve the accessibility of the EU emergency services for people with disabilities as well as person-to-person communication. REACH112 is a project proposed by the EENA Advisory Board, launched as part of the 112 Excellence Centre concept that intends to support the upgrading of 112 emergency services and highlight them as best practices in Europe. France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have been the 5 pilot countries selected for this 9 million Euros project.

Poland Offering Mobile Location Data for Emergency Phone Calls

22 Oct 2008

The European Commission has closed an infringement case against Poland for the lack of availability of caller location after the Polish authorities confirmed that it has been available for calls to the European emergency number 112 (the pan-Europe version of 911 / 999) since 30th June.

112 emergency number joins discussion of special investigation techniques

16 Oct 2008

Sofia. The special investigation techniques issue has been raised during the discussion of the bill on 112 emergency telephone number, Focus News Agency reported.

An audit to better understand the actions and needs of emergency services

12 Oct 2008

The French department of Haute-Corse is planning to reorganise its management of emergency calls by gathering on a same platform the fire brigade (112 and 18) and the EMS (15-SAMU) in order to optimize the efficiency of call handing and interventions.

Telecoms: better services for consumers and a safer internet

06 Oct 2008

The European Parliament adopted a legislative report at first-reading aimed at providing wider access to telecoms services, more information for consumers and stronger data protection. All the major political groups in Parliament agreed a compromise before the plenary vote which does not alter the main goal of the draft legislation - to improve the position of telecom users - but they greatly clarify its aims, notably as regards protection of privacy and fundamental rights.

Emergency line 112 to become operative as of 30 September

03 Oct 2008

Sofia. Emergency line 112 would start operating as of 30 September this year, MEP Feliz Husmenova announced at the European Parliament. Husmenova also confirmed that the emergency centre would be accessible from across the country. In her words the system employed cutting-edge technologies allowing the immediate location of the troubled callers.

The European Court of Justice declares failure of Lithuania to implement caller-location

23 Sep 2008

The European Court of Justice Declared that the Republic of Lithuania has failed to fulfil its obligations under Article 26(3) of Directive 2002/22/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 March 2002 on universal service and users' rights relating to electronic communications networks and services.

Ofcom forces internet telephony services to cover 999 calls

22 Sep 2008

Providers of internet telephony must now allow emergency 999 calls over their networks or face the risk of enforcement action, regulator Ofcom has said.

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UK announce roads pricing trials

18 Sep 2008

The UK Department for Transport has announced that it has chosen seven companies to develop the technology to be used in pilot trials. This marks a deciding step forward concerning the plans for road pricing. The local authorities choosing to introduce pay-as-you-go road pricing schemes will use the technology developed.

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Germany to start Car-2-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure trial

08 Sep 2008

The government of the German region of Hesse has formed a partnership with ERTICO Partners, Adam Opel, Continental and Dambach Werke in support of the "traffic jam-free Hesse 2015" initiative.

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EU Telecoms Reform: 7 Very Concrete Improvements for European Consumers

04 Sep 2008

Today, the European Parliament will debate, in plenary session, the so-called EU Telecoms Reform, proposed by the Commission on 13 November 2007. Of particular importance in this debate will be the proposals made by the European Commission to give consumers of fixed and mobile phones and Internet services more rights and better choice (IP/07/1677).

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California: Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Option

02 Sep 2008

Californian Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner wants to broaden the insurance options available by adding pay-as-you-drive to encourage people to drive less and help reduce greenhouse gases.

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Bulgaria Introduces Huge Fines for Fake Emergency Calls

20 Aug 2008

Fines of up to BGN 20,000 for fake alerts made over the new emergency 112 phone line are included in the project for the new Law for the National Emergency Call System with an Unified European Number.

"Spy in the sky" paves way for road pricing

19 Aug 2008

According to a Telegraph report the UK is pushing ahead with plans for a national road-pricing scheme including testing "spy in the sky" technology.

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EC allocates single radio frequency for co-operative systems

12 Aug 2008

The European Commission plans to allocate a single EU-wide radio frequency for road safety communication applications which can be used for immediate and reliable communication between cars, and between cars and roadside infrastructure.

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MEP Alain Lamassoure joins EENA Advisory Board

11 Aug 2008

EENA is delighted to announce that MEP Alain Lamassoure has decided to join EENA Advisory Board. Alain Lamassoure is a French Member of the European Parliament (EPP-ED). Alain Lamassoure was Minister of European Affairs in France between 1993 and 1995 and Minister of Budget between 1995 and 1997.

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Council of Ministers adopts draft bill on 112 emergency line

08 Aug 2008

Sofia. The Bulgarian Council of Ministers adopted today a draft bill for the emergency line 112, the press office of the Ministry for Extraordinary Situations announced.

Number of false emergency calls rises

08 Aug 2008

Netherlands - The abuse of the 112 emergency services telephone number rose last year despite a clampdown on those making false calls, the Nederlands Dagblad reports.

Fire station unveil new engine

08 Aug 2008

The new fire appliances will display both the UK emergency telephone number (999) and the Pan-European (112) emergency telephone number, to raise public awareness of the existence of the single European Emergency Telephone Number.

EENA to Strengthen Efforts to Improve European 112 Education

18 Jul 2008

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) announced today a new ongoing Europe-wide 112 Community Education project to promote awareness of the European Emergency Number - 112. The project will engage in a number of promotional efforts to educate the general public and promote specific educational outreach efforts for children, parents, teachers, and senior citizens.

112 - a mute Community telephone

15 Jul 2008

Eleftherotypia News - This article reviews the recent activities related to 112 in the EU and the creation of the EENA Advisory Board to work on all aspects of this issue.

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Launch of an information campaign on 112 in Belgium

15 Jul 2008

The Minister of Interior Patrick Dewael launched an information campaign on 112 in Belgium. In July and August, 112 information materials will be available in tourist areas such as stations and aiports.

Telecoms package: better protection for users' rights

15 Jul 2008

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - Access to the European emergency number 112 via electronic communications, more transparent information on access and use of content on internet as well as on operators' tariffs, portable numbers when changing operator and a clearer definition of the principle of network neutrality: these are the main points of the report adopted on Monday by the EP Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection as part of the "telecoms package".

New car CO2 targets will reduce emissions and cut motorists' running costs

11 Jul 2008

UK - Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly has launched a consultation on European Comission proposals to introduce compulsory CO2 targets for new cars to reduce carbon emissions, make cars more fuel efficient and cut the running costs of new cars.

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Commission adopts proposal for directive on patients' rights in cross-border healthcare

11 Jul 2008

As part of the Renewed Social Agenda, the Commission adopted today a proposal for a directive to facilitate the application of European patients' rights in relation to cross-border healthcare, as well as a Communication on improving co-operation between Member States in this area.

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EU plans cross-border healthcare

09 Jul 2008

The European Commission has unveiled a healthcare package designed to make it easier for patients to get medical treatment elsewhere in the EU.

European Parliament: Overwhelming YES vote for Intelligent Cars

08 Jul 2008

In its plenary session of 19 June 2008, the European Parliament voted almost unanimously in favour of MEP Zita Gurmai's report on Intelligent Cars. Out of 428 votes cast, 417 were in favour, 6 against and 5 abstentions. This demonstrates overwhelming support from MEPs to the Commission's Intelligent Car Initiative, which aims at safer, smarter and greener cars.

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“Safe Road Use” programme

26 Jun 2008

Police officers, road safety experts and educationalists met at the headquarters of the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) in Glasgow to agree and progress a national "Safe Road Use" programme.

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30 major organisations support Europe’s eCall efforts

04 Jun 2008

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) will form a new Advisory Board reinforcing the advocacy organisation's leading role as the "Voice of 112" in the European Union.

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European Parliament Vice President Diana Wallis

112 Event at European Commission

03 Jun 2008

Today the European Commission and the European Parliament jointly held a public event to call awareness towards the 112 european emergency number. This phone number can be used within 26 European countries to reach emergency help.

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US Senate to debate bill to clear emissions legislation

16 May 2008

The US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee plans to take up a bill that would grant California and 16 other US states the power to impose their own vehicle emissions standards.

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Green light for Galileo

30 Apr 2008

Galileo launched the second experimental satellite GIOVE-B on April 26, 2008. The first experimental satellite of the In-Orbit-Validation Element (GIOVE) started in December 2005.

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“School run” drivers to be charged

30 Apr 2008

Richmond-upon-Thames Council tries a scheme to charge drivers on basis of their cars' CO2 emissions for parking outside schools. Up to £75 a year have to be paid for cars with high CO2 emissions.

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Congestion Pricing for Manhattan gets Nowhere

08 Apr 2008

ALBANY, N.Y. -  The state Assembly has rejected New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to charge a fee to drive into parts of Manhattan. The ambitious plan for congestion pricing died today in a private conference room on the third floor of the State Capitol.

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